Guest Worker Program -
Observation On Population

By Frosty Wooldridge
How many kids in your family? Two, maybe three?  If you're the average, you've got two kids.  If you're big on family, you may have four.  How would you like to be forced to adopt 10 more kids?  What if someone dumped 20 more kids into your home and you were forced to feed them with your paycheck that doesn't grow with the number of kids 'you' adopted?  Hold onto your seatbelts, because your president and Congress force you on a ride you will not survive.
Pennsylvania's Senator Arlen Specter along with Arizona's John McCain and Massachusetts' Ted Kennedy propose a guest worker program that will add 60 million people to our already out of control 300 million citizens. 
How many Americans already set in gridlocked traffic daily?  How about that smog eating at your lungs?  Tired of the cost of electricity and gas skyrocketing?
Do you experience campsites filled each summer with more people on lakes and rivers than can be managed?  How about those lines at the state and national parks?  What about the rolling blackouts in Denver this winter?  How about that 10 percent unemployment in Michigan?  Sorry to see GM and Ford drop 30,000 jobs each last year as they began closing their plants?  Guess what?  It's about to get worse.
What are we going to do with this added 60 million people via the guest worker program proposed by George Bush?  You're scratching your head, right?   What 60 million people?   
I interviewed Richard Humphries of Elfrida, Arizona, a former law-enforcement officer who, because of his assistance to Border Patrol, as well as his own individual encounters, knows that at least 3000 illegal aliens cross the border nightly, in the Tucson Sector alone, some across his ranch.  He's watched them for years in 100 person lines, in groups of 50, in droves of dozens.  They walk up the roads, crawl through the ravines and sneak along highways.  Some of them cut fences, break into homes and kill livestock. The smugglers of these people sometimes even steal from, rape and murder their own. These illegal trespassers leave mountains of human waste and trash all over the desert.  Humphries lives where it's happening, but he warns this degradation of culture is coming to your town soon. 
"No matter what you are being told--Senator Specter's immigration proposal includes a massive amnesty for at least 60 million individuals," Humphries said.
"Almost all of the guest-worker proposals on the table will have the same results: rewarding lawbreakers with permanent residency. This in turn, allows them to tap into all federal welfare, food stamp, assisted housing, scholarships, grants, social security and other handouts at taxpayer expense."
All of the 12 million and more illegal aliens estimated to be in the United States as of January 1, 2004 would be rewarded with exactly what they broke the law to obtain: permission to live and work in America indefinitely.
Humphries said, "Let me point out a few undeniable facts that will explain that huge explosion in America's population:
1. If the 12 million illegal entries are allowed to stay and work for up to six years, that would create a 'momentum of colonization'. (By Time Magazine and other counts, we suffer 20 million illegal aliens.)
2. Under these new proposals, they will also be allowed to bring in their wives and children to live with them for that duration.
3. Let's say that only half of them are married; that adds an additional six million wives.  Being very conservative, we can assume that they have three children per family, most of whom would enter our school system.  That's 18 million kids added to our overcrowded classrooms and few, if any, of them speak English. That adds up to 36 million new, unskilled and mostly uneducated people.
4. They are almost all Catholic and, again being conservative, they will have two to three anchor babies per family during that six year period.  Instantly, we have 54 million new residents, all within six years.  When the six years are up and it's time to tell them that they must pull their kids out of school, pay off their home loans and car payments, gather up their children who are American citizens and return to a third-world country, will they go?  Get serious!  By this time America is their "home" and do you really expect that they will willingly give up everything and take their families to a country their kids know little about?  Of course they won't.  Would you?
5. Finally, take the six million unmarried guest workers who will surely father at least one child in those six years.  That gives you another six million children which equals 60 million new people trouncing our nation's dwindling resources.
6. When you include the 1.1 million legal immigrants added annually, we're talking horrific additions to our nation in sheer numbers of people that boggle any American's mind. Where we were once a stable population, today, because of immigration, we are the third fastest growing nation, behind only China and India.
7. A minimum of 10 percent of apprehended illegal aliens carried felony convictions on their rap sheets.  Take a guess at how many felons got through the border and are now operating in your state.  How about the fact that 29 percent of all federal and state prisoners are illegal aliens. 
"Please don't tell me that we would round them up and deport them," Humphries said. "We won't do that with the "mere" 12 million or so that are here now."
He added, "Therefore, we just granted citizenship to at least 60 million people as the result of a guest-worker program that Bush has avowed will not be an amnesty.  What would you prefer to call it?  Please don't let these huge numbers just go over your heads; think about just how many people 60 million are. What is the entire population of America?  It would jump from 300 million to 360 million in a blink.  What about environmental consequences for Americans?"
"Senators, if you advocate the attachment of a guest-worker program to the Sensenbrenner-King bill that our Congress recently passed, that shows that you are willing to sacrifice the sovereignty, language, culture and future of America for votes and the almighty dollar."
"Unless you can guarantee that these workers and their families are indeed temporary and will leave at the end of their work contract, a guest-worker program would be disastrous to this nation," Humphries said.
Senators, with that in mind, please consider the following official Border Patrol figures on apprehensions of illegal aliens during the fiscal year of 2005:
1. During that 12 month period, on a stretch of border in Arizona only 261 miles long, called the Tucson Sector, 438,932 illegal aliens were arrested. Any Border Patrol Agent will tell you that, for every apprehension, at least three get by, some say four or more.
2. Using the smaller figure of three, that means that at least 1,316,796 foreign trespassers successfully snuck into the United States along that small stretch of border, during that one year period. And the invasion continues daily, actually escalating now that there is talk of increased border security and a guest-worker program. Does this bother you? I hope so. You were elected to have things like this bother you a lot.
"I am amazed and angered that, knowing what is happening down here every month, Senator McCain (and most of you) would not do whatever is necessary to put a stop to it immediately, not perhaps "talk" about it in April," Humphries said. "My God, doesn't the fact that every month, month after month, along a very small stretch of our border with Mexico, we have more than 100,000 people illegally pouring across, mean anything to you?"
Humphries asks Congress, "Weren't you elected to "work" on this vital issue or elected to show some courage and protect the citizens of this great country NOW?"
Even if Humphries is off ten million plus or minus, we're talking countless millions of people colonizing our nation.  This president and men like Specter, Kennedy, McCain and most of the rest of the Senate languish around Washington, DC in la-la-land. 
Would you want anyone forcing you to adopt 10 or 20 more children into your family?  Could you afford them even if you wanted to?  What would you do once they were forced on you and you couldn't take care of your own children?  What if this 'forced adoption' caused your schools and community into horrific consequences?   What will another 60 million people added to the United States within a decade mean to your quality of life and standard of living?
Now you have an idea of what this bogus guest worker program will do to you and your family.
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