The Mohammed Cartoons -
Recruiting Europe For
Bush's War On Iran

By Webster Griffin Tarpley
WASHINGTON, DC -- The NATO intelligence provocation appearing in the guise of the scurrilous Mohammed cartoons published by the reactionary newspaper Jyllands Posten of Denmark, and then by a series of other European publications, has already done much to mobilize the armies, bases, and treasuries of Europe in support of the lunatic plan to the Bush-neocon clique for a nuclear sneak attack and punitive expedition against Iran over the coming weeks or months.  As I warned in a red alert for synthetic terrorism issued on and other sites in the late afternoon of Feb. 3, this entire affair has been cynically orchestrated by NATO intelligence agencies to set the stage for a new world war.
In recent years, Moslem and Arab resentment for the various crimes of imperialism has been directed primarily against the United States, the United Kingdom, and Israel.  What is new about the present crisis is that Denmark, Norway, France, and Germany are the main targets this time, while the usual suspects in London and Washington can remain in the background and hypocritically condemn the inflammatory cartoons.  The result has been a massive degeneration of the ideological climate of Europe in favor of militant racism in the form of the Samuel Huntington War of Civilizations.  The Europeans are now far more likely than previously to go to war against Iran as the tail on the Anglo-American kite.  The genocidal demand that the European Union cut off all aid to the Hamas-led government of Palestine has become far more likely to succeed.
The evidence strongly suggests that the cartoon provocation was presented to Atlanticist oligarchs at the meeting of the Bilderberger group held from May 5 to May 8, 2005 at the Dorint Sofitel Seehotel Überfahrt in Rottach-Egern, on the shores of the Tegernsee lake in the south German federal state of Bavaria. (See
Fountainhead for a partial attendance list)  The first publication of the cartoons in Denmark followed in September 2005.  This meeting was attended by the certified neocon fascist madmen Michael Ledeen, Richard Perle, and William Luti ­ all desperadoes haunted by the prospect of criminal indictment for their roles in the Iraq aggression, the Plame case, the Niger yellowcake forgeries, and the Lord Conrad Black embezzlement case.  All three are fanatic proponents of the wider war against Iran, also in the hope of staying out of jail.  Others in attendance included Dutch, Belgian, and Spanish royalty, top Eurocrats and NATO bigwigs (including NATO Secretary General Jaap Hoop de Scheffer himself) from Brussels, Rockefeller and Rothschild international bankers, and such all-purpose villains as Henry Kissinger.  Another prominent participant in the Bavarian Bilderberger group was Anders Eldrep of Denmark, a Bilderberger regular over the last five years.  This Anders Eldrep (or Eldrup),the chairman of DONG (Danish Oil and Natural Gas), is the husband of Merete Eldrep, the managing director of JP/Politikens Hus (JP for Jyllands-Posten), the Danish publishing firm which owns the newspaper which first published the Mohammed cartoons.
The Bilderberger group, founded after World War II by Britain's genocidal Prince Philip and the Nazi SS Prince Bernard of the Netherlands, represents one of the key nodal points where the international finance oligarchs meet under US-UK leadership to ratify consensus on larger strategic initiatives.  It was for example the Bilderberger meeting held near Stockholm in Saltsjøbaden, Sweden in the spring of 1973 which secured the final consensus for the Royal Dutch Shell plans for the October 1973 Middle East War and the attendant "Arab" oil boycott, which looted Japan and Europe and imposed global austerity to stabilize the US dollar and the Atlanticist banking system.  That financiers' staged oil boycott was the 1973 version of today's "peak oil" hoax.
As for the repeated canard about freedom of the press, all the countries of the Nordic Council have long maintained press control through psychological warfare boards with the power to suppress and plant news stories for propaganda purposes.  Sweden is the best-known example, but Denmark, a NATO member state, is no slouch either.  Having directed political organizing in Denmark for a number of years, the present writer can also personally attest to the pervasive surveillance of publishing, political meetings, and public speech (as of the mid-1980s) maintained by the PET (Politiets Efterretningstjeneste), the Danish Security Intelligence Service.  The PET is a sinister and stealthy organization staffed by devotees of the Danish monarchy, and its mandate is unchecked. (See for a chilling self-presentation, including the ominous news that "the new Danish legislation on terrorism expands the scope of the Intelligence Service so that PET's investigations, to a higher degree than previously, may provide the basis of actual criminal cases or other more offensive initiatives."  Author's emphasis, WGT.)  Denmark, in short, is a monarchist police state.
Denmark has been largely a British puppet state over the last two centuries ­ since Lord Nelson burned the Danish fleet in a sneak attack on Copenhagen which put an end to Denmark as an independent power.  For the broadest political purposes, provocations coming from Denmark can be thought of as being signed by the warmonger Tony Blair personally.  The current Danish neocon regime is in any case a member of Bush's coalition of the willing engaged in the illegal occupation of Iraq.
The editor of Jyllands Posten who ordered the publication of the cartoons is Flemming Rose, who has extensive connections to Daniel Pipes, another neocon fascist madman who runs Campus Watch, a neo-McCarthyite witch-hunting organization which vilifies American professors who criticize Israel or show sympathy for the Palestinians.  President Bush wanted to name Daniel Pipes to the board of the US Institute of Peace, a government-funded arm of the State Department which organizes conferences and publishes books.  When the raving extremist Pipes turned out to be too widely discredited to obtain Senate confirmation for this post, Bush forced his nomination through with a summer 2003 recess appointment to a temporary term at USIP without Senate approval.  Daniel Pipes is the nepotist son of Richard Pipes, a Sovietologist who was a leading figure in George H.W. Bush's 1976 Team B, the incubator of today's neocon clique.  At the time of his recess appointment, Daniel Pipes was accused by the very moderate Arab-American Institute of "hatred and bigotry" in the context of his "bizarre obsession with all things Arab and Muslim." (  This is the sick, racist point of view embraced by Jyllands Posten.
Flemming Rose provided details of his conversation with Daniel Pipes in a later article.  They talked about the need to mobilize Europe for the war of civilizations against the Moslem world.  Rose wrote: "Pipes is surprised that there isn't greater alarm in Europe over the challenge that Islam represents thanks to falling rates of fertility and a weakened sense for its own history and culture." (Flemming Rose, "The Threat from Islamism, Jyllands-Posten, October 29, 2004)  The relation of such racist arguments to the Mohammed cartoons provocation should be clear enough.
With these facts, a strong prima facie case for preconcert in the cartoon affair emerges.  The convergence of the US-UK nuclear lynch mob's dragging Iran before the United Nations Security Council in a parody of the spring 2003 US-UK proceedings against Iraq, plus the cartoons affair, means that a new general war, perhaps more like the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648) than futuristic scenarios of World War III, is now in sight.
The impact of the cartoon affair has been to re-invigorate the already considerable racist and xenophobic forces of European society, making these tendencies more respectable in parts of the mainstream.  For the moment, xenophobic reactionaries ­ Euro-traitors in every sense ­ are in power in France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, and other countries of the old continent.  None of these governments would dare resist Rice and Straw in a war vote at the UN.  Of course, if these regimes decide to play Mussolini to Bush's Hitler and actually send their troops to join the Anglo-Americans in war with Iran, most of them would fall, but that would come too late to avoid the looming general conflagration.
The alleged free speech defended by ranting Atlanticist hypocrites (including Cheney) thus amounts to the opposite:  the defense of a society incessantly manipulated by out-of-control secret intelligence agencies with the help of the controlled corporate media ­ a martial law society on the road to the endless war desired by the invisible government and the neocons.
Danish embassies have been burned in Syria, Lebanon, and Iran.  There are indications that some of these violent riots were not spontaneous, but were the work of mercenary rent-a-mobs stoked and steered by CIA, MI-6 and Mossad.  In Beirut, UN officials told CNN they knew about the riot before it happened.  But the embassy attacks, plus world-wide threats, protests, and economic boycotts, have gone far to convince European public opinion that the war of civilizations between the west and the Moslem world is indeed inevitable.
In 2003, Germany, France, Belgium, and other European nations rejected the Bush-Blair plan for an illegal aggressive war against Iran.  Since, then, Atlanticist (US-UK) intelligence networks have been working to overthrow or subvert the leading European governments.  In Germany, Chancellor Schroeder has been replaced by Mrs. Merkel, a puppet of Wall St. and the City of London.  In France, the Chirac presidency, weakened by its own foolish support of last year's European constitution, has been wholly subverted by last fall's "Moslem" riots, which were led by old Nazi networks sheep-dipped in Islam under the guidance of Atlanticist intelligence agencies.  The beneficiary has been the Anglo-Saxon Trojan horse, Sarkozy.  Chirac has even issued his own nuclear threats against Iran.  The days are long gone when Chirac could reject the war of civilizations and be cheered for it by Algerian students, as he was in the spring of 2003.  The one valuable lesson most Europeans had learned from the twentieth century ­ the utter and suicidal futility of war ­ has been called into question by the cartoons affair.
Since last July, the world has known of the order from Dick Cheney to the Pentagon to prepare for the atomic bombing of Iran in the wake of a new 9/11 terrorist atrocity.  Given Cheney's manifest aggressive intent, it should also be plain that he is not occupying his time doing rain dances in the hopes of conjuring up a new terrorist attack.  Cheney and his invisible government backers in the US-UK rogue network are actively preparing a new 9/11 or Gulf of Tonkin provocation with weapons of mass destruction in order to secure the pretext for their attack.  Our advice to the world is accordingly:  if mysterious WMD incidents occur anywhere in the world, don't start looking for the swarthy perpetrators sporting turbans in the caves of Pushtunistan.  Look instead in Dick Cheney's office.
Much of the real urgency of the Anglo-American attack on Iran comes not from nonexistent nuclear devices, but from the planned March 20 opening of the Iran oil bourse, the first international exchange since 1945 where buyers and sellers of oil can conduct their oil transactions using a currency other than the US dollar ­ in this case, the euro.  The Iran oil bourse threatens the number one pillar of US-UK world domination ­ the global hegemony of the dollar, as anchored in the dollar's central role in oil and other raw materials transactions.  With the Iranian oil bourse, as much as $1 trillion of central bank reserves may flee the US greenback into the euro, the yen, and other currencies.  The concomitant exodus of hot money from Wall Street would then puncture the US stock bubble, the US housing bubble, and the US bubble economy generally, leading to a collapse of the dollar in international exchange and the dumping of hundreds of billions of dollars in US treasury bonds now in the hands of the Chinese and Japanese.  The transition from today's outmoded and obsolete dollar-based system to a dollar-euro-yen system of fixed parities, gold settlement, and high-technology exports to the developing sector could be easily handled by peaceful negotiations, but this is exactly what the neocons are determined to prevent.  Ironically, the neocon obsession for general war to preserve dollar dominance, by almost guaranteeing the closure of the straits of Hormuz, will lead to an even more catastrophic dollar collapse and world depression than the peaceful Iranian oil bourse ever could.  The neocons, in other words, are playing a losing hand.  Only fools would join them.
When might the new hostilities begin?  General Sharon, before he was incapacitated, had told the Israeli Defense Force to be ready to strike Iran in March.  The former US Iraq weapons inspector Scott Ritter says that the attack order has already been given.  Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the maverick Russian politician, thinks that the most likely date is March 28, coincident with the Israeli elections.  Zhirinovsky has longed served as an auxiliary to Russian President Putin, and his estimate may benefit from the insights of the Russian special services.  Whenever the attack comes, it is clear that the NATO logistics and manpower infrastructure ­ the German railways, the French air force and navy, the Italian ports and air bases ­ will play a vital role.  Without these, the US could hardly operate in the Middle East at all.  Today, the US neocons may be offering occupation rights in various secondary target countries, like Syria, to tempt countries like France or Italy into joining the war.  When Hitler attacked the USSR in June 1941, he was joined by troops from Italy, Romania, Hungary, Finland, Spain, and other European states.  These auxiliaries had received promises of their own, but they fared poorly.  The parallel is suggestive for the path some Europeans wish to tread today.
Last Wednesday, a Home Depot in the Washington DC suburb of Gaithersburg, Maryland was evacuated because of suspicious package emitting a strange smell, which turned out to be a harmless videotape recorder. Last Friday, the Rachel Carson Elementary School in the same community, which is part of the region where many federal officials and bureaucrats live and have their families, was evacuated because of another suspicious package which a local official claimed looked like an Improvised Explosive Device or Iraq-style roadside bomb. It was "something like you might see in a war zone," said the spokesman of the Gaithersburg fire department said to the radio and television that afternoon. The school is typically attended by the children of federal employees. But the "IED" also turned out to be a big nothing. Early this evening, the Russell Senate Office Building was evacuated because of a nerve gas alert that also proved to be groundless, a complete false alarm. But a dozen senators had to flee. This escalating pattern of incidents likely to provoke hysteria among US government officials betrays the intent of the invisible government to overload the circuits and facilitate the stampeding of this government into a wider war full of incalculable danger.
Our advice to the Moslem world:  DO NOT FALL FOR PROVOCATIONS.  From Count Thurn's 1618 defenestration of Prague to Bismarck's Ems telegram in 1870, big wars have often grown out of staged provocations.  For years former Prime Minister Dr. Mahatir Mohammed of Malaysia, an astute Moslem observer who knows how the Atlanticists operate, has been telling his co-religionists that the greatest vulnerability of the oppressors is located in the weakness of the US dollar.  Mahatir's argument has long been that it is time to stop complaining and dump the dollar.  The fall of the dollar will entail the fall of the International Monetary Fund and of Wolfowitz's World Bank, the greatest engines of global oppression.  Those who burn the embassies of European countries or attack their citizens risk becoming dupes serving as recruiting sergeants for the NATO armies and air forces that are about to strike Iran, currently the leading Moslem state, plus Syria and others.  It is time to break ideological profile, and respond unpredictably on the international monetary front, where the chances for success are the greatest.
In terms of the battle of ideas, the other great task for the Moslem world and for persons of good will everywhere is to contribute to the utmost to the dismantling and discrediting of the ultimate blood libel against Islam, the fantastic Atlanticist myth surrounding the events of September 11, 2001.  The international 9/11 truth movement has shown how rogue networks inside the Pentagon and CIA organized those events.  Since the basis of every attack on Islam is 9/11, it is incumbent on Moslems to join in refuting the myth.  This will have the additional effect of eroding Bush's fanatical political base, and preparing his fall.
In my address to the Inter-Religious Conference in Khartoum, Sudan in October 1994, I pleaded for a platform of ecumenical and irenic cooperation among the world's great faiths based in the comprehensive scientific, technological, and economic development of all nations.  This is the call of Christianity, with its imperative of charity (agape) and faith expressed through good works, as in the second great commandment:  love your neighbor.  This is the call of the doctrine of social solidarity in Islam.  This is the call of Confucian benevolence and the related need for rulers to promote prosperity and education.  These are the ideas reflected in similar impulses prominent in Buddhism, Judaism, and other faiths.  These are ideas readily accessible to persons of good will whose outlook is purely secular, whatever their political persuasion.  Humanity must act now to neutralize war provocations, and thus to prevent the horrors of war itself.



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