Happy Holidays Is Ok?
By Alton Raines
So "Holiday" and "Happy Holidays" passes as ok for secular America, but "Christmas" gets the axe? Now THIS is where the true underlying hatred for Jesus Christ, Christianity and Christians is abundantly evident. Look at the word preferred... Holiday. What IS a Holiday?
The dictionary says it comes from...
[Middle English holidai, holy day, from Old English hlig dæg : hlig, holy; see holy + dæg, day; see day.]
A holy day.

Doesn't that imply something chiefly, inescapably, irrefutably RELIGIOUS? Of course it does! Even SANCTIFIED. But these whacked secularists are too stupid to realize what they've done! They've nixed "Christmas" which simply means a feast celebrating the birth of Jesus in favor of a far more potent religious term implying holiness, whose roots go back to the Hebrew "Kodesh" or "Kosher" meaning 'separated out from the profane, special unto the Lord God, select without worldly taint.'
The idiocy will never cease to astound!

Happy HOLY DAYS! Happy Holy DAY!
And to all a good night.
Jim Mortellaro
Secularists, Civil Libertarians, Just Plain Mean-Spiritied Morons. This is what is guiding our National Culture?
Here's a rub. The boycott. I will boycott *any* organization, store or selling agent, company or whatever, which adheres to religious culpable insanity and stupidity. Even if I *need* the product, even if I *want* the product, I will not purchase the product from any entity using the words "Holiday" in lieu of Christmas.
Christmas is a Christian religious celebration of the birth of the Christ. It is *not* to be changed to fit the narrow confines of the interior of some box created by those who would deny people of faith our culture and faith. From the perspective of this writer, and using the words of the great poet, Robert Dylan ...
"I do believe I've had a nuff!"
Jim Mortellaro, AKA, Morty
Dicey Riley
I thought the true meaning of Christmas was to celebrate the birth of Jesus? What's that got to do with shopping? According to the historical evidence, Jesus was actually born in October I believe, and the date in December was chosen because there was already a Pagan holiday at that time of year........which is where the tradition of giving gifts, the Yule tree, feasting, etc. all comes from. The Pagans celebrated the rebirth of the sun, each year during the winter solstice, in anticipation of the days getting longer and warmer weather returning long before the birth of the Son was tacked on to their holiday . A lot of folks celebrate other just as valid holidays this time of year......Channukah, Yule, Kwanza........isn't it more American to say Happy Holidays or Season's Greetings and not exclude anyone because they don't happen to believe in Santa Claus? Or is it Jesus..? Hell, I am really confused now....... Oh well, Season's Greetings.
Dicey Riley
Poland IN
Alton Raines
I don't think anyone gets it...what appears to be lost in all this is the fact that there is a constant push to rid anything religious of a Christian nature from the public square, but if it's pagan, it's fine. Herein lies the hypocristy -- "Happy Holidays", ie, HOLY days, should be just as unacceptible as "Merry Christmas" under the separation of church/state edict. But clearly it's not, which demonstrates that what is really going on is an attack on Christ and Christianity, specifically.
There are cases pending right now where Hanukkah Menorah's have been allowed in court house lobbies but the traditional Nativity has been outlawed. It's rather obvious what is going on. We should be able to say anything we want, anywhere we want, any time we want -- Happy Quanza, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, whatever; in schools, in public buildings, anywhere! All religious persuasions should be allowed, which is the only way to comply with the Constitutional mandate "Congress shall make no law respecting (or, as regards to) an establishment of religion, nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof." It's a simple rule. Congress cannot make any laws one way or the other regarding any given religion, and at the same time, cannot prohibit any religious activities either. The entire clause protects religion, not the State, though in the end the State benefits as the clause makes it certain there will never be an official, State sanctioned religion.
There should be no prohibition of ANY religious activities or celebrations, be it Wiccan or Christian or Jewish or Hindu. Why is this so hard for people on both the left and the right to grasp?!?!? It wouldn't bother me one iota to see a public facility like a town hall or court house used throughout the year for citizens of a particular faith to celebrate publically. I think it would be wonderul! Let's see the Buddhists and the Zoroastrians and the Taoists and the Hopi and the Christians all celebrating their individual special days at special times. Wouldn't that be beautiful? Wouldn't that satisfy everyone? Even let the atheist have a day to rally and celebrate 'nothingness.' Let the Satanists come out and put on a real spook n' boo show for all to see. Swing wide the gates! We have nothing to lose but this ridiculous argument that divides and angers.

But if you're going to be a stickler for the separation of church and state, "happy holidays" should be just as offense as "merry Christmas," as both invoke something religious. But you won't see that because those who are using separation of church and state in this battle are only doing it to strip all things Christian from the scene, they could care less about any of the other religious violations of their ideal. Only Christianity is a threat to them.



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