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Release Date: February 9, 2006
Grand Island, Nebraska A Circular Object Hovering Over The Highway
Date:  Spring of 1958
Time:  10:00 -11:00 p.m.
Location of Sighting: 5 miles west of Grand Island Ne Hwy 2
Number of witnesses: 4
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Circular.
Full Description of event/sighting: I was about 16 years old, traveling west on Highway 2 with my parents and younger brother when we saw an circular object perhaps, 75' over the highway. It was just hovering there. As I remember it had many white lights on it and several windows with light coming through. My Dad was scared, he stopped the car just before coming to the craft as he didn't want to drive under it. I had my head out of the window looking at it, and listening for sound, but could hear no sounds. Dad finally mustered the courage to drive under it to go home. I kept telling him to stop to see what it was, but both him and Mom were scared to death. When we got home my parents never talked about it, except to say don't tell any one as they will think you are crazy. They owned a tavern at the time, and they thought if they told anyone they would lose business as a question of their sanity. I never read any reports of other people in the area at that time or seeing any thing. I have been very interested in UFO's since and my brother and I have both witnessed other UFO's that have done amazing flying feats in Central Nebraska.
Thank you to the witness for the really interesting report.
Sarnia, Ontario Huge Dull Orange Sphere Shoots Into The Sky Then Stops
UFO Sighting, August 1977
Joe Dietrich & passenger.
It was barely a month past my 30th birthday, early August 1977, I was dining out with friends in a favorite downtown Buffalo NY restaurant.  Time was running out for me in Buffalo for in a few weeks I would be heading to Key West Florida to begin a new life.  But on this particular summer night I was to make a journey that was destined to become one of my life's most memorable experiences.
I have made this trip several times so it's a fairly predictable route from Buffalo NY to Flint, Michigan, no surprises. This was to be my last visit with my mom and sisters knowing we probably wouldn't see each other for many months.   I wanted to get an early evening start out of Buffalo, but  dinner  with friends  went quite late so I didn't hit the road until about 10:pm.  I was upset at myself for making such a late departure knowing it would inconvenience my family up in Flint with me arriving in the wee hours of the morning...but I was determined to go that night.
Even considering the late time of night I actually felt rested and alert.  I usually preferred driving at night, as I found it to be  peaceful with little distraction and this night gave me time to reflect on my upcoming move to Florida.  I was all too familiar with this route having taken it often.  Because my vintage '52 Ford pickup truck had a top speed of only 55 mph it would take me about 5 hours to drive from Buffalo to Flint.....4-hours for everyone else!
Heading north out of downtown Buffalo towards the Canadian border, passing through customs, and over the Peace bridge,  I was on my way.   A few hundred yards into Canadian territory I spotted a college kid on the side of the road holding a sign "to Michigan".   He was small of stature and appeared harmless, and I figured this passenger would make the trip less lonely and give me some interesting conversation,  so  I stopped to pick up the hitchhiker.
But to my dismay the young man was very tired and had very little to say, in fact he napped on and off during most of the long drive.  So, to keep my mind occupied and me awake, I kept the truck radio on...and the volume low, so it would not  wake the sleeper. I was remembering how scenic the Canadian countryside is during daytime with it's rolling farmland and picturesque villages...but at night it is dark and still, the towns are practically invisible, and now it's just me and my passenger in my old truck heading westward down this 2-lane winding highway on a warm August night.
I have been driving for almost 3-hours now through the Ontario countryside  passing the towns of St. Catherine's, Hamilton, and London.  We are now about a half-hour from the border town of Sarnia, on highway 22 (I believe), it's about 2:am pitch dark outside,  the summer night is warm and the truck windows are rolled down.  It's a beautiful night on this lonely country highway and my old Ford pickup is the only vehicle on the road.  My hitchhiking passenger and myself are engaged in idle conversation when suddenly he is startled by something outside.  He is looking out his passenger window, head slightly turned upward and exclaims, "...look over there!...what is that light above the house?"   I couldn't see what he was looking at due to the angle of the object and my position in the driver's seat, so while trying to keep the truck on the road, and slowly applying the brakes, I leaned over my passenger's shoulder to get a better look at the object he was so excited about.   With one hand on the steering wheel, stretching to get a look out his window, I was amazed at what I saw.  Here was a  2-story white farmhouse set back maybe 100 feet from the highway but directly above the house was a large, glowing, dull orange ball or sphere almost floating or hovering  in the air nearly touching the peak of the roof.  It was an ominous sight, as you could clearly see the outline of the sphere through the few tall trees which surrounded  the house.
We were both awestruck.  "Oh my God" I said as I was trying to bring the truck to a stop, "I have to get a better look at this".  I told my passenger to keep his eyes on the object, as I brought the old truck to a slow stop.  Since we were the only vehicle on the road I stopped right in the middle of the highway, there was no time to pull over. Not wanting to waste time, I quickly jumped out of the truck and onto the pavement to get a full view of this magnificent  orange glowing sphere hovering very still over the farmhouse.  We stood there in absolute silence and gazed at this big, orange ball which was about half the size of the farmhouse.
Unfortunately I was in for a huge disappointment. While standing on  the highway and trying to analyze this incredible object I reached over and slammed the truck door closed.  Almost at that exact moment, and without making the slightest sound, the sphere shot quickly up into the night sky like a speeding bullet. My eyes fixated on the object as it streaked way up into the sky for a distance of what seemed like a mile, then came to a sudden stop then resumed its flight into space at a constant 45 degree angle until it was completely out of our sight.   The "escape" flight from the farmhouse  was at an exceptional rate of speed which seemed  to take 3-seconds to make  it's disappearance into space. We were quite disappointed that our encounter with the object was so brief.  I calculated that our total viewing time for this extraordinary event was barely one-minute, if even that.
We were quite stunned at what had just taken place.  I said to my passenger, "do you believe what we have just witnessed?"  He was speechless and I was in mild shock and now more alert than I had been all night. Since my  passenger had the object in his view almost twice as long as I did, I asked him to describe it in detail to me, as I could recall only a large, round sphere which was positioned over the house.  The passenger described it as more of an oval shaped object, but also very large.  Both of us witnessed the quick exit, heard to total silence,  as we looked at each other in absolute amazement.  I was cursing the fact that the object did not stay in our view longer for our own selfish investigation.  This was the opportunity of a lifetime, here right in front of us, for only one minute, and then gone forever.   It was almost as if by stopping the truck on the highway we sort of startled it and it then had to make a quick getaway.
Back in my old truck and on the road again we are high on adrenaline.  As we continued westward towards the Michigan-Canadian border at Sarnia, we could not stop talking about what we had just seen.  In my mind I had to challenge any other possible explanation for this event.  I am basically a skeptic who does not wish to get carried away with blind emotion where a simple or obvious explanation might present itself.  Therefore, I began to eliminate some possible causes for this event:
Was it: 
1) An aircraft. NO.  No engine noise, no noise at all.  Completely silent.
2) A Balloon.  NO.  Could not move that quickly or turn at that angle.
3) The Sun....NO.   The right color of the setting sun, but wrong time of day.
Wrong position in sky. Too fast.
4) Lightning...NO.   No sound.  Stationary.  Geometric shape and exit.
5) Other........YES.  Most likely extraterrestrial or UFO.
My passenger and I agreed that this object was something from "out there"...but where that is, is unknown.  We were obviously not meant to study it or get closer to it than we did.  Whatever was taking place in the space directly over the farmhouse or maybe even inside the farmhouse is not known.  All the lights in the house were off, the residents were probably sleeping. (since it was 2:AM)  Many questions were left unanswered.
As I approached the guard station at the Canadian/American border at Sarnia I decided NOT to tell our sighting story to the officers.  I am confident that what I saw with my own eyes was real.  I was never threatened by this object, no harm was ever directed my way, so there was no cause for alarm.  I leave Canada with an experience that validates my longtime belief that we are indeed not alone in this vast universe.
One month later I moved, as planned, to Key West, Florida.  I related this experience to others who would then give me that incredulous gaze that so many eye witnesses  get when we bring up the subject of UFO's.  But that's ok. I received a little validation a few months later in a Key West restaurant when I was introduced to a couple of tourists from Ontario.  I mentioned my sphere sighting to them  and they were not at all surprised....they explained that the newspapers reported many sightings in and around Ontario during that particular month.   I just smiled.
My deepest thanks to Joe for a wonderful report and for retelling his experience in an audio report. Joe also granted permission to use his full name. Joe and I both would love to hear from anyone from Ontario who may have been in and around this area in August of 1977 who may have witnessed this event. Please contact Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research at:
New London, New Hampshire 6 Orbs In Tight Inverted L Formation
Date:  Nov-Oct 1990-1993?
Time:  Around 7:30 p.m.
Objects: White round like incandescent light bulb color number: Six per formation of inverted L shape.
Duration of sighting: 3-5 minutes.
Number of witnesses: 2
Short descript:  6 orbs  in tight inverted L formation reshuffled positions (maintaining original formation) then shot off.
Weather: clear.
I have a sighting actually that happened to me back in the 90s. I live in New London, New Hampshire USA. I am 34 years old an I work at a high tech GIS company. I had kept quiet about it for a long time. I did file a report of this to NUFORC last year and they never contacted me back. I also contacted MUFON here in New Hampshire and nobody ever contacted me back either. Perhaps because so much time had passed from when I had the sighting.
The exact year I do not remember. I do remember that there was mysterious crash of an unidentified object into a mountain nearby Mt. Kearsarge in Warner, NH (the Winslow State Forest) The sighting that I had happened roughly a week after this. They had Civil Air patrol search the whole mountain for any crashed plane but nothing was ever found. It was mid November I think. I live about 8 miles from that mountain. I believe the person who saw the white ball of light go into the mountain was a clergyman from a local church. I would probably need to go to the library and look at microfilms of local papers to find the articles.
The time is sketchy ('90- '92 maybe) but I will never forget what I saw. Now let me get into that. It was probably about 7:30pm or so definitely after dark. I was on the phone with my brother who at the time was going to University of Connecticut. We have a big bay window looking south and I noticed some lights at first that I thought were stars but they were moving through the trees and they were in a funny tight formation.
There where two formations, at what I best can describe as inverted italicized letter Ls., with the short part of the L pointing to the left side. The objects were roughly the size of dimes just for distance perceptions sake (not sure how far away they were but the angle was as such you were looking straight ahead). There were 6 per grouping. They were across a field just above some trees (maples) and they were luminous as if you were looking down at the top of a light bulb that color and luminosity.
They seemed to just drift (from W to E) until they pulled an unbelievable 'reshuffling' maneuver. Shortly before they did this they came to a stop, where the two that comprised the short L changed position with two in the "stem" section. Then seconds after they did this the formations, they shot off almost in a blink of an eye. I was able to go get my mother when I had first noticed these things, and she had just seen them right when they were doing this reshuffling and then shot off.  It was intriguing to me because whatever these things were  they were going in the direction of Mt Kearsarge. Now this whole event happened in about 3-5 minutes.
We do have some airports around (Lebabon, Concord, Manchester, Springfield VT) and one Air Guard unit in Burlington VT at their airport. But they mainly flew F-15s and A-10s that are extremely noisy and fly near 1,000ft in pairs of only two and only during the daylight hours . None that I can tell can pull off maneuvers like these things did.
I have no cause to make this stuff up and I've only sort of put this on the 'back burner' because it appears me and my mother are the only ones to have caught sight of these things. Which is disappointing to me.
When I saw the "Phoenix Lights" sightings on a TV program about UFOs, I thought to myself in a way that's sort of what I saw a few years before them in smaller grouping, although they didn't exhibit motion and speed of flares. They looked like big light bulbs
Sorry to ramble like this but it is something that has always nagged me in the back of my mind. From the radio program you sounded like someone that would be very interested in hearing this. It has just bugged me for years.
 If you want to contact me regarding this (and if you could let me know if anyone has seen anything similar to this anywhere else or in New England even better) that would be great. Please only through e-mail: (removed). I wish I had kept better detail of when it happened. But my mind is clear on what I saw. You never forget something like this.
It's just amazing nobody else saw what I did. I was expecting the next day it happened people to be talking about it at least or maybe there would be a newspaper story.
Thank you so much for your time.
Thank you very much to the witness for the excellent report.
Phoenix, Arizona Two Bright Orange Triangular Shaped Objects
Date:  July, 1998
Time:  7:00 a.m.
Number of witnesses: 6
Number of objects: 2
Shape of objects: Triangular
Full Description of event/sighting: I remember that it was in the summer and we had gone to Phoenix to stay for awhile. We had arrived with some family friends to stay and we were heading back home which was Houston back in that time. We were going to the bus terminal in the car of our friends because we had traveled by bus when all of a sudden my mom says, "Look guys! What's that?
All the pair of eyes snapped where she was pointing which was almost right in front of us and we saw two bright orange triangle shaped objects zigzagging toward the sun. It was as though the normal color of them was silver but reflected the light off of the sun making it look like an orange metallic color object. The strange part was that they were in one place and then in another moment they weren't there to only reappear in a different place. This happened in a zig-zagging movement and they were like an obtuse triangular objects, one side longer then the other, and lights sparkled around them. It almost looked like they were racing each other because one would follow another closely behind, only that they would disappear and reappear but in the same position as before and nearer to the sun. This happened for about half a minute.
Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.
Tel Aviv, Israel One To Four Strange Unusual Lights
Date:  July 6, 2004
Time:  21:55
Shape: Light
Duration:45 min
One to four strange unusual lights appear then dim, disappear, and reappear over Jaffa/Tel Aviv, Israel.
Shortly before 22:00 my spouse and I were on patio, 12 stories above street. I noticed two lights about 2000 feet above Jaffa Port, which is located 3 miles south of us. At first we assumed it was helicopters, but the light had pink and blue pale color,did not move, and dimmed before disappearing! One light at 12 o'clock the other at 6 o'clock position, moved very slowly to a 1 and 7 o'clock position, got dimmer and disappeared and immediately one appeared hundreds of feet above where the first two were. Over time that light dimmed and another two appeared, one of those dimmed and disappeared
then the second disappeared. No lights observed for a few minuets, then two appeared and moved very slowly to the east and behind a neighboring tall building, and view obstructed. It was about 22:40.
During this episode of 45 min, a small four passenger plane flew past our location,on the coast heading south toward Jaffa,where lights would be visible to pilot. During this episode there also were a total of two commercial airline planes that descended from the west,that is from over the Mediterranean Sea to approach Tel Aviv airports.
This sighting, was not helicopters, which do travel north and south along coast daily due to events in Gaza.
No photos taken, second observer, my spouse, went to bed, and I did not want to miss any changes in lights. I never thought it would last for 45 minuets. We had moved here recently, and our household goods had not arrived, so we
had no Camcorder or such devices for photos to record this fascinating nighttime event!
Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.
The Vike Report - A Movie - A Linda Moore Production
Linda Moore At Rogue Sightings made a 10 minute movie entitled "The Vike Report" which is a movie of some of the sighting reports I have covered over the past 2 - 3 years.
Linda has made a remarkable presentation of these reports. I do suggest you watching this movie. Also please do take the time to drop by Linda's website, which can be reached at the above link. (Rogue Sightings)
I would like to thank Linda very much for the beautiful gift in which is meant for all of us to enjoy.
Brian Vike - HBCC UFO Research
The Vike Report Movie - A Linda Moore Production
The Movie can be view at:
Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico Object Near Jet Airliner
Date:  N/A
Time:  N/A
Hi Brian, How have you been doing? I'm going to send you two clear examples of objects who are flying near to the airplanes. I just only see one object in the second photo but it was flying very fast, the first photo I didn't see the object but it appeared, the day was cloudy. The photos were taken with a Kodak Easy Share DX4530 digital camera in auto mode, near to the airport of Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico. Thanks.
Photos can be viewed at:
Thank you to Oscar Franco and the photos are © 2006 Oscar Franco.
Regents Park, Brisbane Australia Amazing Lighting Storm & Unknown Objects
Date:  December 28, 2005
Time:  9.30 p.m.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 2
Shape of objects: Round I think ?
Full Description of event/sighting: I love to film storms and this night we had two guest come to visit us from Melbourne. I got my video camera to film the lightning, as I love to get still shots and print them out.
I also send video footage to channel ten news when it is a good storm, so far I have sent one and they gave it the headline as it was an amazing lighting strike that struck 5 times in one spot and real close and bigger and fatter than I have ever seen.
I am so fascinated by them!!  But this night I was busy socializing while filming so I wasn't exactly paying much attention, just filming while chatting. my guest however thought the show was great as they have never seen lightning strike like that before.
When I played it back  a week or so ago I noticed two black objects traveling upwards in a straight line and then one went to the right. Now we have a flight path behind us, but these were not traveling like planes, plus the storm was real bad and striking every second or so, so a plane I think would not travel that close to a huge lightning bolt. I have heard that UFO's  like lightning because of the electric power that comes from them and how they hang around storms but, I have never been interested in them so I never went looking for them and that's when it happened.
I have the still shots but unfortunately we have taped over the video footage as we went on holidays and needed the tape plus I didn't think it was important but now after talking to friends when showed them the photos they said it could be a UFO and I should have never have taped over it, but hey I wasn't that interested until now.
I will continue to video electric storms and if I see any I will keep the footage and send it in.
If you would like the photos I will send them to you. The only thing I did to them was change them from bmp to jpg as to be able to send them via internet in a smaller format as you know bmp are larger files and jpegs are smaller.
Hope you can tell me what they are. Thank you.
To view photos:
Thank you to Donna for sending in her report and photos. Photos are © 2006 Donna
Newburgh, Indiana
Silver Triangular Shaped UFO
Date:  Early January 2006
Time:  Approx: 10:30 a.m.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Triangular
Full Description of event/sighting: I have seen that type of UFO that was just recently seen in  Sonora, California. It was the drawing that caught my attention, not the actual photos. It was a sunny day with a few clouds in the sky. I saw a bird on top of a telephone poll (I was in a rural area.) and I looked at it in my binoculars (7x35). As I was watching the bird I saw a flash in the sky above the bird. It was silver and triangular and angular, It was beautiful. And it was hauling butt. It was at mid height in the sky and seemed to be turning and climbing in a southern direction coming from the east. I lost it in the sun. It only lasted about 10 seconds. No contrails, no noise no wings. If I hadn't looked at that bird I would have never noticed it. It's size in my lens was about a third of the size of a dime. This was no jet. Like I wrote, it looked very much like the sketch of the mysterious object in Sonora, California.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
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