Hunt The Cherokee -
The 9/11 Pentagon Impact
By Jon Carlson carlson

In the RENSE article 'FBI Hides 85 Pentagon Videos & 911 Truth'
the cat was let out of the bag that a substituted Boeing 737 airliner, not the Flight 77 Boeing 757, guided by remote control from a hovering military helicopter crashed into the massive Pentagon masonry wall and came out second best. The 9/11 fairy tale claims Flight 77 went through the outer 3 rings of the Pentagon structure.
This photo shows how the Fed Govt. mass murderers wanted the Pentagon 'wound' to appear to the World BUT there are some crucial missing pieces (Note the orange line extended from the edge of the building used as an aid to locate the plane engine in the photos.):
This photo shows the missing pieces: A JT8D Boeing 737 engine circled in yellow and the Jeep Cherokee:
The definitive photo of the 2.3 ton Boeing 737 JT8D engine and the Jeep Cherokee serving as a landmark of the engine location in the photos:
Next the definitive photo of the REAL Pentagon Impact as depicted in the NY Post on 9/12 and photographed by Will Morris (Note Jeep Cherokee circled in yellow. The orange line shows the engine location and the point where building 'collapsed' 19 minutes later.):
The burning area pass the Jeep Cherokee indicates the impact area of the 2.3 ton engine and the orange arrow points to its location. Engines of Boeing 737 hang on PODS under the wings. The hanging engines were especially distinctive on the South Tower airliner in the next photo, another substituted Boeing 737, not the Flight 175 Boeing 767. It is now crystal-clear that ALL 9/11 airliners were substituted Boeing 737 aircraft:
Steve Riskus photographed the impact area moments earlier. Remember the demolition of the Pentagon fake impact damage occurred 19 minutes after the crash. (Note Jeep Cherokee circled in yellow.):
See the full photo at:
See the full photo at:
The FULL PHOTO shows burning plane debris scattered far from the impact area of the engine believed to be on the left side of the aircraft. The 4 foot diameter JT8D engines are spaced about 4 feet from the 16 foot aircraft body making engine centers about 28 feet apart. Total wingspan is 93 feet for a Boeing 737-200:
By Vin Narayanan, "The hijacked jet slammed into the Pentagon at a ferocious speed. But the Pentagon's wall held up like a champ. It barely budged as the nose of the plane curled upwards and crumpled before exploding into a massive fireball. The people who built that wall should be proud. Its ability to withstand the initial impact of the jet probably saved thousands of lives."
Vin was ALSO eye-witness to the WHITE JET that orchestrated 9/11 'events' and was seen at all 9/11 locations: "I hopped out of my car after the jet exploded, nearly oblivious to a second jet hovering in the skies."
These photos shows the Pentagon military helicopter that remote-controlled the aircraft. Pentagon Patriots 'leaked' this photo of the military helicopter and the explosion that blew the plane to bits:
"It just went 'pfff'. It wasn't what I would have expected for a plane that was not much more than a football field away from me, " said witness John O'Keefe:
According to VDOT employees situated nearby the plane hit with a thud followed by an explosion:
"STC staffers remember a loud thud, then a terrible explosion, and then a fireball burgeoning from the core of America's military power."
It is crystal-clear that the Pentagon aircraft carried explosives to blow it to bits to coverup actual identification. However, a 2.3 ton engine would be unaffected by explosives. M118 PETN sheet explosive would be adhered to the body just like wallpaper hanging.
Just how long was the delay between impact and explosion would be revealed if the FBI released videos of the actual impact and explosion. Similar to alleged Flight 93, debris rained down for blocks around and, as can be seen in the photos, burning debris extended far from the actual impact of body and engines. Steve Riskus noted that the plane hit up on the Pentagon wall not at the ground level floor. Afterall the Cherokee stands witness for that observation:
In the opening photo above notice the clean cut of the masonry floor next to the concrete steel-reinforced pillars. A LINEAR SHAPED CHARGE is involved. In addition to formed Linear Shaped Charge, Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC, offers a cast LSC... for cutting heavy-walled steel structures (such as the WTC Towers and WTC 7):
More explanation:
In light of the New Orleans Levee demolitions that company manufactures product M112 Demolition Charge - Used for general purposes including underwater demolition. It is particularly effective for cutting steel and timber and for breaching concrete.
The RENSE article, 911 Flight 93 Passengers 'Lost'
made a SOLID case for the Levees being blown up.
Greg Szymanski reports the latest on NO witnesses hearing the levees being blown up:
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