California Mother, Activist,
Assaulted By Authorities
With Drugs, Needles, MicroChips
& Electronic Weaponry For
Trying To Help Kids
In Her Community

By Greg Szymanski
Ramona Lopez thought she was doing the right thing when she tried to help kids in her neighborhood get off drugs, trying to put them on the straight and narrow toward a productive life.
But instead of being recognized as a community hero and praised for her charitable work, authorities in Camarillo, California, slammed "the hammer down hard" on Lopez, a simple housewife with nothing but good in her heart and soul.
They came down hard on Lopez and wanted absolutely nothing to do with her "Miss Goody Two Shoes" attitude since she unknowingly in the early 1990's stumbling across how police officers and federal drug agents were working together with drug dealers to push drugs, not stop illegal drug sales.
And through her good deeds and efforts to help children, Lopez uncovered the "dirty little secret" that officials in her community with the help of federal agents actually were pushing drugs on in the high schools, assisting gangs and turning a blind eye on drug sales.
"It was just unbelievable for me to comprehend that some of the law enforcement authorities were so corrupt," said Lopez while appearing as a guest on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal. "There are many good people trying to end drug abuse, but I stumbled across the bad one's, including law enforcement officers and covert federal operatives actually assisting gangs in selling drugs to innocent children.
"During our investigation, which started more than 10 years ago, we actually found out that law enforcement targets some children in order to get them on drugs or in trouble with the law. It really is a systematic program to keep the drug market profitable as well as a way to destroy whole families and communities."
Although Lopez is still fighting for justice in her southern California community with other like minded citizens, she has been a target along with her family members, the target of extreme government abuse, including death threats, assaults, drive-by gun shootings, gang stalking, breaking and entering, drugged after being assaulted in her home with needles, micro-chipped by assailants and the victim of continuous electronic weaponry.
Not only has Lopez been targeted by covert operatives, but so has her children, as well as her five-year- old grand daughter, who has been micro-chipped in the same manner as Flores.
"I have taken my case to the highest authorities, but nothing ever happens and the abuse continues even to this day," said Lopez, who said all she ever wanted to do was to help children in her community stay in school and lead a more productive lives. "I have had numerous chips removed by doctors, chips acting as conductors so the electrical impulses they use have a more sever and devastating effect.
"When the harassment first started years ago, they attacked me with needles in my bedroom. I remember getting up the next morning with needle marks all over my body. I then found out I was micro-chipped. There have been times I get hit so hard with the impulses I feel like I am going to die from a heart attack. These people need to be stopped because I am not the only one around the country going being attacked like this. I have talked to others like me and it is a pattern of abuse and harassment being used all over the country. If they would even do this to my grand daughter, do you think they would hesitate doing it to you?"
Although Lopez has been attacked and violated on almost every level, she still is seeking fighting to make her community a better place to live, becoming one of the more well-known figures ion the community as well as receiving several community leadership awards.
"I have complied names and uncovered facts showing how these local officials are working with covert operatives in drug trafficking to destroy our children," said Lopez. "I have spoken loud and clear for many years, tried to reach out to high-level officials, but have paid the ultimate price as the harassment never stops.
"At first when you try to go public and tell people what is happening with the use of electronic weaponry and other gang stalking activities, they try to make you out to be crazy. But you must be strong and go forward and reach out to others. It's the only hope. I still have a number of chips in my arms and under my eye-brows, showing how serious and devious this people are at keeping people like me quiet.
"A local law enforcement officer once came by and shot at my house to scare us off. This has been going on for years and despite all my efforts to get justice, it never stops. It began years ago with the break-ins, assaults, the incidents with the needles and gang stalking.
"Now they are using sophisticated electronic weapons and no human being should ever have to be subjected to such torture for just trying to do what is right. These people need to be stopped and my story needs to be told, as do the stories of many others like me who are going through the exact same type of torture."
Lopez said she is still trying to put an end to drug use in her community despite the lack of cooperation by police and others who are still to this day turning a blind eye to the massive drug problem facing places like Camarillo and other similar communities across the country.



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