Jews Not The Only
Ones Persecuted In WWII
By Carol Noble
I am 56 years of age, and am only allowed to be a British Citizen - not a German one - even though my mother was born in Germany between the wars.  Her parents, whilst of German descent, were both born in Poland, and my grandfather fought against the Germans in 1914 because Poland was under the rulership of Russia. 
Whilst he was fighting for Poland (and Russia) my grandmother, along with her fellow villagers, was being hounded out of her village because of her German ancestry by Poles.  She became a refugee and landed in Germany.  My grandfather was invalided out of the war and joined her.  It was many years before my mother was born. 
My grandfather did not like Hitler, and was arrested in 1934 and sent to prison.  He ended up in a German Concentration Camp - Sachensenhausen.  He died there in 1940 - how, no-one knows because the Russians got there at the end of WWII and destroyed most of the documentary records. 
My grandparents - yes my grandmother as well - were made stateless  for 10 years so my grandmother and mother had to try to survive not just the allied  bombing but the German authorities, too, who asked my grandmother to report regularly  to the local burghermeister. From what I can glean, not all of these officials were upstanding citizens! 
Even today, the German authorities cannot say exactly how  people died in this camp as there are so few documents available.  If they can't do  that, how can they be so sure that other camps have ALL of the documentation  available?  Perhaps they, too, had many records destroyed? 
How sure can the Jewish authorities be that prisoners were not transferred to Russia after the war?  How can anyone be sure of anything when so much was in flux, and so much uncertainty reigned? 
I believe there were many people in camps who were badly treated, but  this is not the only country where such barbarism has existed in the past or recent  times.  I have only recently begun to question the 'holocaust.'  Like the majority of  people, I accepted what I was told, although for many years  I have felt the Jews have been  "protesting too much". 
The more I learn, the more I doubt the official story.  The  Jews are not the only nation, or creed, to be severely hounded in history.  There  will be many others too unless humans start to behave in a less aggressive and  corrupt manner.  I can't see that happening.  Not today. 
I will continue to question until I learn the truth.  Unfortunately, the truth is being distorted and hidden today.     
Carol Noble
Bedlington, Northumberland




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