On 911...An Ill Wind
Blew Clinton To Australia
By Jon Carlson
The RENSE article, On 911 An Ill Wind Blew To Booker School:
...established that THE KEY to 9/11 was a NW WIND weather forecast. The NW wind was required to blow the smoke plume from the North Tower over the South Tower to hide the operation of the MILITARY HELICOPTER. It remote-controlled the incoming airliner, a Boeing 737 (NOT the UA Flight 175 Boeing 767) and, after 59 minutes, started the demoliton charges that were preset in the South Tower.
Please review the RENSE article, CBC 911 Video Secrets Revealed:
State-of-the-art weather forecasting permits 5 day forecasts with a high degree of accuracy and thus the 9/6 WEATHER FORECAST for a NW WIND triggered the 'events' of 9/11. The ILL WIND article pointed out the need for key players to get into their 9/11 positions, such as BUSH I operating at the White House and BUSH II setting up his alibi at Booker School in Florida. POWELL was off to Mexico, GREENSPAN was off to Switzerland, etc. The rule was if they were out of town on 9/11 they were setting their alibis far away from the crime scene. With many New Yorkers dying from Ground Zero contamination anyone with foreknowledge had an especially good reason to get out.
Obviously, Bush Administration insiders rushed to cover their backsides but they weren't alone. THE AGE, Melbourne's best newspaper, announced on 9/7 that Clinton was coming out of the blue to to spend 9/11 in Australia, his first visit in Melbourne. No Hillary, Chesela, US press, no bags?
Later CBS News interviewed Clinton:
The 42nd president of the United States was in Australia when the Sept. 11 attack occurred. "I remember it vividly, recalls Mr. Clinton, who says his first thought was that "Osama bin Laden did this."
HOWEVER, on 9/8 THE AGE announced Australian PM Howard was going to 'visit' Washington, D.C. 'next week' presumably meaning circa 9/11. The alleged reason for his visit was to discuss a free trade agreement with Bush. At the minimum they got their wires crossed as BUSH II was off to Florida on 9/10 which another article said was the meet-up date. In fact, with Bush II flying all over the southern US on 9/11 afraid to deal with 9/11 crime (for good reason) there never was a meet-up.
That article hints that Bush was hanging Howard out to dry over a free trade agreement. At the time Bush was trying to get free trade agreements with 34 countries YET 'American Farmers' were against a free trade deal with Australia. Later events indicate a poker game was in place to suck Howard and Australia into the Iraq War quagmire and Howard was probably promised in private that Aussie support for invasion would bring the free trade deal. As a result Howard fell into the trap and travelled the US, UK, and Australia SELLING the Iraq War. HOWEVER, there was a fly in the honey: Australia was dependent on Iraq for BILLIONS of dollars in wheat sales annually. Iraq officials promptly cut off wheat sales. Australia wheat farmers and opposition political party officials came out in force to oppose the loss of wheat sales and the nonsense of invading Australia's best customer, Iraq.
No Worries, as the Aussies like to say: A recent UN Investigation headed by Paul Volker found Australia solved their dilemma by looting the UN Food for Oil program of $300 million to get Iraq to continue wheat purchases in spite of Australia pushing for a war. The irony is that the Howard government may be toppled over the bogus wheat sales. Labor foreign affairs spokesman Kevin Rudd says it is "the worst corruption scandal in Australia's history". /2006/01/20/1137734151763.html
Stay tuned at
Al Gore also was 'out of town' on 9/11. IN AUSTRIA OF ALL PLACES for the Conference for Internet and Technology Austria. Didn't Gore claim he invented the "information superhighway"? Just like Clinton he travelled light for quick travel without family, friends, and the US press. Per usual for the Dems he said:
"There has been a co-ordinated terrorist attack on the United States of America. We are still learning details of the extent of this horrific tragedy. It is an unspeakably evil act, and my heart goes out to the victims and their families.
In the spirit of the RENSE article, Dirty Little 9/11 Secrets Exposed
and without getting into the state of Black Education in America and the performance of Condi and Powell in leading the US into the Iraq War Quagmire, Australia Intel Analyst Andrew Wilkie suggests INCOMPETENCE was the rule not the exception. That RENSE article mentioned that Bush II had a D average at Yale, Cheney flunked out of Yale TWICE, and Bush I according to Nixon wasn't very smart but someone you appointed to positions. Here is an article scan from Andrew Wilkie's book, Axis Of Deceit, showing overwhelming deceit and coverup of Intel countering the march to war:
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