Marijuana - Through The Haze
By Sheryl Jackson-Sczbecki
Marijuana has never been the "gateway drug for those who were happy with the relaxation and sedation that Cannabis gives to the smoker. For those who sought to get stupid or blotto, marijuana was not enough. It was not as easily accessible as alcohol either because of it's various states of misdemeanor or felony, depending on which state you lived in.
For those who do not wish to be out of control or morally unwary, marijuana offered a quiet unassuming high that allowed one to be creative or thoughtful or just relaxed from head to toe.
I worked at Atascadero State Hospital for ten years and in that ten years I worked with some of the most heinous offenders in this state and I never met one inmate who was there for violent sexual or just violent crimes committed while smoking Marijuana. In fact, I never met one inmate who was there for committing crimes of any kind while indulging in Cannabis. However, that bottle courage was in every one of the inmates that I knew and spoke with no matter what their crimes. Some did smoke marijuana after drinking themselves stupid on alcohol, but not one of them was there for crimes of marijuana.
Marijuana can be grown anywhere in any state, because all you need is air, dirt and water. It is a weed. It does not cause moral decay nor does it make you want to bed strangers. It does not make people commit crimes because anyone who has ever smoked "dope will tell you that tomorrow is good enough for responsibility and tomorrow never comes when you smoke daily. Banks are not robbed, people are not murdered, cars are not driven too fast and men do not rape their friends while smoking marijuana.
Marijuana does not put money in the coffers of the states. Marijuana does not sell security systems, it does not put people in jail for years and years (unless you are in the state of Texas) it does not contribute to crime in any major way, which is not good for the New World Order. Most of America's economy is based on the sale of arms, munitions, and wars. Marijuana does not contribute to this either. So it is not popular with the Repugnant Party that presently rules this land from their daily imbibing in alcohol and the rude shenanigans that follow one's alcohol consumption..
Marijuana does not make you hung over and mean. It does not make you want to punch out your boss, your mate or physically and sexually abuse your children. Marijuana does not allow one to be hateful and rude to those who care for you, and seldom does one have to apologize for one's unruly and often obnoxious behavior.
Marijuana is a contributor to the betterment of those who are terminally or chronically ill. It is not as expensive as the drugs that obliterate one's consciousness, it allows movement and mobility without knocking one down in the dirt. You are not in a quandary about what you did the night before and who you did it with.
Alcohol is an instant disinhibitor and causes moral decay after three beers or highballs. As it toxifies your brain with decrepitude and ugly thoughts, one is tempted to kill, rob, rape or generally wreak havoc on those around you. After three drinks you start thinking about bedding strangers with no thought of the reality of HIV or AIDS. Alcohol does more to break up marriages, families, jobs and friendships than all of the other drugs on the planet combined. Anyone can acquire it by getting off the freeway and going to the local Stop and Rob. It is accepted in society because it is legal, not because it is safe. And who the heck thought up the Tobacco, Alcohol and Firearms part of the government?
Now that all alcohols are Genetically Modified, the effects that they cause are worse than the effects were ten years ago. Look at the student population at Cal-Poly that has caused so much harm and destruction at the wonderful Poly Royale and Mardi Gras. These formerly wonderful community gatherings used to bring money to the Central Coast through tourism. Both have been canceled because the drunken student melee that turns over cars and throw bottles through windows just to hear the glass shatter. They have wreaked moderate destruction in the lives and property of the people of San Luis Obispo. This causes massive amounts of money to be spent on Police in Riot Gear and Swat Teams that have to wade through all of the mayhem and arrest the wrong people. Not the drunks as much as the spectators. It is easier to contain someone who is in shock at being arrested than those who fight tooth and nail for their freedom. When was the last time you saw a police car that said "To protect and Serve?
Those are the things that we need to consider before making a hideous and irrational vote of no to those who need the sanctity of marijuana to help their diseases and the side effects suffered to the Chemo Therapy of those diseases. When was the last time you knew or heard of someone who did not die of Cancer? The uranium in the ground all over this county under the US government owned property is enough to make one pause and realize that this county has a seriously high rate of Cancer. In l985 it was estimated that 70% of the people who lived here did have, does have or died from cancer. That is the New Pandemic and chances are that you will need marijuana someday if you continue to live in this county. Call your local Cancer society or ask your doctor about this. Then look at the obits in the local newspapers.
Marijuana has been successfully used all over Europe, England, Australia and even Russia for those who cannot tolerate the potassium depleting drugs for high blood pressure, or for those who need to see because of Glaucoma. It also allows the dying to maintain full consciousness prior to their demise. It lowers pain levels and it helps cancer patients who vomit mercilessly and too often from their Chemo-Therapy.
It is also important to note that Utzi (the iceman found in the Alps) was wearing clothing made of hemp. Hemp was grown by anyone who had forty or more acres of land in this country by Senate orders. The hemp, though low grade, was used for rope for our war efforts, as paper, and has a myriad of uses other than smoking. It would stop the need for most tree-cutting for paper; it can be turned into fuel for cars like corn and soy. It grows high and fast, it does not deplete the soil and does not require pesticides and other chemicals. It is useful for makeup and other household products. In a word, the growth of hemp is not hard, expensive or detrimental to the environment.
You may not like marijuana, but in the general scheme of things, Mother Nature makes it and man makes all of the other drugs and alcohols. Which one should you trust and put in your body?
Sheryl Jackson-Sczbecki
Suggested reading:
The Emperor Wears No Clothes (The Historical Record of the Cannabis Plant, Marijuana Prohibition and How Hemp can still Save the World) by Jack Herer Printed in the USA. Library of Congress No. 90-164252. First printing May l985. Revised and expanded l993-94. Production by BACH (Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp)
Karen L. Angel
A commercial for marijuana is NOT what we need.  Aren't there enough people smoking that stuff already?  Its all but legal in Calif. for any medical problem you can get an ID card.  Your article all but says that it build strong bodies 12 ways.
Richard Alan Davis was across the street smoking marijuana before he broke in to Polly Klaas' house, kidnapped her, raped her, and killed her. Lots more crimes committed I am sure. 
I'm all for people smoking pot if they admit that they just want to smoke it and get high.  Get real.  It couldn't possibly do all those good things any more than it could do all the bad things of reefer madness.  Its not safe any more than anything else is not safe.  Aspirin causes stomach lining to bleed after a while, but it may prevent heart attacks.  Don't give me a lot of propaganda about marijuana!  Its irresponsible.
Years ago, in the 1980's, when I was working for Health Services with San Diego City Schools we were told that marijuana was actually a hallucinogenic and had been miscategorized.  That is strongly denied, of course, but even the Encyclopedia Brittanica had wrong information about marijuana.  That's because once the baby boomers who cut their teeth on pot got old enough to be in jobs to put out the propaganda that marijuana is the wonder drug that's exactly what happened. 
There is a huge outcry again Prozac and prescription drug abuse, yet every one is in agreement that pot and pot smokers are harmless.  I'm tired of it.  Tell the truth, not truth slanted by one's choice of recreational drug and deciding that if I smoke it and I'm fine its good for everyone.  I know a school principal that is a brilliant man and he smokes pot only on weekends.  He's a good citizen, brilliant and functions well.  Therefore, pot is harmless.  But then look at Ozzy Osbourne who doesn't function so well, although admittedly he took many other drugs.  But Ozzy also says that pot was his gateway drug, and the gateway drug for many people he knows.  I tend to believe Ozzy. 
Karen L. Angel
Reply to Karen Angel
I wrote this to present to my city supervisors who are about to close down the Compassionate Carers who distribute marijuana to those who are seriously or terminally ill. Please go back and read the first paragraph again. It is not the gateway drug for those who do not seek oblivion or wiish to eat Rabid Bats. It is a good high that does not control the smoker. The smoker stays in control of his life and behavior. You responded well, but you are also angry. It is good that you believe poor Ozzy, who obviously sought oblivion and was not happy with marijuana. However, he smokes it now for his Parkinson's. He had also been drinking since the age of eight. Children are allowed to drink by eight and nine in Europe and England. They do not consider alcohol to be a drug, it is just part of the lifestyle of some of the Euro's and Brits.
Sheryl Jackson-Sczbecki
Alton Raines
No one drug is right for all people, we already know that -- so when the positive aspects of Cannabis are praised, it's ridiculous for people to react as if it were being touted as a wonder-drug or cure all! I had a good friend have an allergic reaction to morphine that almost drove him to suicide. Lack of decent physician schooling about side-effects almost cost him his life. But morphine is a far, far cry from Cannabis! Light years away. No one has ever murdered someone "because" of the effect of marijuana and to suggest that is utterly foolish. People do not break into houses and commit theft because they are 'high,' they break into houses and commit theft in order to pay for an expensive, illegal drug to which they are addicted. Marijuana is not addictive, it is only mildly habit forming and has none of the physical attributes of withdrawl connected with truly addictive drugs like opiates or stimulants. The only reason pot is a "gateway drug" for 'some' people is because of the illegal-culture that surrounds it. Anytime you make something basically harmless illegal you create a criminal out of an otherwise normal, law abiding citizen; you psychologically isolate that person, force them into a life of secrecy and deception. In a lot of situations, people who smoke pot are simply self-medicating for severe anxiety or depression, they just don't realize it. It is a far safer and beneficial drug for this than the toxic fluoride based Prozac. As long as pot is forced undergrouond, society will see nohing but the negative related to it and its benefits will remain obscured by prejudice and stupidity.



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