Is Bush Just
Like Julius Caesar?
Outspoken North Carolina Supreme Court
Nominee Says Bush Reminds Her Of Caesar

Attorney Rachel Lea Hunter is Again Making Political Waves, saying the way to get rid of a dictator like Bush, who said the Constitution was just a "god damned" piece of paper, is by using the power of impeachment.
By Greg Szymanski  
A North Carolina Supreme Court nominee is again making political waves and raising her voice this week, slamming President Bush and saying he is no better than the old Roman dictator, Julius Caesar.
Attorney Rachel Lea Hunter is the type of candidate who doesn't hold back her feelings, doesn't mince words and is genuinely   "one breath of fresh air" in an otherwise stinky field of politicians and judicial candidates.
Several months ago, Hunter gained national attention when she likened Bush to Hitler, causing neo-con talk show host Bill O'Reilly and others to "scream bloody murder" as they tried to discredit her motives.
Hunter, disillusioned with the administration's lack of respect for the Constitution and Bill of Rights, shrugged of the O'Reilly attacks while stepping up her efforts to expose the corruption in the Washington  and sweeping across the country.
"When Julius Caesar became Dictator of Rome, he aggregated all power in himself to accomplish his own ends.   He believed it to be justified, for the Romans' own good, whether they wanted it or not.  What we have in this administration is not any different," said Hunter this week from her North Carolina campaign headquarters as state polls have her in the lead for one of the open State Supreme court slots in the next election.
"This administration thinks it is okay to spy on individuals.  This administration thinks that it is permissible to lock someone up indefinitely without charging them with a crime.   This administration takes the position that it is fine to engage in a preemptive war without justification.  This administration believes that if the facts don't fit, it will make them do so either by selectively choosing them, or by lying.   This administration thinks that the murder of a panic-stricken US citizen by air marshals is acceptable.  This administration thinks that manipulation of the media to obtain positive stories is warranted.
"Is it any wonder that this administration tramples on our civil liberties and shreds the Constitution?   After all, the Constitution is "outdated" and just a "god-damned" piece of paper, (as Bush said in private to White House aides).  What is next?   Martial law? Suspension of the elections?  It is not unthinkable.   
Running on the Democratic ticket after defecting from the Republican party, Hunter is one of the few candidates for an important state or federal office who openly has tried to buck the neo-con stranglehold on Washington.
Hunter's views are openly posted on her web site at where the outspoken judicial candidate blogs questions and answers and opens up her heart and soul to readers on both side of the political fence.
"We can continue to let our modern day Caesar become stronger. The war in Iraq will go on; more lives will be needlessly lost and we can keep paying billions to prop up the country, said Hunter. "Or we can put a stop to "the end justifies the means" and American world-domination analysis of the neo-cons and use the tools at our disposal to rid ourselves of this tyrant.
"We have a remedy; its called impeachment.  Some are afraid to use this remedy, as they believe that the vice president will become president or that whom ever takes over will somehow have become the "incumbent."   These are unwarranted fears.
"I already commented that if nothing changes, this war will continue.  I believe that this administration has no intent of pulling out, no matter how they try and manipulate troop strength to make it appear that they are doing so."
Hunter also took time to strongly criticize corporate consolidation of major oil companies, causing high spikes in gas prices and having a negative ripple effect on the economy going into the New Year.
"I noticed too that gas prices declined last month, but that they had risen by a quarter in the past few weeks," said Hunter. "Am I the only person who has noticed that the major oil companies are BP-Amoco, Conoco-Phillips, Shell, Chevron-Texaco and Exxon-Mobile?
"One commentator said that these companies were forced to merge.  Yeah, right.   Like some guy with a hood held a gun on them and said "merge or die!"  They were not "forced" to merge.  They merged out of a business decision, to become bigger and more powerful.   And with the merger, there is less competition.
"Tell me again how there is no collusion amongst them and that it really is the hurricanes which have led to the increased prices.   I am all for free-enterprise and competition.  I understand increased demand and no more refining capacity.  But I do not believe that there is absolutely no manipulation by the big, now-merged, oil companies.
"The increased price for gas will have ripple effects through the economy.  In fact, the effect has started.   The increased cost has led to car sales, particularly for SUVs, to be down.  It costs more to transport food and other items.   The housing bubble is about to burst, if it has not already done so.  Taxes are on the rise too.  And we, the consumer, are left paying for all of this.   We cannot continue spending for all these inflated goods.  We cannot keep paying for a war that is unnecessary, unconstitutional and unjustified.   Something has to give and that something is inflation."
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