I Have A Dream -
Lie-Detecting Our Leaders

By Douglas Herman
Gee, wouldn't it be wonderful if, instead of wasting time on televised presidential debates, one of the networks hosted a reality TV show called "Lie-Detecting The Presidential Candidates?"
Can you imagine the ratings? Better than the recent, rigged superbowl game between the Steelers and Seahawks. Maybe Maury Povich or Jerry Springer could host it.
I'd love to hear hard-hitting questions asked about the past lives and the future intentions of each candidate. But most of all, I'd like to know who or what each person serves.
"Senator McCain, if you were elected president, would you  continue to blindly serve the military-industrial complex, as you appear to have been doing for the past 20 years? Have you ever met an imperial war you didn't like?"
"Senator Clinton, every president in recent memory has perjured himself in taking the Oath of Office. If you were elected--as the first woman president--would you permit yourself to be indicted and convicted if you broke your sworn oath to uphold the US Constitution?"
No marshmallow questions, please, Mr. Springer. No Fox News-style flattery, Mr. Povich, no fawning or drooling on the candidates. We Americans deserve an honest emperor.
The Top Ten questions I would like to have asked of any perspective presidential candidate are:
1--Would you start any pre-emptive wars, like the most recent emperor who rigged (and won) the last two elections?
2-If you started a war (or wars) against a peaceful nation that has not attacked the US, would you allow yourself to be handcuffed and led out of office?
3-Would you permit snooping and spying on average American citizens who exercise their First Amendment rights?
4-Would you promptly defend any high government official who betrayed not only your trust but the trust of the American people?
5-Do you intend to serve special interests, allowing them to make obscene profits through no-bid contracts?
6--After you appoint cronies who lack adequate qualifications to high positions, will you accept the responsibility of their failure? And How exactly will you bear the responsibility?
7-Will you seek special protection for people in your administration who have committed high crimes and misdemeanors?
8-Will you hinder investigations into high crimes committed by those you have appointed, or by those government officials who work in your administration, or by yourself?
9-Will you do everything in your power to use your high position to enrich or empower select close friends and associates?
10-Finally: you are caught lying, swindling, torturing and attacking small countries while pontificating about high principles. Will you admit your utter incompetence and resign--or will you commit some terrorist act to create a diversion?
If our candidates answered yes to any (or all) of the above questions then wouldn't he or she be perfectly qualified to run as American Emperor, either as a Republican or Democrat? Because, if you browse the ten breaches of public trust above, you will observe that our current president has broken every example.
Cynical patriot and realist observer of the American Scene, Douglas Herman writes regularly for Rense and believes black box voting is Stalinist and corrupt - but no more corrupt than our presidential candidates.



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