Patriot Act On 'Fast
Track' For Approval
Constitution Has Been Ripped To Shreds

By Greg Szymanski
 The revised version of the Patriot Act is on a fast track for congressional approval, indicating the level of corruption in the U.S. Senate calls for each and every Senator to be removed from office on charges of treason.
While millions of Americans throughout the country protest the erosion of their privacy rights, the hijacking of the U.S. Constitution is in its final stages on Capitol Hill, as the severe revisions of the Patriot Act are set for "permanent" approval.
And what makes the permanent passage so dangerous is that it replaces "suspicion" of being a "domestic terrorist" without a probable cause warrant as the legal standard for surveillance, leaving innocent Americans wide open for intrusive spying programs based on the unjustified whims of government agents.
Further, the target words "domestic terrorist" are not sufficiently defined, again leaving the government a huge legal loophole to detain and arrest an innocent person based on unfounded suspicions.
As legal scholars in both camps argue the constitutionality of the law, the premise behind the passage of the law ­ the true source of terrorism ­ has never been fully explored by Congress.
While the corrupt powers, including the mainstream press, have pinned the terrorist threat on al Queda solely, many Americans have come to the sad conclusion the "real enemy" resides within the U.S. government.
And those who have come to this conclusion say the real reason for passage of the Patriot Act is to deflect attention to a "phony enemy" while at the same time allowing the criminals within the U.S government the ability to keep their cover by controlling any dissident movements.
Besides a fury of opposition among legal scholars, millions of Americans, like John Mann of Kalamazoo, Michigan, have voiced public concern against the Patriot Act.
Mann, a construction worker, has written several essays in opposition of the Act, one being published in his local newspaper. He also recently appeared on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal, representing millions of average Americans who feel the same way, saying the Constitution "has been hijacked and we must take it back."
"I wanted to tell the American people it is time to stand up against what is happening since our government, Constitution and country are being taken from us," said Mann from his Kalamazoo home. "We need to act now but I fear it may be too late."
Like Mann, James Vaughn of a small Southern Illinois tow of 4,000 feels the same way. To express his concern, he has started a web site, calling attention to what he calls the "Un-Patriot Act," as well as expressing concern over the illegally Iraqi War and government involvement in 9/11.
Vaughn also has written a passionate letter to his U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill) in opposition to the Patriot Act, but said Durbin sent him a letter, saying he supports it.
And Vaughn said Durbin's written response was "shocking," as well as a clear indication of the corruption on both sides of the political isle.
"I also get questions as to why "Democrats" do not put a stopto the lies? Answer, they also lie," said Vaughn. "I emailed   Sen.Durbin asking him to reject the 'unPatriot Act' extensions. What I got in return was shocking, and I fired off a reply right back at him."
Here is an excerpt from Sen. Durbin's disturbing response, showing his strict obedience to the neo con hierarchy:
"I share your interest in protecting our civil liberties, and I am committed to preserving our freedoms during war and peace. We must not forget the painful lessons we learned in the past when we sacrificed liberty in the name of security. We should never again repeat past mistakes the government has made, including the internment mandates of World War II and the wide-ranging investigations of the McCarthy era.
"Congress responded promptly to the attacks on September 11th by crafting bipartisan anti-terrorism legislation called the USA PATRIOT Act. I supported this legislation because it addressed gaps in our laws that have unnecessarily hindered law enforcement efforts against terrorists and other criminals. The bill updated wiretap and electronic surveillance laws that had been unchanged since the era of rotary telephones. This bill also provided authorization to hire more FBI translators, to triple the number of agents along our northern border, and to provide assistance to crime victims and to the families of fallen public safety officers.
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