Indonesia - New Suspected
Human Bird Flu Case

Khaleej Times Online
Agence France Presse

Indonesian doctors said on Sunday [8 Jan 2006] that they were treating a 29-year-old woman believed to be suffering from avian influenza, which has so far killed at least 11 people across the country.
The patient was admitted to Jakarta's Sulianto Saroso hospital early on Sunday [8 Jan 2006] after falling ill with pneumonia-like symptoms on Thursday [5 Jan 2006], said hospital spokesman Ilham Patu. Patu told AFP that the woman had been in contact with her neighbor's chickens in her east Jakarta home earlier this week. Doctors were conducting tests to determine whether she was carrying the H5N1 virus.
At least 11 people have died of avian influenza in Indonesia. 6 other human cases have been confirmed as H5N1-virus-infected, but the patients have either recovered or are still being treated.
Patu said local tests on a man who died earlier this week [1st week January 2006], which confirmed that he had died of bird flu, were to be sent to a Hong Kong laboratory accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday [9 Jan 2006]. If the case is confirmed by the Hong Kong laboratory, the man would be Indonesia's 12th fatality from the H5N1 virus, which has killed at least 70 [now 75] people across Asia since 2003. The results are expected to be released by Thursday [12 Jan 2006], Patu said.
Indonesia, the world's 4th most populous nation, has been accused of covering up initial outbreaks of bird flu. Most victims in the archipelago nation have so far hailed from densely populated Jakarta and its surrounds, where many people live in close proximity to poultry, providing ideal conditions for the virus to pass to humans. 2006/January/theworld_January157.xml&section=3Dtheworld& col
The confirmed human case count in Indonesia stands at 17 cases and 11 deaths. If the 2 cases described in this report are confirmed, the total number of human cases in Indonesia will increase to 19, with 12 deaths. - Mod.CP
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