Illiteracy On The
Increase In The US

Prensa Latina - Havana


WASHINGTON (PL) -- About 30 million US citizens are below the basic level of education, among them, 11 million who do not know how to read and write properly in English, institutional sources reported Friday.
Seven million individuals -3.1 percent of the population- is at the lowest educational category because they are completely illiterate.
Thirteen percent of US people have barely enough literacy to sign a document, according to government research testing elementary grammar and simple arithmetic.
The National Center for Educational Statistics (CNEE) found a slightly positive change between 1992 and 2005 as far as the ability of semi-literate adults to read and understand complex phrases.
The center noted the lack of bilingual teachers in the United States, which causes a considerable increase of immigrant students leaving school before the legal age.
According to Darlene Brown, director of a program of pedagogical alternatives in Texas, between 33 and 38 percent of foreign students leave school before the legal age every year and this statistic has increased over the last 10 years.
The government is doing nothing to end this situation; on the contrary, the difficulties become greater, complained Brown.




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