Why Must Congress
Nazify America?

By Ted Lang


Why is the Nazification and conversion of our former republic to full blown fascism so important to GOP republican, Congressman James Sensenbrenner? It was he who chaired and then stormed out of a meeting convened to debate the merits of the Hitlerian USA PATRIOT Act. Didnt his tyrannical act deliberately prevent debate in order to ram this godammed fascist legislation down Americans throats? Obviously, just like his fascist leader, G. Bush, he sees the Constitution as just a godammed piece of paper and this wonderful police state authorization as manna from heaven! Gott Mitt Uns Komrade Sensenbrenner! Heil Bush!
Standing with neo-Nazi Sensenbrenner at the PATRIOT press conference, was fascist Francisco Franco wannabe, Alberto Gonzales, who clearly obtained his shyster-at-law diploma as a surprise from a box of Crackerjacks. My apology for this analogy citing Crackerjacks I intend no aspersion to that wonderful product. Franco, I mean Gonzales, is the neo-Nazi crackpot who created the word puzzle allowing United States laws, international treaties, and international agreements to be unilaterally suspended. They were agreed upon intending compassion, humanitarianism and moral guidance for application during those times of inhumanity termed war. Who elected this Nazi moron? We are now the most targeted and hated nation on planet Earth, thanks to Bush, Sensenbrenner, Cheney, crackpot Gonzales, the Israeli Pentagon, and the entire godammed Nazi GOP! Heil Sensenbrenner!
Und Unser Fuhrer, Herr Bush, needs das PATRIOT Act zo alle die Welt can be enrolled! Ver ze hell are your godammed papers, Komrade Citizen?!
Und bitte, remember please zu turns in alle godammed firearms und Knurers zu de local Polizei precinct, ja? Ameika uber alles! Heil Feinstein und Schumer!
Why did we declare independence and assemble a ragtag army of sorry-assed farmers defying our mother country Britain? Why did we defy King George III if we now worship and obey King George II? Arent we going backwards? Why did we fight Hitler, and then use his 1938 Gun Control Act and to create our 1968 Gun Control Act through the efforts of the late Senator Thomas Dodd? Why does Congress hate America and Americans so much? What did we ever do to them?
It is becoming increasingly evident that the Bush regime has a clearly defined set of political objectives for our former free and independent republic. In fact, the regimes step-by-step Nazification of America is so effectively and rapidly being deployed, it actually surpasses the speed and precision employed by Adolf Hitler.
Reflecting upon this brings into focus as well the fact that Bushs grandfather, Prescott Bush, was indeed Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Partys banker and financial advisor. The patriarch of the Bush family established its wealth in 1951 when Congress purportedly began bringing pressure through its Trading with the Enemies Act, causing Prescott to withdraw $ 1.5 million from Union Banking. This launched the Bush/CIA Empire. And Bush IIs Skull and Bones satanic connection coincidentally aligns with Hitlers membership in the Thule Society. Sure, all coincidences Not!
Once we begin aligning these coincidences, why not go the whole route?! Go ahead make my day! What event fits in perfectly with the Reichstag fire used by Hitler and Goering to launch Nazi tyranny? If it isnt 9-11, then what is it? The more I examine the Nazi efficiency of the criminal Bush regime, the more I am convinced that 9-11 was indeed an inside job.
How could our domestic Air Traffic Control radar system AND our NORAD radar system BOTH have been down and not detect FOUR incoming bogies with no identification for those blips due to turned-off transponders? What of Cheneys barking at an aide when informed that one bogey was only thirty miles out on that morning? The aide asked: Is the drill still on, or has it been called off? Cheney angrily replied: Did anyone tell you it was off?
And what of the MOSSAD agents captured on New Jerseys Route 3 by the Bergen County Police and documented in the Bergen Record that day? Why did our Department of Justice quietly release them and then send them back to Israel? Traces of explosives found in their van pointed to involvement in the controlled implosion demolition of both WTC towers AND Building 7, confirming suspicions of an inside job similar to the Reichstag hoax.
Why arent members of Congress asking these questions? If someone of political stature conjured up true patriotism and loyalty for America, perhaps we could all really enjoy a refreshing repeat of good history: The Nuremburg Trials!
2005-6 THEODORE E. LANG All rights reserved
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.




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