'I Am Outraged'

By Frosty Wooldridge
"I am outraged!" a reader responded concerning the killings of Americans by illegal aliens; by our schools being overwhelmed; by our language being displaced inside our own country and our laws being ignored by aliens and elected officials all the way to the president. "The question is how long before it reaches a boiling point, and when it does: 1) Will Americans place the blame where it properly belongs and deal effectively with the roving band of robbers in Washington that allowed it to reach this point? 2) Will Americans have the fortitude to see it through and take back their country from the usurpers?   At this point, I have my doubts."
I've got my doubts, too!  Last week, 100,000 illegal aliens and their advocates marched on Chicago-demanding services and respect.  That's after they broke our Federal laws by entering our country illegally!  Of all the gall!   A week before that, I attended immigration meetings in Denver, Colorado. As I walked past 200 illegal aliens and their advocates demonstrating for lawlessness, only 15 Americans protested in favor of enforcing America's immigration laws.  The pro-American demonstrators were so pathetic--the media ignored them and covered all the pro-illegal alien supporters. This action illustrates why Americans are losing their country.  They may be enraged, but they don't take action.  Thus, their country is being pulled out from beneath them by the endless wave of illegal immigration.  And, fellow citizens, there is no end of the line--because the desperately poor of Mexico and other Third World countries grows by 85 million annually.
Yet, Americans spoke:
"With respect to your articles, you're a lone voice in an alien wilderness," a housewife in California wrote.
"It is NOT that people don't see or understand the situation. They are daily assaulted by every aspect of it--by the succinct knowledge that they're on the losing side of this staged and propagandized culture war.  It is not that they're not uniformly 'outraged'-they are!  I AM!  It is rather that they have come to the realization that they are powerless to effect change by any legitimate means.  The school systems are turning out functional illiterates at alarming rates.  They are broken but still graduating people who cannot think, have no comprehension of history, no morals, no idea of logic, cause and effect--and worse, no concern for their own ignorance. 
"I live in California, and am no longer willing to go into Los Angeles. It has become such a cesspool of filth and decay, directly as a consequence of the illegal congregation over the past 25 years.  Coupled with the fact that the local government has been taken over by ignorant, barely literate, uneducated, uneducable individuals and what else is to be expected?  I am a native of this state.  I do not any longer recognize it from that in which I grew up.
"When the mechanisms for proper government are shattered as ours have been by an international cabal which reaches every aspect of society, and controls our elected representatives, then all legitimate means to effect change are gone.  I do not believe that this insanity, generally with respect to the whole of society, or particularly, regarding the illegal alien problem the Southwest is facing is accidental-it is not; it is calculated, purposeful and deadly.  The next question then becomes with what will we fight them when the bastards in Washington finally get around to surrendering completely the 2nd
Amendment and go after guns?  
For those of you who have no clue as to what has happened to Los Angeles and San Francisco, California, it's a daily living Third World nightmare-and it's growing like a cancer into every community in every state.  Like Carol said, it's aided and abetted by Congress and this administration. 
"I have many doubts that America will survive... in fact, I much suspect that
it has already gone down the tubes, only for the strong underpinnings we
haven't noticed it yet," said a reader.  "Our young people are so misinformed or not informed at all about the real history of their country and they are largely so lulled into lala-land by their iPods and Blackberries, that they really can't be bothered.  Paul Revere? Who is Paul Revere?  Most of them don't even know who George Washington is.
"The more I think of political and judicial corruption, business corruption, corruption within the church, especially the Catholic Church, and personal moral and spiritual bankruptcy, the almost total loss of integrity on every level, the more I despair for America."
A discouraged woman in Iowa wrote, "There is no outrage in America over most anything. Abortion, pornography, socialist indoctrination in public name it, the vast majority of people don't care. And if they do care, they are too busy and too overwhelmed to know what to do. I have been emailing my extended family and close friends about 9-11 for two years now. Not ONE extended family member has brought up the subject to me or responded to my emails. I simply send them things that are meant to get them thinking. I think people are numb, sick and tired of it all. They feel there is not anything they can do to make a difference so they don't even try. They don't address the issues except at national election time...when they go to the voting booth and vote in the same dishonest politicians who have allowed this mess in the first place."
David wrote, "The truth, plain and simple is that the vast majority of the U.S. population is so dumbed down and brainwashed that they aren't capable of outrage anymore.
"They know that the economy being "in great shape" is a huge lie. They know that the unemployment figures are played with and that they don't reflect the millions of workers who are no longer eligible for unemployment that aren't counted after they're no longer collecting. They know the national debt, trade deficit and budget deficit are the true measure of the economy and the economy is only "in great shape" for wealthy investors.
"Those of us that have not been overcome with despair and platitude - who do take action and get involved - say about 5-15% of the population; know damn well that we aren't enough to get the job done.
"The sad and awful truth is that nothing will get done and nothing will change until some horrible, mind-blowing tragic event of immense proportion takes place. It may be Paris-like riots but with South-of-the-border illegals instead of Muslims. It may be another 911-like event - only ten times worse than before.
"You said the scariest emails you receive are those who tell you to "keep your powder dry?" Unfortunately, that is probably what it's going to come down to in the end. Handgun and assault rifle sales are at an all-time high and guess who's buying?  The political process has failed us and when all other options have been exhausted, our guns and ammo are a small comfort but also the only comfort we have."
From these Americans, do you get a sense of despair?  How about a vague understanding of our predicament?  What do you think of their resignation?  Do you feel the same way?  Do you perceive the same things they perceive in your own community?  Are you too numb to act?
I can assure you that we're in for one hell of a battle for our country.  The longer we wait, the greater and more brutal the civil violence because their numbers will be far too great to quell with the National Guard.  When you allow lawlessness, you invite more of it.  I'm talking civil violence that will make Paris, France's nightmare look like a summer picnic.
The victims will be those who did mostly nothing leading up to the final consequences. But of course, they (you, me and our society) will be victims much like the folks in Paris, France.   How many Americans have called Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania and told him NOT to support the guest worker program with an added two million more legal immigrants annually?  I mean, how frickin' crazy is it to add another two million immigrants on top of the 1.1 million we add annually, which is on top of the three million illegals we add each year?  Why hasn't he received a phone call from every voter in America?  Why not from every citizen of Pennsylvania?  How can McCain and Kennedy present us with a bogus guest worker-amnesty program when they are the ones who created this nightmare? 
You can't stop or change anything if you don't do anything.
If there is no battle and millions of Americans cowardly head for safer areas such as Montana or South Dakota, you will watch cities in the United States transform into poverty, misery, gangs, drugs, lawlessness and unending masses of wretched Third World poor.  Think Bombay, Calcutta and Mexico City within the United States.
What has happened in Los Angeles and hundreds of invaded cities will happen to most Americans in due time.  This country fractures into more pieces than Humpty Dumpty, and once it happens, like a broken egg yoke, you can't put it back together again.  God help us because we're in a world of hurt.
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