More Accounts Of
Levees Being Blown
New Orleans Carpenter Reveals How
He Heard Guardsmen Talk About 'Military
Buddies' Ordered To Blow Levees
By Greg Szymanski

People are coming forward faster than the flood waters engulfed New Orleans, as more eye witness accounts are surfacing about the levees being blown-up by the dirty hands of government agents or military operatives.
This time eye witnesses are talking about how they overheard several military enlisted men at a New Orleans check-point, talking about how several of "their military buddies" were being reprimanded for blowing the levees even though acting on direct orders.
Although several New Orleans residents have already given their names and told about hearing a huge explosion at the Industrial Canal just before it gave-way, others like the person hearing the military chatter are asking to remain anonymous, frightened of being intimidated and harassed by Homeland Security.
And with the obvious "hush-hush" attitude pervading the minds of many Americans, the Gestapo-like neo-con stranglehold on Washington is now seeping into the heartland, moving America closer and closer to becoming a full-blown fascist state.
Listen as Bruce, who wants to leave out his last name, explains how he heard second-hand information concerning a military demolition of the levees and how his source wants to also remain anonymous fearing repercussions.
"My carpenter friend came back from the Katrina area to tell about going through one of the check-points down there that was manned by some National Guardsmen. He said they were having an angry conversation about their friend who was being court-martialed for blowing the levee," said Bruce. "They were particularly angry because they said he had been ordered to do it in the first place. This was the first time that my buddy had even heard anyone say anything about the levee having been blown.
"I talked him into calling you but he wants to remain anonymous. He doesn't remember names he just remembers the conversation. He says the guys were saying 'it's a good thing they didn't send us or we'd be the ones getting hassled' sort of stuff. He had a buddy with him who may remember more than he did."
Besides the information surfacing regarding explosions being heard at the levees and government complicity, former U.S. Senator Max Cleland has called attention to a number of bodies that turned up in the Charity Hospital trauma center several days after the hurricane, obviously assassinated with bullets in the back of their heads.
Although there has been no official explanation as to the cause of death, the question has to be asked whether the assassinated bodies recovered in the flood waters had been witnesses to the levee sabotage?
Last October, Cleland commented:
"I think New Orleans has a real challenge on its hands, not just in recovering from the disaster, the natural disaster, but what has happened to the police department thereAnd then, of course, in the Charity Hospital there, the trauma center a few days after the hurricane went through, a number of bodies wound up there, assassinated with bullets in the back of their head.
"Those corpses are over in a warehouse now, and nobody's really seen them but the pathologist who told a friend of mine, who told me. So we have a massive cover-up here, I think, that has to be investigated independently."
The cover-up Cleland is referring to may also involve the real cause behind the levee failures, as recently Terry Adams, a lower 9 th
Ward resident living a block away from the Industrial Canal, reported hearing a huge explosion just before the levee gave-way and he floated downstream to safety on his rooftop.
Besides Adams, New Orleans bus driver, Ryan Washington, recently said he has heard numerous other stories just like the Adams account, recalling a massive explosion prior to a "three football field long hole" in the Industrial Canal caused massive flooding, resulting in death and destruction throughout New Orleans.
Washington said another local resident, Michael Night, heard the same explosion but was unavailable for comment.
"I've talked to many people hearing the same massive explosions by the Industrial Canal," said Washington in a telephone conversation from his home in nearby Slidell. "I will get busy compiling the names as we need to get at the truth behind what really happened as rich land developers and the government have been trying to get their hands on the 9th
Ward property ever since the same thing happened during Hurricane Betsy in 1965."
Not only do Adams, Washington and Night think the levees were purposely blown, but long time New Orleans activist known as Mama D testified to the same in Congress recently but received a cool reception from legislators, who appeared to want to ignore the accusations and eye witness accounts.
Besides Mama D, Capital Hill discussions about the levee failure have recently included comments from New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, testifying before the Senate only three weeks ago.
According to a Capital Hill insider who wants to remain anonymous, Nagin's comments outside the hearing room were far more interesting than what he officially told Senators.
"Listen to Mayor Nagin's testimony at the Senate hearings in Washington a few weeks ago. Very interesting," said the anonymous source closely following the New Orleans levee story. "Apparently he told some media people that the levees may have been blown and that the military was gunning down unarmed civilians and one Senator called him on it. Of course, Nagin backed down in the end."
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