The House Of Hypocrisy
By Judy Andreas
Step right in folks, welcome to The House of Hypocrisy. You may stay as long as you like, but let me warn you, residence is costly. You will pay with your soul.
The images may be blurry, the figures may be shadowy, but do not adjust your glasses. Your eyes will be of little help. .
The House of Hypocrisy has no location and all locations. It is in your neighborhood, it is in your home and it is even on the Internet. Yes, I am sorry to disappoint you friends, but the Internet is not a hypocrisy free zone. It has become infested with charlatans, cheats and master manipulators. The Internet is fertile ground for word smiths. Beware of them lest they use their power to hypnotize you. And when they point an eloquent accusatory finger at the world, take that finger and turn it back in their direction. Look behind the curtain if you dare. You have entered the chamber of Style Without Substance.
The inhabitants of this room are perhaps the scariest of all. They are parasites who will feed on you. And while they quietly dine on your naivete, they will supply you with the perfect enemy upon which to focus. Are you aware of what I am saying, friends? Can you consider that you could be looking in the wrong direction?
Forget about the guy in the White House, if only for a minute. He is merely a projection of the collective psyche. He is merely the most easily accessible exhibit in The House of Hypocrisy.
Look for the less visible. They may not be sitting and reading My Pet Goat, while America burns, but they are just as deadly. They may not be dropping bombs on Fallujah or building walls in Israel but they are just as violent. They rant and rave about the injustices on the other side of the globe, while stuffing their mouths with food and vomiting screeds on their computers. They weave word garments for you to adorn. And, because you have rebuilt your temple on the mount of the intellect, you are an undiscerning consumer.
"Attention Walmart Shoppers."
The Internet essayist is relatively new to the scene. Sometimes she comes from the world of journalism. Sometimes he comes from the educational system. Sometimes they come from the heart. Learn to tell the difference. Learn to know who lives behind the " words" so you will not be seduced by Webster's unabridged.
"By their fruits ye shall know them."
Who are these messengers? How do they treat the people in their lives? Are they condescending and disdainful? Are they merely opportunists, seizing upon tragedy for personal catharsis?
How do they treat the people with whom they disagree? Do they default into an attack mode? Do they put their imagined "mission" over the cries of people in pain?
"By their fruits ye shall know them."
So, save your applause my friends. Don't build shrines and send money to people who have done nothing to deserve your praise. Listen to the cries of the those around you. Your world is exploding with opportunities that beg for your response. You need only to get off your ever widening butt and walk the talk. Begin now. Begin by finding the Exit Sign; the way out of the House of Hypocrisy.
Copyright 2005: Judy Andreas



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