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Chatsworth, California Flashback After The Witnesses UFO Sighting
Hi Brian,
I'm going to try to explain the flashback, of what happened on 11/16/05. The day it happened, I only remembered a small part of the sighting. The flashback happened 1/05/06. I emailed you regarding the flashback, but was unable to talk about it. I'm still frightened over it. This is what I remember about that day. Hope it's the only thing that I'll remember.
The time was 2:30 p.m. I was up in my bedroom when I walked down stairs, and went out to my backyard. I walked straight ahead to the end of my patio and looked out to the East. My eyes immediately focused on a large white jet, I thought. After viewing this thing for a second I said that's no jet. This thing was as big as 2 or 3, 747 airliners put together. It had no engines, fuselage, lights, and was totally silent. So, as it got closer, I said I'm going to keep my eye on this thing until it passes over head, so I can get the entire view of what it looked like. But now, I remember after viewing it for another 3 or 4 seconds, I had a blackout or lost time.
I don't know how it was done, but I have to tell you this. I had no reason to go out to my backyard, it was as if I was made to do so.
Why this is so frightening to me, is because what I don't remember, in-between what I can remember.
What I remember after my blackout, after viewing this large white object. I had somehow walked, I guess, because I can't remember how I got 25 feet away from where I was standing, from where I was first viewing that white object. The next thing I remember I'm facing West, but my right hand is leaning on the corner of my house and I'm looking straight up.
I must tell you this, and the others who have experienced this same phenomenon. I felt as if I was in a stupor, like I was in a drug induced state, which made it hard for me to focus on what was going on at that time.
When I had flashbacked on this, this blew me away. As I looked up from the spot where now I was standing, I saw a copper colored object just hovering there. It was only about, maybe 3 or 4 hundred feet above me. I was trying to get as much detail as possible, but it seemed the flashback only allowed me to view it for about 2 seconds. I wish I could draw it for you ,but I draw like a young child in third grade.
I will try to give you as much detail as I can remember. At first, I thought it was a boomerang shape. This second object was alot more then that. The front was rounded like the front of a boomerang would be. But it had a large structure behind this rounded front. From my view as I was looking up at it, it had a large bottom almost kind of like a circular craft would of had. On each side of this craft, there where large cylinders, or tube like apparatuses that where attached to the body. I could see a little detail to the belly, but not much as it was engulfed in a burnt orange haze. Almost as if the air around it was affected somehow.
All of a sudden, somewhere from the right upper top of this craft, a bright flash of light appeared. It was very intense and white. When this flash occurred, it also emanated a yellow light that went in a downward angle that spread out over the top of this craft. Then I had another blackout.
The next thing I recalled, I was standing under this white "V" shaped craft that was over the trees. As I looked up at it I said to myself, your doing something I can tell. Again I tried to gather as much detail as possible, as my mind was very cloudy, and as I said before, I felt as if I was in a stupor. As I watched this white object, I could tell it was trying to mimic the sky. I could see in between the V shape that it was fading in and out. What ever it was doing I could tell you, that it had changed it's shape from the boomerang to this "V" shape. Some of the wing would become transparent and come back. Some part in the middle of the thing, I also could see the a part of the belly do the same thing. Then another blackout.
Now I'm standing there, looking up at this white boomerang object flying in a tight counter clock circle. This I reported to you in my audio. As I'm watching it, it seemed to go around, and around for what seemed a few minuets. Then blackout.
This really scares me. The next thing I remember, I'm viewing this white object flying away. It was flying in a S.W. direction over the S.W. valley. I watched it for about 3 or 4 more seconds before it climbed and disappeared into the sky.
What! you asked was so scary? The view that I had of this object flying off, was not from my backyard. I had an aerial view, as if I was maybe 5 thousand feet up, maybe more. I could see the whole valley below, and at some point, I was higher than the white craft, as it soared away into the blue sky. After it disappeared, I remembered saying to myself it's gone. The next thing I remember, I was standing in my backyard looking in the direction that the craft flew off to. I went into the house and didn't think about it, until that evening when my roommate came home and told her what I saw. But the version I told her, was the one I remembered, not the real story after I had my flashback.
I hope my story will help others, that have had this same kind of experience. It was a very frighten thing, because I had no control over my own free will. That was taken away from me that day.
Thank you to the person for the interesting and disturbing report.
Brunswick, Maryland Unusual Events
Date: Around 1967
Time: N/A
Message: Brian-I apologize for taking so long to send the following story. I've been meaning to send this sooner-but life and work has a way of keeping me too busy and occupied. I would like to tell you about some rather strange encounters I have had with alien entities many years ago as a youngster. The first one took place around 1967, when I was about 5 years old. I realize that this is rather young to have a reliable memory of what occurred, but the encounter made such an impression on me, that it is something I will never forget. I lived in Brunswick, MD - in a two story apartment, and was sitting at the bottom of the steps that led up to our dwelling-playing with a toy. I noticed a shadow in front of me, but could not figure out where it was coming from. But, when I looked up, I saw a dark figure hovering in the sky, getting closer and closer. It finally landed directly in front of me, and what a sight it was.
Standing before me was a tall, dark man with batwings, and large red glowing eyes. It picked me up from where I sat, and rose into the air. I looked down and could see the buildings and streets below us. I wasn't afraid of what was happening, at the time it happened I seemed to think it was fun to be flying in the air. We hovered above the town for some time, and one thing I remember is that the entity's wings did not flap like a bird would use them to fly-it seemed as if it just rose up by sheer willpower. After hovering for awhile, it descended back to the spot that it had found me, let go of me, and then rose back into the air, until it was finally out of my view.
Many years later, I saw something that looked very similar to what I had seen as a boy. I was now living in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, on the Appalachian Mountain. By then, I was about 15, and was riding the school bus home. The mountain I lived on had a very steep road, and the bus was moving at a slow pace. I was gazing out the window, when I saw what I first thought was a man sitting on a large branch of a tree. As the bus got closer, I saw that it was not a human, I was seeing-this figure had wings on its back. It was sitting on a horizontal branch, with its back against the trunk, and its legs resting on the branch. It was the size of a man, but was very dark in appearance, and as I mentioned, it had wings on its back, which were folded down behind it. I pointed it out to several people sitting next to me, and they saw it also, so I know I wasn't imagining what I saw.
The area I lived in had many strange happenings, most of which were told as ghost stories by the older residents. My grandmother often told me about how she had been walking home one night, and a wheel of fire appeared to follow her on the dark road, in a hollow close to my own house. Another story she told me was about the ghost midget that would often appear to people at night. She said that he stood about three foot tall, and would appear before people, then suddenly vanish before their eyes. She was not a UFO buff, so all the strange sightings that she had encountered or heard about was told as ghost sightings. But this seems to be the way alien encounters are explained by people who are not aware of UFO stories. Like the elves and dwarfs seen by people in Europe, and religious miracles and demons seen by the devout-each person interprets their encounter according to their own beliefs.
One other encounter that I thought may be of interest happened to me when I was 18. I was standing in my front yard, when I noticed a black helicopter flying overhead. It had no markings on it-but something about it caught my attention. Hanging from the bottom of the helicopter was a cow, which seemed to be attached to a rope! The helicopter flew to the top of the mountain ridge in front of my house, then appeared to lower itself down in the woods. I couldn't resist trying to discover what this sightings was all about, and immediately began hiking through the woods, towards the direction I had seen the craft land. Upon arriving in the general area, I came upon a large rock formation on the side of the mountain.
There was a large pit there, which was surrounded by huge boulders, and one boulder sat at its entrance, which was flat on its top, and looked like an altar. Sitting around the pit was a flock of big turkey buzzards, and when I attempted to walk close to the pit, they attacked me, flying at me, and chasing me into the woods. I hiked the Appalachian trail for awhile, still hoping to find the mysterious helicopter, when I soon got a strange feeling that something was following me. I turned around, and standing right behind me was a deer. I stood motionless-staring at this creature and wondering how it got so close to me without me even hearing it, when suddenly it leaped into the air. In midair, it turned into a wolf, and when it landed on the ground, it ran off into the woods. Needless to say, that was enough to satisfy my curiosity, and I left the area as fast as I could !
Harpers Ferry is a very haunted area, having alot of history involving the civil war, as well as Indian hunting grounds, although legend has it that none of the tribes ever settled in the area, they only used it for hunting, because it was a taboo area for them. It is also very close to South Mountain, the area that the Blair witch movie was based on-which is also a haunted area, having been used as the sight of witch coven meetings in the 1700's,as well as sightings of civil war ghosts, ghost lights (which I have seen with friends while camping there), the mothman creature sightings in the 1800's, and a large black creature known locally as the Snarley Yow. There have been many hikers found in this area hacked to pieces in their tents as well. All of these sightings were written about in a book titled "South Mountain Magic"-which was written back in the 1800's by a female author who lived in the South Mountain Inn.
Anyone interested in these subjects could easily find them with some research on the internet, or by interloan library books.
While living in this area, I encountered many strange things, such as cryptozoological animals (I once came upon a dead sea turtle in the middle of the woods)-strange lights, both in the woods, as well as hovering in the sky, ghost encounters, weird noises while camping in the woods, and many other things too numerous to write about at this time. It seems as if I am some kind of conduit for unusual and strange happenings-they seem to follow me around wherever life leads me.
Thanks for your time, and patience in receiving this message. I hope it was worth the wait !
Thank you to the person for this report.
Hemlington, Middlesbrough UK An Incredible UFO Sighting !!
Date: 1981
Time: 18.00 - 20.00
Number of witnesses: 5
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Circular.
Full Description of event/sighting: Walking home from the local chip shop down a main road with food, 3 of us (my mother, cousin and myself), the sky is filled with colorful cotton wool like clouds (multi colored), lightning and thunder is beginning to happen but there is no rain, it is the middle of a beautiful summer.
We arrive home and I cant take my eyes off the amazing sky, which all of us think is interesting, There are 5 of us (another cousin and grandma) sitting in the kitchen preparing the table for our food. Lightning and thunder seems to have stopped, I'm standing on a chair looking out of the window constantly for 10 or so minutes, when all of a sudden at the bottom of our street I see a ball of what I can only describe as solid light. It is not fire but is lit up, it has an external appearance of oil on water on its shell, which is moving in the same manner as well, but is colored red, yellow, gold, white, black, amber, pink, orange. It is the size of two UK cars in width (covering the entire road) and is hovering about 5-10 feet off the ground. It is almost 100 meters away from our house and slowly moving towards us slowly and moving in a really odd manner ( what I can only describe as fast and slow at the same time), I shout my mother to look, she does and a sense of panic makes her shout her own mother, all 5 of us are staring at the object watching it move towards us, it gets to about 15-20 meters away from us and everyone but me panics and runs, I turn and realize I should be scared and follow. We hide in the staircase, not knowing what to expect. What seems like 3 minutes pass, and we return to check outside, nothing is there, no evidence of any damage to trees, fences or house, and last but weirdly not least our food is cold.
The street we lived on was a T shaped cul-de-sac. We were at the top of the cul-de-sac, smack bang in the middle looking down the street, a row of terraced house were on the left and right of the entrance to the T junction and a row of terraced houses at the end of the T junction (we lived in these).
I was 8-9 years old, my mother was 25-26, my cousins 11 and 13, grandma wont tell :D, and my baby sister was upstairs asleep in her cot aged (9 months - 1 year old).
None of us talked about it for 10-15 years, until I brought it up after I felt silence about it had been too long, we all remember it and all of us agree it was the most unusual thing we have ever witnessed. This seemed like an object that had its own travel power/control, nothing like reports I've read on fireballs, electric balls etc, and yet nothing like UFO reports I've read. Go figure.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania An Airborne Vehicle Floated Overhead
Date: March 3, 2002
Time: 2:15 a.m.
Location of Sighting: Parking lot, Acme grocery store, Nutt & Starr Streets.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Unknown
Full Description of event/sighting: I often see your reports on, and thought I might offer one of the stranger, and more recent of my sightings, with a comment. You may publish this or not, as it's the odd aspect I wish to communicate.
I was walking my dog late at night as I often do, about 2:15 a.m., around the large parking lot of the Acme. Behind the store is a wooded area perhaps 10-15 acres of young trees, shrubs, thorns, and garbage. As I approached the store, an airborne vehicle floated overhead at 1500-2000 feet, moving toward me and slightly South of me. (I was approaching the store from the Southwest, meaning it was approaching me going South-Southwest, and slightly to my right.)
It had way too many lights. As in more than 10 times that of any kind of aircraft. The lights, however, were the only aspect that I could make out. When I squinted, it seemed to be in three layers. I apologize that that's the best I could perceive.
Two elements struck me:
(1) It was silent. There were aircraft far above it (we're not that far from the Philadelphia airport) whom I could hear clearly, so it wasn't atmospheric conditions contributing to the silence.
(2) This is the strange element. I was suddenly struck with a sense of danger that felt like a lightning bolt was playing about my body. The second witness, my dog, also froze. I'm curious regarding this, as many have reported similar impressions.
As a result, I stood and watched it pass me until it disappeared. The sense of danger made me wish I had a gun or something more effective. It was like someone/something with immense power was brushing by. I found myself scanning my mind for options, as fear is not an emotion I take much stock in.
After about 5 minutes of watching the skies, I resumed my walk, coming abreast of the Acme grocery store. At that point, the same craft passed again, on exactly the same path. And I found myself with the same "danger" reaction. Then it passed as before.
That is all, except for one more detail on the "strangeness" aspect. In the wood behind the store, which I call 'pterodactyl wood' for all the oddities that occur there, on a different night I paused, thinking to myself, "how many kinds of beings are there that we know nothing of ?" I stood and opened my mind to the entire wood at once, throwing out a flash of awareness. Two things happened. One, I felt several entities ducking behind cover. Two, my dog growled long and low. That was the only time I've ever heard her growl.
So I write this to you for consideration. What is it that so adamantly excites our inborn protective sensibilities, mere aliens? Spiritual entities? A combination of both?
Thank you to the witness for their report.
40 Miles SouthEast Of Sonora California Exploding Object Amazing Video Footage
Date: January 18th, 2006
Time: Noticed first at 5:22pm and lasted till about 5:42pm
Good Day,
At approximately 5:02pm (PST) I went into the backyard to see why my dog was barking. While I was out there I did my general habit of scanning the skies for anything out of the unusual. A few clouds in the background along with mostly blue skies and nothing else.
I decided to rake some leaves as we had had a storm blow thru and knock off the last of them. At about 5:22pm I had finished and again glanced around the skies. This time there was what I thought was either a very bright star or perhaps even Venus in the Southern region. I thought this rather strange as I would've thought that nothing could be seen yet as the Sun was just starting to set. I observed this object for a good 3 or 4 minutes and it didn't appear to be moving which just increased my curiousity. I decided to retrieve my binoculars and get perhaps a closer look of this bright star or planet. A
few minutes later I'm zeroing in on this bright object and could tell right off that this wasn't a star or planet as I've observed both from the same vantage point and this object was much to big to be either.
Since I had a teleconversion lens already attached to my camcorder I decided to tape a bit of it as one never knows. After a few more minutes I had my tripod set up and zoomed in on the object. I was able to use a normal viewing mode with no need to use nitevision as there was still more than enough available ambient light. Then I noticed something peculiar.
At the bottom of this big bright luminous object, another smaller object possibly 1/15th (or smaller) the size appeared
below the larger object. I immediately started recording and continued taping for the continuation of this event. The sun had set and I wondered if by switching to "NiteVision" mode would reveal evenmore. It was then that I saw what I thought was another object come out of the smaller object and start traveling upward above both the smaller and larger object. In retrospect, I now believe that what I thought was another object was in fact the middle star in "Orions Belt" that was
hidden by both objects.
But not knowing this at the time, I actually thought that I might have encountered a craft moving away from the larger object and so followed it for several minutes. The larger object was probably somewhere between 95-110 degrees arc in the southern sky and was very slowly moving towards the west, meanwhile what I thought was another craft was moving steadily upward.
I decided to zoom back a bit and include the larger object along with the other upwardly moving object. Within about
one minute of my doing so, the larger object explodes (or possibly implodes) and tumbles back to the earth with a shower of debris and smoke. I followed the tumbling pieces for another minute or so until I was not able see any more of it.
Included is a Digitaly Processed frame that shows both the large and small object and a small graphic showing the POV (Point of View) of the cameraperson and where Orion's belt was at the time.
I should point out that my cameras clock is exactly one hour fast on the video as I've not changed it yet. I also shorten segments of the 6 minutes or so of footage to show the object first in daylite and then later with "NiteVision" so as to have a point of reference for the viewer.
Location: 40 Miles SouthEast of Sonora California
Date of Event: January 18th, 2006
Time of Event: Noticed first at 5:22pm and lasted till about 5:42pm
Number of Witnesses: 2 (Myself and my dog)
Duration of Event: About 20 minutes including being first noticed by the naked eye
Type of Object: Unknown, extremely bright white and luminous
Size of Object: Had to be quite large for the amount of debris and compared to a star 15 times smaller
Shape of Object: Spheroid/Round
Approximately 17 minutes later as I was arriving for a dinner get-together, I observed a glowing luminous spheroid rapidly moving (perhaps three times as fast as a commercial airliner) to the NorthEast and was able capture 'free-hand' with a camcorder about a minute of it which I will send you within the next day. But its rather anti-climatic compared to this event...
Interesting side-note is that in our neck of the woods several researchers and myself were just commenting on how nothing has happen in the hills or the foothills of California for over a month and a half.
UFORA Member
Johnny Anonymous
Report, photos and footage are © 2006 Johnny Anonymous.
Video clip 40 Miles SouthEast Of Sonora California Exploding Object - Video Footage
Phoenix, Arizona Long White Object
Date: January 22, 2005
Time: 5:36 p.m.
Hi, these 5 photo were taken in, Phoenix, Arizona on 1-22-2005 at 5:36 pm. As I was looking north into the sky I saw this long white UFO going real slow, so I went into the house to get my digital camera, as I took these photos the UFO also changed it shape.thanks.
Thank you to the witness for the report and for sending in the pictures.
Burien, Washington 20 Plus Objects Witnessed
Date: January 7, 2006
Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 20 plus.
Shape of objects: Solid round white lights but could not make out shape.
Full Description of event/sighting: On the date stated above I looked up in the sky at dusk to see the stars, but noticed what I thought was a satellite, but then 4 other white lighted objects followed behind it in different formations, these 5 objects came from the East flying towards the West with no other blinking lights like aircraft normally do. Then towards each other side maybe many miles apart some closer than others 6-7 more same lights in 3 different other positions but all flying towards the West, I got my neighbor outside and the binoculars, but could not make out any kind of shape, in all over the sky maybe more than 20, but some flying in formation. He saw it to, have his name, but will leave that out for now. I am a military Veteran, been around all military aircraft in the Navy and have never witnessed anything like what we saw that evening, Called Channel 4 news they said they had no calls. My friend in Kent Wa, says in the South end journal they say a satellite hit a comet, no way these lights were or half of them were flying in perfect formation for over 10 minutes until the clouds came in and took our view out of sight.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
Tricase, Italy Unknown Object Filmed
Date: January 8, 2006
Time: 11:30 a.m.
Description of event/sighting: Date: January 08, 2006 Time: 11:30 a.m. from, Tricase (Lecce) Italy (. During a walk with the own sons in marine locality greenhouse of Tricase, when without warning I sighted a unidentified flying object that to constant speed it was moved in east direction - ovest. Non introduced no type of effects collaterals in zone.
Thank you to the witness for the report and photos. Photos are copyrighted to the witness in Tricase, Italy.
Photos can be viewed at:
Mayland Heights Calgary, Alberta A Smoked Black Flattish Object
Date: January 18, 2006
Time: Approx: 5:30 p.m.
Message: Just checking to see if anyone has reported seeing an object of sorts flying over the city on or about 5:30 pm Wednesday January 18, 2006. It was brief and was preceded by three I guess flashes of light before the object appeared. Now, my wife thinks I'm crazy, but I tried to catch the lights on tape but was unsuccessful, the lights don't show up on my camcorder. Anyways, after I seen the last of the three lights, I seen a smoked black um, flattish object over the city and moved towards the Mayland Heights area. Sorry, cant be more descriptive, never seen anything like it and thought maybe at first it would've been a plane or something, but no blinking lights. So, I don't know if I am crazy or not, no one believes me. So, I thought I'd drop it here and see where it went. Hope someone else seen it, so I don't sound like a looney.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
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