Homo Genus Skull Found
In 360 Million
Year Old Quarry
This may be another piece in the cosmic jigsaw puzzle of our true
human origins. Primate Skull, genus Homo found in
marble quarry: 360 million years old
From Brad Steiger
[All four photographs are copyright
by Professor Mohammed Zarouit]    
In July 2005, a small primate skull was discovered in the desert of Tafilalet near Erfound, Morocco.  It was in the sand of a marble quarry where Devonian fossils were already found.  Subsequently, the skull could be around 360 million years old.  Characteristic features in the only 6.1 cm high and 3.9 cm broad fossil indicate the genus Homo: a globular forehead and hind skull and an inferior position of the occipital hole under the cranium, which is typical for upright body posture.  The fossil was called Homo alaouite, in homage to the Alaouite Dynasty.



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