Polish Immigrant Harassed
By Covert Operatives
Says America Headed Down
The Path Of Suppression
Like Behind The
Old Iron Curtain

American citizen, Andrew Suda of Poland, has been poisoned and almost killed by his girlfriend, working as an undercover operative with apparent assistance from Homeland Security and the U.S . government
By Greg Szymanski
Andrew Suda feels like a cornered animal with nothing left to do but fight back.
Suda, 46, a 1985 Polish immigrant, is another in the long line of citizens being hounded, harassed and raked over the coals by thugs operating under the radar screen with the assistance of the U.S. government.
"I have been poisoned," said Suda in an extended telephone conversation from his San Diego home, adding it came from doses of ricen administered by his girlfriend who turned out to be a covert operative. "Attacks have been made against my financial well-being, isolating me socially, sabotage at work and of my car, ringing in ears, super vivid dreams that drain you and keep you asleep for many, many hours - these are all tricks constantly used on me."
The Polish native and now American citizen said he has been targeted by authorities since he is considered an "annoying fly or loose end" in what has become a shocking attempt at a total lockdown of the truth being played out on the streets of America.
Although Suda came here looking for peace and freedom, he might as well be walking down the streets of Moscow, since literally his every move has been monitored by what has turned out to be Polish and Russian communist intelligence operatives given free rein to operate with the help of certain factions inside the U.S. government.
"What's going on here, reminds me of what went on in Poland when I was a boy," recalls Suda.
In fact, when Suda was a young student in a Polish university, one the equivalent to an American Ivy League school, he was extremely vocal about the fall of communism being a charade or "good theatre," as he calls it.
He considered the sudden fall of communism and the Polish freedom movement to be contrived for strategic deception purposes, considering it nothing more that a plan of deception orchestrated by the communists and certain factions of the American government.
"Otherwise," he says, "why would the communist 'Old Guard' remain in Eastern European command positions and why would some former KGB officials now be allowed to operate freely in America and actually be on the Homeland Security payroll?
Not surprisingly, the horror stories coming out of the Homeland Security Department related to the abuses allowed under the Patriot Act are at the heart of Suda's problems, since both the agency and the laws it is operating under are geared at taking away liberties previously protected by the Constitution.
And this Polish immigrant, who is all too familiar with communist oppression, said the same thing is happening here in America that went on behind the veil of the Iron Curtain when he was growing up in Poland.
"The symptoms are the same as occurred in Poland and the USSR," said Suda, adding Americans better wake-up quick before its too late.  "Why are people afraid to talk and speak their minds? Why is it when you speak the truth or have opinions contrary to the government, people on the streets even look at you like your crazy or like you are an idiot.
"This is what it was like under communist suppression, but it may even be worse because nobody is even thinking about it. In fact, I think it will now even be easier for them to take away freedom here than it was in Eastern Europe since most people aren't even arguing."
Feeling restricted under communism, Suda naturally brought his outspoken views to America, thinking life would be sweet. But instead his "politically incorrect" opinions landed him in big trouble. Although he's not locked away in a gulag, the 21 st
century American equivalent is perhaps even more dark and sinister if not just as confining as a cold and dank jail cell.
"I literally cannot sleep in my home anymore and I feel as if I am being cornered like an animal just for my political views," said Suda, adding he feels the 'powers that be' pulling the worldwide strings have decided it would be easier to manipulate people under a capitalistic system rather than communism.
"You see, there always needs to be an enemy even though it's not real. This is how people are controlled, rounded up like cattle and eventually slaughtered. The world powers who come from all countries have now decided it is easy to control the masses under the guise of capitalism and that is why communism fell so quickly.
"Now, you are seeing here in America what happened in Russia and Poland. In fact, it is my opinion that certain U.S. officials, determined to destroy America, all along have been cooperating with the Communist enemy instead of fighting them? Whistle blowers being harassed and terrorized by the U.S. government?  Did we really have an enemy in the form of   IVAN?  Or was IVAN an older, cruder OSAMA?  This would explain the "enemy of my enemy is my enemy paradox."
"I think Americans need to wake-up. I lived under suppression and see the same thing happening here. Now the fake enemy is Osama and without a doubt this is an orchestrated government effort to place the population under fear so that takeover becomes an easy matter.
"Like I said and I want to emphasize that  the 'powers that be' may actually have an easier time of takeover here since there has been an orchestrated effort in America to disrupt strong family values and a decaying of the school system, eventually leading to the utter lack of free and independent thinking."  
Whatever Suda's views are, it appears what's playing out in Eastern Europe backs up what he is saying. Although democracy has been touted in Poland and other places previously behind the Iron Curtain, it's a fact that same old communist leaders have again taken control.
In fact, in 2000 Polish headlines reported that the famous anti-communist Solidarity leader and former Polish President, Lech Walesa, was actually a communist agent recruited by the Russians in the 1970's under the code name of Bolek.
Although Walesa has denied the charges, the question must still be asked if Walesa was a KGB agent, were the communists actually orchestrating the fake freedom movement from the beginning in order to work hand in hand with devilish forces in the American government for an eventual takeover here?
And could this also be a reason why covert operatives have gone to great lengths at silencing Suda? Could this be why they enlisted the services of a Polish female operative who entered   into a romantic affair and  eventually tried to kill him through poisoning?
Could this also be why the FBI and other federal authorities have backed off the investigation even though clear evidence exists Suda's life is in danger by something or someone more than a psychotic girlfriend?
"I was tested by doctors in California who found numerous poisons in my system," said Suda. "One day I realized that my Polish girlfriend was a spy and I was so well manipulated and brainwashed by people surrounding me that I couldn't see, or rather understand, things happening just in front of me.
"Since I 'woke up' it was pretty easy to collect enough evidence and go to FBI. I knew that I had a big case. Between other things there was evidence that local Congressman, then chief of armed forces committee, gave my girlfriend a Green Card with no questions asked after Department of State attempted to deport her.
"Guess what - her old INS file where the reason for deportation was presented strangely disappeared after that and it wasn't available even for the Office of Inspector General of U.S. Dept. of Justice. I then approached the Office of Inspector General after an incident where the FBI exposed me to the Polish network.
"O.I.G. did a good job and we were able to get a hard evidence of FBI wrongdoing. Unfortunately, Washington forced O.I.G. to stop. My investigator from O.I.G. was then quickly transferred to San Francisco and doesn't want to talk to me any more.
"And where is the mind control issue in my case? Well, after all the experiences I realized that there is something bigger than the Cold War. I knew that one of my girlfriend's supervisors or handlers was a Polish representative to the UN, who became a professor at Harvard. I knew that local ( San Diego) ABC station was personally stopped by Peter Jennings from investigating my case even though they aired a program about similar KGB operatives earlier."
At a time when Suda was near death from poisoning, everyone who could help backed away, leaving him in financial ruin after losing his house and being subjected to an unfair IRS audit even though his work involved a simple painting business.
Asked about the congressman involved with his girlfriend, Suda added: "If you are a protected spy or agent like my girlfriend you can use military technology, federal agents and you can use politicians. I don't know how successful she was with our local congressman but the fact is without any questions he got her a green card when she was about to be deported. That speaks volumes."
"I might add two weeks after I stopped living with my girlfriend, my health improved. Also ricen is a protein and it leaves no residual in the human body and it isn't a poison you get easily off the street and only a few countries in the world are making it."
And when the entire Suda story is evaluated, his conclusions appear logical since covert mind control, espionage and economic sabotage are extremely difficult crimes to prove. Also, looking back at Suda's story, most likely his problems began with his outspoken nature in Poland since contacts he made there, like a bad nightmare, have now appeared to surface on the streets of San Diego.
"I came here 20 years ago wanting a better life but perhaps my outspoken ways have been my downfall," recalls Suda. "Unfortunately, I used my college contacts to stay in America. I used the sister of a friend from college. I didn't think they were involved in UB, the Polish KGB, though.
"And it was through her I met my girlfriend, who I found out was simply a spy. I then found out she was involved with federal agents and military contractors, finding love letters written to DEA agents. I showed these letters to a military expert and he said they were recognized as 'trap letters' used by the KGB since the Korean War.
"These letters use sophisticated psychological hooks and are used as a method to recruit spies called 'honey traps.'"
Although Suda's story is complex involving the FBI, DEA and the Office of the Inspector General, there exists numerous facts beyond mere suspicion which takes his story out of the realm of human paranoia into the world of covert harassment through the use of a wide range of tactics employed by the KGB and CIA.
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