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Release Date: February 12, 2006
Cachuma Lake, California Dual Triangular "Kite" Ship
Date: Summer of 1969
Time: Mid-day
Hey HBCC, After reading the "Richmond Hill, Ontario Two Triangles Side By Side" I felt compelled by the witness to help.
Cachuma Lake, California 1969. I, with two other people, saw a dual triangle "kite" ship too. It was mid-day in the summer of 1969. I was 13. Our families were camping together and the three of us rented a boat. In the middle of the lake we all looked up to see the same thing. It looked like a light grey bow tie. At first we thought it was a kite because of how slowly it moved but it was too big and one side moved strangely. I thought one of the triangles might be a projection. It was weaving in and out of the high clouds slower and bigger than a plane. We stopped our engine and it made no sound at all. Our parents remembered how scared we were came back to tell them. Hope that helps.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
East Of Peterborough, Ontario Former News Director Has An Incredible Experience
Date: July or August of 1969
Time: Approx: 10:00 p.m.
HBCC UFO Research Note: I thought I would add a quick note here. The gentleman mentions in his letter to me that he was a former news director of CFBV/LD radio in Smithers. The radio station in Smithers is a 45 minute drive from me heading west, and Smithers is located in British Columbia, Canada. I also do short spots on the radio station the man is talking about, giving local updates on UFO sightings for out entire area.
Message: Hi Brian. Nice to meet you. First off, I'm a former news director of CFBV/LD radio in Smithers. Additionally, I worked at Endako mines for a few years in the '70's. As you can imagine, I'm quite familiar with Houston, having lived and 'played' in Fraser Lake, Endako, Burns Lake, Telkwa and Smithers for many years in the late 70's and early 80's. Heck, I met my first wife at an Ian Tamblyn concert in '81 at the Endako Community hall!! I live in Peterborough County, Ontario. Ironically, yesterday, I received a post card from an old buddy who's currently vacationing in Australia, he lives in Quick. Remember the Christmas flood of the community of Quick back in '83? Here is my story.
I was born and raised on a 100 acre farm 20 miles east of Peterborough, Ontario. The incident took place in July or August of 1969 when I was sixteen. I was alone in my family's farmhouse located 75 feet from a gravel township road. At that time we had a border collie mutt named Chief who was an extremely good guard dog, vicious would be an appropriate description. My father passed away the previous February and Chief had become even more nasty. Lots of people driving on the property would remain in their vehicle until one of us appeared in the driveway to rescue them from the snapping dog.
It was approximately ten o'clock in the evening and I was sitting in the living room watching TV with the overhead light on. I noticed a light shining through the closed white drapes covering the south window. I thought, "That's odd. The light's on, if the light was off I could easily see the light's of a vehicle passing the farmhouse, but the light's on??!! And I can't hear a car." I exited the living room and entered the kitchen. I looked out the aluminum screen door on the south side of the kitchen and saw a light on the other side of some poplar trees growing about 150 yards from the house on the other side of the road. The light was white and about the size of your thumbnail.
Now this is where it gets interesting. Chief was standing just outside of the screen door, with his butt against the aluminum. He was making the most peculiar, extremely low, guttural growl and every piece of fur on his body was standing straight out, as though he'd been electrocuted. I'd never heard him make such an odd sound. He was scared witless. Normally he'd rush across the yard barking and growling at the human, the squirrel, the skunk etc. Not this night. The light was moving west to east and the dog's nose followed the light precisely. Whatever was moving in the sky was definitely the cause for Chief's abject terror.
I couldn't open the door to investigate as the dog's rear end was 'bunched' against the door. I yelled at the dog to get out of the way. He wouldn't move. He was frozen. Finally, after a few seconds of admonishing the dog, I forced the door open which pushed Chief out of the way. His nose never wavered from observing the moving light. I walked across the yard towards the road and the light which was still slowly moving west/east. It would occasionally disappear behind a poplar and then reappear a second later. There was no sound. I guesstimated the object to be 150 to 200 yards away. Chief, the nasty guard dog, never left the cement patio on the front of the house, but he continued to observe the thing and kept growling in that most peculiar manner.
Then I realized something very odd. By this time I was standing on the road. Not only was the flying object making no sound, but there were no cricket, tree frog or katydid sounds as well. Brian, what in heaven's name has the ability to silence the amphibians and insects of the forest? I felt a very palpable and rising sense of terror.
I lived in that farmhouse for 18 years. At no time did any of my family members nor I ever 'get the gun' because we were frightened of something. It never happened, well, just once. I ran across the yard, past the dog who was still frozen by the front door and into the woodshed. I grabbed the single shot 22 rifle and the shells. I was so frightened, even today, I can recall my right hand shaking as I fumbled to put a shell in the gun. I can clearly remember thinking, "This is the stupidest thing I've ever done! What good is this 'pop gun' going to do for me against that 'thing' out there across the road? I might as well throw a chunk of gravel against the object."
The next thing I remember I was seated on the couch in the living room with the loaded 22 across my lap. The light was still illuminated and the TV was on. I was calm, cool and collected. My heart rate was normal. The flying object was now located to the east of the house, out over the barnyard and for the next ten to fifteen minutes I kept looking over my shoulder through the south window at the light in the sky. I could barely make out a ring as though the light was the 'diamond' on the edge of the ring. A couple of minutes into this session, the light changed from solid white to a blinking red light. It became smaller and smaller and blinked faster and faster. From my perspective, it appeared that the object shot out into space. At no time was I worried or concerned about the UFO in the barnyard. I had a lackadaisical attitude towards it and I thought, "Big deal, it's just a UFO, why worry about it?" as I watched TV and occasionally turned to look at it out the south living room window.
I want to make something perfectly clear, Brian: the next part of my story is a dream. This did not happen. For all of my adult life I can clearly remember the dream. In my dream, I was standing in the woodshed at my family's old farmhouse, in the night, with the woodshed overhead bulb on and I'm loading the 22. White light suddenly comes through the two windows located on the south and west sides of the woodshed. White light comes from under the woodshed doors from the outside. That's the end of the dream.
Here's the next peculiar part of the story and I have no idea whether it's connected to the UFO incident. I was not suicidal in the summer of '69, I have not been suicidal at any time in my adult life, nor am I suicidal today. I do not suffer from depression. I feel fine, thanks! A few days after seeing the object, I was home alone and cutting the backyard grass. Suddenly, with no previous suicidal thoughts, I decided to shut off the mower, go to the woodshed, load the 22 and kill myself. I exited the woodshed, with the loaded gun, walked through the house, sat in precisely the same spot on the couch as that night of the UFO visit, with the loaded 22 across my lap. My intention was to shoot myself. Fortunately, after about 30 seconds of contemplation I came to my senses. I thought, "What the heck am I doing? I'm not suicidal! Get that damn shell out of the gun! Put the gun away! This is ridiculous!" I unloaded the rifle and returned it to the woodshed.
Brian, I have some you might well imagine.
1) What was that thing flying through the sky, with no sound, in the summer of '69?
2) What has the ability to silence the critters of the forest?
3) Why was my vicious guard dog reduced to a quivering mass of terror?
4) We have all been terrified. There are certain physiological responses to fear. Increased heart rate, adrenalin pumping through your veins, shaking hands, cold sweats etc. etc. How did I retreat from all of those normal responses and return to 'calm, cool and collected' without a calming down period? (by the way, I had no sense of time loss during or after the incident)
5) Is my dream of loading the gun and seeing white light a dream? Or did it actually happen?
6) What was the reason for my suicidal thoughts and actions which occurred out of nowhere a few days after the incident? (I repeat: I'm not suicidal, nor was I when I was sixteen.)
7) During the absurd suicide event, why did I walk to the exact same spot as I ended up after I saw the UFO with the loaded gun across my lap?
I guess I'll never have the answers to those questions. By the way, Brian, I cannot be hypnotized. Just to satisfy my curiosity, I wish I could be hypnotized, to possibly further explore the events of that night so long ago, but I'm one of those people who are not open to hypnotic suggestion. Thanks for your time and keep up the good work documenting the observations of peculiar events of people from around the world. No, I'm not a hoaxer!! Go ahead, use my name if you wish. I truly don't care what other people think. The above mentioned events really did occur. Art
Thank you to Art for the extremely interesting report. I will be contacting Art over this experieince, also I would like to add Art gave me the OK to use his name.
Bells Corners, Ontario Unusual Lights Formed A Perfect Square
Date: Around 1992
Time: Evening
Hello Brian,
I found your website during a google search of UFO sightings. I have a story I would like you to hear. I am searching for information regarding this incident or others like it. I figure there must have been reports, other people must have seen this. The main problem I have is nailing down a time and date for when it happened. I know I was about seventeen years old and it was a mild evening, summer or maybe fall or spring. I had it marked on a calendar a long time ago and the information is since lost. My parents no longer remember the date either, but they vividly remember the incident.
It was a mild evening as we were driving towards the Bayshore shopping mall from my Ontario home in a place called Bells Corners. My parents were giving me a ride to the Britannia movie theatre where I was to meet up with friends. Driving down Richmond road before reaching the Queensway Freeway - strange lights appeared to the northwest. At first they appeared to be tower lights, like many of the radio and communication towers that spread across the countryside of Ontario. However these lights were very bright and not red as the tower lights usually are. These lights were new. Not standing in a place we were accustomed to. Not connected by metal beams reaching skyward. Their luminescence shone brightly against the fading orange-purple and then deep blue of the sunset. My father was driving the vehicle and my mother was in the front passenger side, and I was in the back. My mother and I were captivated by the lights. We watched as they stood still like new tower lights, wondering what new structures were installed in the country side. They formed a perfect square. They then began to move in Geometric patterns. The four lights switched positions and moved around each other with great speed and precise unison. We were all stunned by this unusual display. My father had pulled over to the side of the road so he could observe them. The lights changed and exchanged positions, one of them had entirely disappeared before our eyes and instantly reappeared far above the others. One fell downward while the other three moved upwards at great speed and disappeared out of sight. They were gone. We were parked at the side of Richmond road south of Silver Spring Farms.
I did make a report of this sighting within days of the experience. I had contacted the local newspaper, the Ottawa Citizen. The newspaper said there have been no other reports. I know others must have seen this, hundreds of people heading westbound on the Queensway would have had this display in plain view. Also, unusual aircraft activity was seen in the area days afterwards, witnessed this time by many people. They appeared to be Military.
Please, if you have any information on similar sightings, I have been searching for information regarding this for a long time.
Thank you to the witness for the very interesting report.
Northwood Middlesex, UK - A Visit From The Ministry Of Defence and Police
HBCC UFO Research Note: When reading this report, and viewing the photos I would really like to request that if anyone may have witnessed the same object in 2004/2005, I would certainly like to hear from you with the information/report, etc. This is an unusual case due to the authorities coming to visit this gentleman and taking his camera and film. This, as far as I know doesn't happen all that often, so in my mind the authorities certainly did not want this information/photos to be in the spotlight, and of course makes me wonder why. Why would the authorities be concerned enough to keep the witnesses photos, so what is this object that was filmed ? Also before I get asked, as I usually do, I won't be giving out this witnesses personal information. In other words this person will remain completely anonymous ! The witness also shared something's as well with me which I won't be posting in this report.
Hello Brian, Sometime ago I wrote to you (maybe a year or so) with regard to an aerial object seen, witnessed and photographed by me and a friend from his apartment complex balcony.
I promised you the pictures after I described the events to you and what we had witnessed, but before I had chance to send them, I had a visit from The Ministry Of Defence and Police who removed my camera and images.
The afternoon we had seen the object I telephoned the local Police to see if they had seen it, or if anyone else had witnessed the object because it was so clearly visible for such a long period of time, they said they had not, but would pass the information I gave onto the relevant authorities, within hours my camera had been taken, only to be returned 11 months later with no pictures.
I have 2 images of the object that I have obtained as several copies were made prior to the camera being confiscated. These are the only pictures as I know now available, would you like them? They are 1.5meg each and show the object if you zoom in.
The object was a long black cylindrical craft that was intelligently controlled and reflected the sun like a mirror. Myself and my friend estimate the object was around 30-40 foot long and about 6-9 feet across.
It was a lovely summers day when we saw the object and were sitting out on the balcony having a beer and soaking up some rays when we noticed the object. It flew very slowly right over head and we could clearly see it for over an hour. The object had a 'dome' in the middle, at the bottom only really visible when it was at certain angles, the object could move almost instantly forwards and stand still, rotate then gently, move again, then stop etc. Very strange looking movements.
My friends location is north west of London, midway between RAF Warrior NATO base at Northwood Middlesex and RAF Stanmore in Middlesex.
If you would like any additional info and the pictures I have been able to recover, please reply to me. Best regards.
Additional Information:
Hi Brian,
Thank you for a timely reply,
I will include the pictures in separate emails as my ISP has download restrictions. I have two pictures for you, these are the only remaining pictures, my 'friend' who I retrieved them from had actually re-formatted his hard drive and sold it on Ebay, he is still worried about even having had them in his possession. I was given the pictures on a CD that had been buried in local woods.
The first picture I will send twice, one original and one with a ring circling the craft, as it is very small, the other picture is also original and shows the craft at a different angle, in the same area of the photograph.
The pictures were taken on my friends digital camera, it was an early generation camera and had almost no zoom, if we had a zoom lens the pictures would have been far better. We were unable to view the craft through the viewfinder on the camera so it was 'point & click', you will need to zoom into the picture to see the craft better.
I would like to extend my thanks to the witness for the report and photos. Photos are © 2006 ATS
Also thank you to James Neff for doing the enhancements.
To view the photos:
Looking From Wellfleet, Massachusetts A Bright Light Stationary
Date: January 25, 2006
Time: 10:15 p.m.
HBCC UFO Research Note: The name of the witness in this report has been changed by HBCC UFO Research.
Attached hereon is correspondence I had with my art teacher regarding a UFO like light he saw in the western sky looking from Wellfleet, Massachusetts (Cape Cod) During the week of January 25th 2006.
Mr. Fry claims to have been out walking his dog on Great Island at about 10:15 PM, when he observed a bright light standing still in the sky. A row of trees was between him and the light which kept 'going on and off' behind tree branches as he moved along a path to get a better view of it. When he got clear of the tree line the light had gone.
My immediate impression of Mr. Fry sighting was that it was an aircraft or perhaps the Coast Guard helicopter or Falcon either on a mission near Plymouth, Massachusetts or on base leg prior to turning on final. I used to see phenomenon such as that in Oklahoma City with airliners approaching Will Rogers Airport from the west. They would fly straight toward my position for five minutes before making a right turn onto final about seven miles away. While the aircraft flew towards me their landing light would appear to be hovering motionless. However it is about 30 miles across Cape Cod Bay from where Mr. Fry made his sighting. The only airports I know of would be Otis Air Force Base to Mr. Fry's left or 45 degrees southwest and Boston's Logan to Mr. Fry's right or 45 degrees northwest. Both locale's more than 40 miles distant.
I live about 15 miles south of Mr. Fry's vantage point. Been a resident of Cape Cod since 1987. Lived in this town for more than four years and although I've watched a lot of high flying aircraft going to-and-from Europe I never seen or heard of anything such as Mr. Fry described over Cape Cod Bay
So far Mr. Fry is the only person I know of that seen it.
Below is a short note from the eyewitness to the gentleman who related this report you read above.
Hi, The light that I saw in the sky was above the western horizon about 20 degrees. I was an avid student of astronomy and even made my own telescope. I know where Saturn was at that time of the evening around the 25th of January. Saturn was located on the eastern portion of the sky approaching the meridian and was a faint yellow color. I know it well. As I was facing west, Saturn was at my back. The light that I saw was many times brighter than Saturn. It was like an automobile light coming at you and about two blocks away. It was an interesting phenomenon and I have no idea what it could have been.
Thank you to both fellows for this report.
Between Bruderheim & Lamont, Alberta Ball Of White Light Lit Up The Sky
Date: February 6, 2006
Time: Approx: 5:45 p.m.
Hi Brian, Hope all is going well. Thought I'd drop an email to report what I heard was a strange occurrence 02/06/2006 at about 5:45 AM. My friend (guy who I sent in the last report of the white UFO that zipped by the Edmonton City Centre airport), his brother told us that Monday morning on his way to work at about 5:45 AM on highway 15 between Bruderheim and Lamont Alberta he witnessed what he describes as the weirdest thing he's ever experienced. He said he was driving with a co-worker who was half asleep and not paying attention when all of a sudden the whole sky lit up and right in front of him about a kilometer away a ball of white light descended from the sky and seemed to crash right into the earth but there was no crash site or impact. Witness said total time of event last like 3 seconds. He also mentioned that when he got to work others were also talking about this strange thing that lit up the whole sky. And as per him most don't think it was a meteorite and neither does he.
Thank you to the person for relating the sighting.
Scarborough, Ontario Unknown White Object
Date: February 9, 2006
Time: 3:15 p.m.
I have a sighting to report to you, that happened at work in Scarborough, Thursday, Feb. 9, 2006 at about 3:15pm. I was looking west towards Toronto. I first must tell you in observation, that most of that week, we had sunny clear skies, with very little cloud. Some miles south and north of our position, was very cloudy", and snow quells were happening. We were the donut of clear skies that week, which seemed weird and with good heat from the sun. You could even take off you coat (12:00-3:00pm). The blue sky conditions helped to identify this round white object moving straight, from the north to south. I would say the altitude would be about 2,000-3000 feet and maintaining. I watched it from the "sun's blind spot", with the aid of my hand, as the "Blocker". I watched it moving at the speed of about 200-300 Mph. I witnessed this for about 10-15 seconds, as it must have covered about one mile across the sky, while on a straight flight path. As the object reached further south, I could no longer see it with the naked eye and as it faded from vision. Sorry, as I could not snap a picture of this one, as it was only a 10 second window. Other folks have to see these, if they look up and block the sun. This technique works in my observations to view" unknowns". Have a nice day.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
North Surrey British Columbia A Round Golden Object
Date: February 10, 2006
Time: 10:20 p.m.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Round.
Full Description of event/sighting: Hi Brian, was watching Olympic Opening with wife and got bored. Was just casually looking out the window and observed a round golden object passing overhead from south to north. Object appeared to be about the same apparent size as the Space Station. May possibly have been a fireball as it was to slow to be a meteorite and much to fast to have been a plane. I'm not to sure about the fireball idea though, as it did not appear to be bright enough. Object appeared to be more a self glowing luminous object rather than a burning rock. It was in sight for several seconds as I had time to look and around and locate my binoculars before it faded out. I lost it just as I aimed the binoculars, did see one of those multi coloured stars right were the object faded out but don't think they were connected in any way. There appears to be a thin layer of clouds north of the mountains so it may have been covered by them. I think if you had been outside you would have seen it pass over your place.
I've seen numerous strange lights for the past several weeks over by Burke Mountain. and different areas of the sky but unable to identify the source. Five days ago at approx: 03:05 I couldn't sleep and was sitting watching all the action taking place outside from the gale force winds we've been having. I observed two large pale white oval shaped lights flash across the sky. Objects appeared to be chasing each other and passed over Burnaby Mountain. heading east at approx:. 5000 ft. Estimated speed approx:. 2000 mph. Objects passed behind a layer of clouds hanging over the Heritage Mountain area. They looked like search light beams playing on the clouds with out the beams. Saw something weird either the day before or day after, I should write things down but am lazy. Anyway something passed right over the bldg. heading in a northerly direction. Don't remember the time but believe it was before midnight. I at first assumed it was the police helicopter because of the lighting even though I did not hear any noise from it and could not see a fuselage to go with the lights.
Funny thing was the further away it got the wider apart the lights got as if the thing was expanding like a balloon. It disappeared in the clouds over Coquitlam. Approx:. a minute later two small planes flew over following the same flight path as the first object. Both planes easily seen and heard, both flying very low, I'm guessing well below 1000 ft. both disappeared in the clouds over Coquitlam. I got the impression they were in hot pursuit of what ever it was. Seconds later the police chopper passed over head. Same flight path. I really noticed the difference in size when the police unit got over to where the first object vanished. Although the lighting appeared similar. The police chopper was plainly visible but appeared to be only about 1/10 the size. I don't know if the police unit had anything to do with the first object or the two planes as it turned east and went over by the Port Mann bridge where it did a couple of orbits with its search light on before heading back this way. Approx: 1000 ft. north of here they suddenly shone their search light right on me, so I waved to them and they turned it off again.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
Quesnel, British Columbia 8 Very Unusual Lights
Date: February 11, 2006
Time: 1:40 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.
Location of Sighting: In the skies in front of my house.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 8
Shape of objects: Looked like stars but with flashing lights (red, blue, yellow, green).
Full Description of event/sighting: I was doing work in one of my spare rooms when I came out into the living room and glanced out the front window. I have an awesome view of the sky. I spotted what I thought was a very bright star and upon closer inspection, I noticed that it had different colored flashing lights. I watched it for a while and the angles it moved in I knew there was no way it was from this earth. I even went and stood outside for about 15 minutes. Then when I started looking around the skies I noticed 7 more. They seemed to have formed some kind of a scanning grid and they all seemed to have their own areas. I then grabbed the binoculars and I couldn't see the shape, but the flashing lights were very clear. Then the first one I saw was the closest and brightest and for a while it seemed to be coming towards my house, so I thought they'd seen me, so I turned off all the lights in the house and closed the curtains and left a two foot wide opening.
That one went down into the trees by a house, which is just across the field from my place, there's a ranch there. I watched them until about 5:00am then decided to lay down on the couch for a while. When I woke up it was daylight anyway. This really got me going. I now have a telescope ready, and if they ever come back and get close enough I'll try and take some pictures this time. I was just too shocked and surprised to think clearly last night. Blackwater road is a logging road and there were truckers coming and going. I was sure there was no way they could miss it. I wasn't sure who I should report this to. So here I am. I'm hoping they'll come back soon. I'm more ready for them now.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
Roseville, California Five Spheres
Date: 2/8-2/9-2/10-2/11 ( February 2006)
Time: Varies
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 5 total.
Shape of objects: Spheres.
Full Description of event/sighting: In an amazing juxtaposition of events, not only have I seen five UFOs over the past four days, but now 2 photos appeared just today which basically show 2 of the 3 types of UFOs I have seen. Both were posted today on Rense ( the other 'type' seems to be a star-like sphere which moves slowly but erratically across the sky).
I was reclining in the backyard on a chaise lounge. My cat jumped up on my chest as it usually does when I do this. I closed my eyes for a bit, then the cat started to get too close to my face, so I picked it up to put it on the ground.
That's when I noticed a black sphere-shaped object simply hanging in the air above me.
It took me a while to figure out what I was looking at. I couldn't figure out why the object was simply suspended in the air. It was about the size of Venus, or a little smaller, maybe Mars. I knew it wasn't an airplane for sure, as it was simply stuck in the air. It wasn't moving, except possibly slightly turning to reveal a red area on a different side of the sphere. This could have been a red flashing light, I don't know for sure.
I kept looking at the object to figure out what it was. I knew it wasn't a helicopter - for one thing, I could clearly see it was a sphere, and not elongated at all. For another, there was no noise, and we have helicopters fly over the house almost every day, so I know what a helicopter looks and sounds like. And I think that a helicopter couldn't be that high anyway. I mean if it was a helicopter, it would have to be very, very high to be the size of Venus and anyway, like I said, there was no movement of any kind, which means no props or blades.
I thought perhaps it could be a balloon, but as I said, it was stuck in the air. In other words, it didn't move at all, except possibly to gently turn over, but as I said, this could have been a red flashing light. If it was turning over, then it did it very, very gently--in other words, there was no bobbing, jerking, jiggling, or erratic movement of any kind. It just hung there.
Very weird. I finally realized I was very likely looking at a UFO, and I was excited. I went to get a digital camera, but either the memory card or whatever it is was full, or the camera didn't work. I think I got one picture, but when I tried to download it to my computer, the computer wouldn't take it. Anyway, I couldn't see the object in the viewfinder, so I just pointed it as best I could and took the picture. It is exposure 90, but the computer would only go to 89. I still have it, but I don't know if I was able to point at the object.
I called my mom out to look, but she couldn't see it. It was only about the size of Venus or Mars, and the sky was still fairly bright. That was a bit frustrating. I kept pointing, but she didn't see it.
It was there for only about 3 minutes. I wish I could have taken a picture, but I didn't want to go looking for another camera and lose the object. I kept looking at it, and then finally it just -- disappeared, which I know sounds weird, but that's what happened. Poof. Gone. I guess it could have sped off so fast I didn't see it.
The next day, I told someone at work about it, and he got excited and kept asking me about it, and said his mom told him a similar thing, but I think that was in Phoenix. Anyway, later that day I saw a white sphere, about the size of an average
star, and it was gently moving thru the air. It was kind of erratic. I guess that could have been a balloon, because it wasn't moving very fast and was just meandering thru the sky, but the next say something happened which made me think twice.
On Friday, after work, I went outside to see if it was there again, and after scanning the sky, decided to lay back down to duplicate my actions two days before.
My mom came out to ask if I was looking for the object, and about a minute later, a very, very fast star-like object flew right above my head ( I mean it was way, way up there, but you know what I mean) in the direction I was reclining ( it started
at my head and moved in the direction of my feet) and then started 'bouncing' or zig-zagging...those aren't really the words, because I couldn't see the object actually do those things, I just saw it in one place and then in another and then another - like that- then it straightened out and then another object about 2 seconds behind it did very similar things--I know this sounds crazy but it was almost as if they were confirming that they were UFOs and nothing else. I mean this was three days in a row--if the previous day's sighting was a craft of some kind and not just a balloon.
Come to think of it I see the slow meandering kind quite a bit--maybe every month, so those could be balloons I guess. I have never seen a big balloon like those would be but I have heard about weather balloons. Are those really big, completely
round and white?
But there is no way that those fast-moving objects were balloons, jets, meteors or rockets or anything 'conventional'. For one thing, all those things, except for the balloon of course leave trails of some kind, and these didn't--except for...well it seems like the air around them was kind of - I don't know, kind of hazy, almost as though they were on a road in the sky. And it took only about 5 seconds at the most to go from one point in the sky to the other where I couldn't see them
anymore. In other words, clear across the sky in 5 seconds or maybe less. I just thought of something. Take your arm and put it on the table. Point your hand to the ceiling. Now, take about five seconds to lower your hand to the table.
Remember that speed, go outside and do the same thing to the sky, and that's how fast the objects were going. Try to imagine a rocket going that fast. No way. I wonder how fast they were going. Thousands of MPH, is my guess.
I just thought of something else. When they were 'jumping' it was like what a flea does when it jumps. You can tell it jumped, but you can't see it actually in the air. That's exactly what it was like.
I almost didn't even make this report; it's not like anyone can really prove it. And I told someone I didn't know about it and she kind of looked at me like I was drunk or something. Which by the way, I wasn't. No alcohol, drugs, or mind-altering substances of any kind. And I wasn't dreaming, as my mom will verify.
But when I saw the two objects zoom by, compared with the slow moving object I saw the day before, I figured what the heck. Maybe someone else saw at least one of these things. And I saw where only about 1 in 7 people sees one, and I saw at least 3 or possibly 4 in three days, so I figured this was worth reporting.
Definitely the weirdest three days I have ever had. Oh, I wasn't scared at all. It was very cool.
Anyway, feel free to follow up if you think it will help.
After I submitted this report I saw yet another star-like slow moving object moving erratically across the sky.
It just stuns me that the day after I saw the 2 fast-moving UFOs I saw a picture which shows exactly what I saw, except the two I saw were in line, not side-by-side. But the glow and the movement describes perfectly what I saw.
Now the black object I saw was not cylindrical, to the best of my knowledge. But it was black. And since I saw from the bottom, I suppose it could have been cylindrical. It seemed round, though.
The other similarity was that it 'hung around' for a while (about 3 minutes from the time I first saw it), not like the other 2 objects which were gone in a matter of 5 seconds or less.
Have you ever gotten a report from someone who has seen so many UFOs in so short span of time?
This is an incredible experience, and I would like it to continue.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Vancouver, British Columbia Light Moving At An Angle
Date: February 11, 2006
Time: 0623 (a.m.)
Hi Brian, At 0623 this am (Sat) I got up and went to look out the window to see what the frost had been like. I noticed an exceedingly bright light through the trees across the street looking southeast. The object was low, maybe the equivalent of about five degrees above horizon, so it was showing through the tree branches. I didn't have glasses on, so went to get them as it was very bright without them. I watched it for about 30 minutes total.
I thought it might have been a star, but it was moving at an angle through the tree branches and it was too bright. Also, this thing dimmed so you could only see a greyish form and then brightened again. It did this five times during the first ten minutes of viewing it. I put on my contact lenses after about ten minutes because I wanted to see really clearly. It was moving southward through the tree and by 0700 it was high in the sky and looked like a star.
I know this was not a star because they are fixed... Also the dimming was not like anything I have ever seen any star do before. The object was large while low and the further/higher it got, the smaller it became until it looked like a star in the sky. It was not moving very fast, but I would think given the brightness and size it appeared at first sighting and how small it had become at last sighting just as dawn was breaking, that it in fact was moving faster than appeared.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
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