Photos Of Bush And Abramoff
Update 2-13-6 - The following group of photos purporting to show George Bush with disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff hit the net last week and were in extremely wide circulation. We also received them...and from a generally extremely reliable source who assured us the photos were indeed of Abramoff. In reality, we have discovered the photos are actually of Congressman Rick Renzi.

Please circulate this information wide and far. img/ 161731/ picture-hosting/ colage-2.php
By Alfred Lehmberg
I suspect that it is ~most~ likely that Karl Rove had a hand in these HOAX photos being released to, et al, in a classic Rovian water-muddying maneuver. I feel that ~this~ is the reason the truth needs to be circulated far and wide.
It remains: the administration is, in my opinion, rife with scandal, pregnant with dishonor, and is anti-American in thought, word, and deed.
Moreover, these are identified tellingly by the fruit they have produced:
... A destroyed economy ... a shrinking middle class ... a degraded health care system ... a diseased environment ... a destroyed military force ... a degraded Bill of Rights ... a degraded quality of life ... Fear and loathing ... Increased Crime ... Pederasty ... Incompetent Cronyism ... laughable ballots ... the rape of our republic ... death ... torture ... unrestricted sociopathy ... tyranny ... a complete disruption of the rule of law ... the list could go on and on as you ~know~ it must... Search your heart!
Know them by their fruit... reader: destruction and degradation... ...and such is the fruit!!!
Believe me, we don't really want a fraction of what they're trying to sell us, not really. We are enthralled with EVIL presently, reader... faithless, covetous, gluttonous, jealous, murderous... ...gibbering and capering evil, kind Sir and good Madam.
Indeed -- hold "them" beneath your contempt, concern, and consideration as you would any soul killer. The souls you save will be your own and the soul of the United States.
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