How To Spot A
Fraudulent Christian

By Karl W B Schwarz
Greetings to all members,
I am not sure how many of you know this, but Jeff Rense posted the US War Crimes email update on his website in its entirety.  We have been deluged by email from people that we have never heard from that are responding to that article.  I have been on Jeff's radio show twice and both times we rocked America with what we discussed and disclosed to his large audience.
Part of our re-focus will be to address one of the biggest problems I see in America.  That being the blind and immoral support by Christians for US government policies that are pure sin and have no Christian virtues whatsoever.  The biggest problems I see in and outside of DC are the Neocons, the Zionist, the greed, and blind Christians that cannot seem to discern between Christian values and pure sin.  Since most Christians are outside of DC, they are the biggest problem in the electorate because they have been duped into supporting this government and current Administration.  Let me re-phrase that, some of them have been duped and others sold out.
That is important because Fraudulent Christians have led many people in the direction of what we now have as government policies run amok.  The faux Christian leaders stood 100% behind George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004 and even now when it is apparent that this President is 100% wrong they still tell their flocks that they need to stand by the President.  When Christians refuse to wake up and support wrong, they have crossed over into sin and those that peddle themselves as spokesmen become Fraudulent Christians spouting off the wrong message at the wrong time.  Some of them do it because they are blinded to the Truth and others do it because they are being compensated by the very government that they defend even when it is glaringly wrong in its actions.  They are looking right at fascism and evil and cannot see it for what it is.
Most of you have already heard about Ralph Reed being in a huge legal problem due to the Tom DeLay ­ Jack Abramoff investigation.  The investigation is criminal in nature and with Mr. Reed's presence in the mix I think he might be in for a good rebuke from God on his conduct over the past 5 years or so. That is a sure fire way to spot a fraudulent Christian.  When they sell out their values (if they ever had them) for money, power, greed, and conduct themselves in a criminal activity, you can rest assured and sleep well at night that the word fraud and Christian have merged to accurately define the person.
Ralph Reed should be getting a good solid rebuke from Christians that he misled but I have yet to see any of the purported Christian leaders of this nation come out and say so publicly.  
However, there is a group working to stop him from being elected as Lt. Governor of Georgia in 2006 and they are getting better armed each day that the DeLay and Abramoff sleaze is being exposed.  I have decided to help that Stop Ralph Reed group for I cannot think of anything I want less in my new home state of Georgia than Ralph Reed being high up in the government of this state.  I distrusted him when he was with Christian Coalition and I now clearly see that I would not support him on anything Christian related or a position of responsibility in government.  He could not even publicly atone and get my support or vote.
I remember my grandmother used to say "if you lay with dogs you will get fleas."  Ralph Reed has been on a power grab ever since his heady days in college with Grover Norquist, founder of Americans For Tax Reform and now infamous Jack Abramoff.
 The Norquist group was instrumental in selling the Neocon influenced Contract With America and the Bush Tax Cuts to Americans that listen to the DC propaganda but do not seem to think too clearly these days.  Tax cuts fueled by increasing the US Debt are not tax cuts, it is merely deferring responsibility to another day.  
My grandfather used to say "integrity is easier kept than ever regained."  Both of those grandparent sayings have served me well in my 54 years of life.  My bet is, Ralph Reed is finished in the integrity department as a high level, highly regarding Christian in this nation.  In that regards he has no one to blame but himself.  God will probably not want to hear from Mr. Reed "the Devil made me do it."
The "Reed's Background" portion of the Stop Ralph Reed website discloses the following information.  Note that his relationship with Jack Abramoff goes all the way back to college:
High school and college education
Reed moved often as a child, spending most of his childhood in Miami, Florida. He moved with his family to Toccoa, Georgia in 1976, graduating from Stephens County High School in 1979. He attended the University of Georgia where he earned a BA in history in 1985. Reed was a member of the Demosthenian Literary Society and College Republicans. He was also a columnist for The Red and Black student newspaper but was fired for plagiarism. Reed later received his Ph.D. in American History from Emory University in 1991.
Plagiarism incident
On April 14, 1983, Reed wrote a column for The Red and Black student newspaper attacking the late Mohandas K. Gandhi of India. Entitled "Gandhi: Ninny of the 20th Century," Reed denounced the 1983 motion picture Gandhi for its favorable treatment of the life of the pacifist leader of the Indian independence movement. A graduate student complained to the editor of The Red and Black that Reed had plagiarized a Commentary article by film reviewer Richard Grenier. After an investigation, Reed was fired from the paper. Reed wrote a final column acknowledging his failure to cite sources but accusing the graduate student who complained of "the most shocking, profane form of personal attack I can imagine." (Nina J. Easton, Gang of Five: Leaders at the Center of the Conservative Crusade, page 130-31)
Early days as political activist
Reed spent much of his college career as a political activist, taking six years to earn his undergraduate degree. He started with the University of Georgia College Republicans, steadily rising to state and then national leadership as he became a master of confrontational street protest and hardball backroom politics.
Reed was Executive Director of the College Republican National Committee (CRNC) from 1983 to 1985. He was appointed to this post by Jack Abramoff, then the Chairman of the CRNC and later the central figure in the Indian gaming scandal that would beset Reed's campaign for Lieutenant Governor. Reed succeeded Grover Norquist as Executive Director. Norquist had managed Abramoff's campaign for National Chairman and would later serve as President of Americans for Tax Reform, an anti-tax group that would serve as a fundraising conduit in the Indian gaming scandal.
At the CRNC, Abramoff, Norquist and Reed formed what was known as the "Abramoff-Norquist-Reed triumvirate." Upon Abramoff's election, the trio purged "dissidents" and re-wrote the CRNC's bylaws to consolidate their control over the organization. Reed was the "hatchet man" and "carried out Abramoff-Norquist orders with ruthless efficiency, not bothering to hide his fingerprints." (Nina J. Easton, Gang of Five: Leaders at the Center of the Conservative Crusade, page 142)
Ruthless and Christian are an oxymoron if used to describe a person but they describe everything I have seen and read about Ralph Reed.
Most of you have also heard about Pat Robertson calling for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.  I am not aware of any attack that Mr. Chavez has done on the United States except to voice his concerns and dislike for U.S. policy.  Last time we checked our numbers that would put Mr. Chavez in the majority if he were an American citizen and exercising his First Amendment right of free speech.  Since this is supposedly the Free World according to Bushgarp, I can see where Mr. Chavez would want to index the sale of his oil to the Euro since the fiscal policies of George Bush have caused a massive decline in the true value of the dollar.  
In my opinion, Mr. Robertson should get an education in monetary policy to better understand why the weak dollar has most of the world thinking about going with the Euro over the dollar as the common trade currency for oil.  Are we to kill another leader if his policies for the benefit of those that elected him are sane and our U.S. policies are not?  Do not look for any Christian basis for an act of assassination for it does not exist.  
Our economy is no longer based on building wealth over time and building wealth on producing products.  It is based on shipping jobs elsewhere, creating an economy of consumers rather than producers and financing all of that with massive amounts of debt to keep the illusion alive. That sums up why we have little job creation except for military related activities, massive debt and deficits and a weakened dollar.  The ugly waltz that is going on right now is we are shipping less and less overseas in finished product and bringing more in each day.  The weak dollar is the only way for our multinational corporations to keep pushing product overseas.  In short, our government is subsidizing them by drowning us in debt.
I am certain that George Bush can come up with an excuse or another lie to justify such an action to kill Chavez, but I can assure you as a Christian you cannot.  The moral to that sentence is George Bush is many things but a Christian he is not.  His every act discloses that his Christianity is superficial, in appearance only and merely hollow words of a man who says one thing and does another.  In more ways than most imagine, he and Bill Clinton as so much alike they could be brothers.  The Christian values are not in the heart or the mind of George W. Bush.  Even his fear of 9-11 investigations is screaming loudly to every Christian I know.  Christians are not afraid of the truth and in fact are honor bound and soul bound to seek it.
The email update yesterday about our failed energy and monetary policies should have shed some light on why this US government cannot get along with Iran or Venezuela.  It is a fixable and correctible problem, but do not hold your breath that those in D.C. will have a change of heart and supplant sanity for their daily regimen of greed.  Do not have hope in the absence of a reason to hope that they will suddenly quit being greedy and replace that with true Christian values.
Bush and his Christian backers thump their chests about all of the nation building and spreading of democracy, but note that they have done nothing about their spreading of deadly nuclear wastes to the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq and even the United States.  There is nothing Christian about that, yet these Fraudulent Christians keep telling their flock to stay the course.  Millions will die due to what we have done, yet the Fraudulent Christian leaders make sure the blind eye and the deaf ear keep turned to a problem of tragic proportions.  Tragic to the point of being disgustingly sinful, yet they hold our actions up high.  
When the entire world knows that George W. Bush lied us into Iraq, and polls even show that 57% of all Americans think he is a dishonest person, those Christians that hold this President up high need to go home each night and pray to God that He provide them the discernment they obviously lack.  That is just my opinion, but I know a Fraud Christian when I see one and I choose not to follow such people to Hell..  We can all rely that the matters involving Iran and Venezuela are all lies too for that is all they know how to do in Washington, DC.  Wrong conduct is wrong conduct and no amount of equivocation by Fraudulent Christian leaders will turn that wrong into right actions.  
When certain Christian groups publicly endorse Bush and all of the glaringly apparent lies, the corruption, the greed, the killing, the pollution of the environment with Depleted Uranium [DU], non-depleted uranium and plutonium [more on this in a future email update], you have to question what part of the Ten Commandments [Thou shalt not kill is plenty clear to me] or the New Testament parts that they conveniently overlook to justify endorsing that which is clearly sinful.  As I heard it said once "they are the Ten Commandments, not The Ten Suggestions.  Even the simple tenets of The Sermon on the Mount and The Golden Rule are lost on deaf ears when greed and power are in play.  Do they purport that it is less sinful to kill millions over the years with nuclear pollution than to kill just some over a short illegal war?  If that is what they believe, they need to have a long talk with God and this time listen.
What I am going to share with you today is another group that is about as fraudulent as any Christian group I have ever encountered.  If you have not noticed yet, I am not going to mince words with these folks.  This is one Ecumenical Christian that is sick and tired of being given a bad name by these Fraudulent Christians that have bought off on this sinful conduct for one reason.  George W. Bush has funneled billions into their "faith based initiatives" and as it says in the Bible, the love of money is the root of all evil.  In one year alone, especially the last election year, Bush funneled over $9 billion into the causes of those same Christian leaders that are leading many Christians straight to Hell but told their flock to vote for Bush Cheney.
I am sick and tired of Bible-thumping frauds and myopic morons that puff their chests in pride, wrap themselves in the flag as if they are The Only True American Patriots, and lead many astray, while they have the Bible in one hand and the other hand extended to make sure they get their share of those billions of dollars annually for their faith based causes.  I have looked into some of these Faith Based Initiatives that brag that they provide services at lower overhead than the government and find that even that representation is not true as they have built in layer after layer of overhead to line as many Christian pockets as they can.  Many of these purported Faith Based Initiatives should be re-characterized as Fraud Based Initiatives.  
I have written on this subject before.  In that article I disclose that some of Pat Robertson's Faith Based Initiatives are more bloated with overhead than any government agency.  Just as Bush, the right pockets have to be lined with US taxpayer money even in some of the Christian ranks and I, as a Christian, find that most un-Christian.    
Just as I am unafraid to address the Zionists and Neocons, I am also unafraid to address Fraudulent Christians because they are a problem and are promoting fraudulent religious activities and beliefs.  They are evil wrapped in Christianity, the flag and patriotism to give the appearance of being Godly causes.  They [Neocons, Zionists and Fraudulent Christians] are the classic wolf in sheep's clothing to mislead people.
The Zionists and Neocons are not saintly in their actions, motives or means.  That certain Fraudulent Christians and blind Zionist Christians endorse, promote and stand behind evil acts is something that all Christians need to take a close look at and re-evaluate.
I know that I am right in this matter because I know what the biggest single fear the Zionists and Neocons is.  They are terrified that the true Christian masses wake up and stand up and cast them from power.  They have done an excellent job of propaganda, buying off the right Fraudulent Christian leaders to keep spreading their lies and spread the message and policies of sin quite well.  They are terrified that something happens to wake up the Christians and there is a groundswell of rejection to their evil ways.  
They do it, and they rely on, mass confusion and chaos to cloud the issues.  They rely on built in prejudices against Islamic and Arabic peoples to keep selling their evil.  They rely on divisiveness in the Christian ranks so the largest single voting block in America will not wake up, atone for their blindness and have a true change in D.C. by cleaning house.
They also rely on other built in prejudices to keep matters in the shades of gray area rather than simple black and white, or wrong versus right.
One of the members that receive this email update sent this to me on December 11, 2005.
Hello Karl,
Some character calling himself John Knight has been sending me emails with requests to be added to his "list" whatever that is.
his return address is listed as
 He, after 2 or 3 requests now shows me his hand. 
Of more than 3,000 who've taken the poll so far, 90% want to repatriate blacks to Liberia. Here's you chance to express your opinion too 
John Knight"
 My first reaction when I read that was to note that evidently Mr. Knight either did not check what he wrote or he is just another racially bigoted illiterate Christian Fraud hiding his bigotry behind a pretense of being a Christian.  If you note in what he wrote, his last sentence has a syntax error where "you" should read "your".  His email and the website he is pushing is the Christian Party and with a message like the bigotry he espouses I know before I read a word that this is yet another Fraud Christian group.  After I read it, I was thoroughly convinced.
If I remember how to do the math in my head (uh), we have 2,700 like-minded racially bigoted fraudulent Christians that wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Knight.  When I read something like this email it infuriates me at the level of unmitigated ignorance we have in this nation and the level of racial bigotry that has led to many problems that would have gone away years ago but for idiots like Mr. Knight and his like-minded bigots.  Evidently Mr. Knight is relatively unaware that 3,000 divided by almost 300,000,000 in America makes him and his bigot buddies a minority of about one-hundred thousandth of a percent or 0.00001.  He is almost a nano-blip on American opinion.
You know, Freedom of Speech is a wonderful thing, but not Freedom of Hate or Freedom of Ignorance.  Sadly, America has way too many that are ignorant and hate for no reason but hate.
While fraudulent Christians like Mr. Knight discreetly and surreptitiously spread their hatred, it makes me want to initiate a campaign to exile such people from this Nation.  If Mr. Knight were to get his way, you can rest assured that the next "mission" of these bigoted red-necks that pretend they are on some Christian mission for God would be to start a similar campaign to rid the U.S. of Jews, Hispanics, those of Islamic, Hindu, Pakistani, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Eskimo descent.  Probably the Native Americans too since they do not share this White Cracker's mindset of bigotry and ethnic cleansing by secret poll and exile.  They might even have a hidden desire to get rid of German-Americans like myself.   I know I am American, a Patriot and a true Christian and I clearly see Mr. Knight and his brethren to be what they are.  They are not in my group of Real Patriots and Real Christians and I thank God for that.
Religious bigotry is to me sinful and not allowed for any true Christian.
Racial bigotry is not remotely suggested in the Bible as being Christian or acceptable to God.  Even our Declaration of Independence cites "all men are created equal".  
Taking huge amounts of money from the U.S. government, in a clear violation of separation of Church and State, is never mentioned in the Bible as being on the Excluded Sin list.  Those purported Christian leaders that accept billions and then guide their flocks in how to vote are nothing but paid prostitutes to me.
Every now and then we get some racially bigoted idiot like Mr. Knight trying to get on the Gravy Train of Christian Fundamentalism and come out with a message that is totally un-Christian.
I am quite certain that bigotry is a sin.  I am quite certain that the type of bigotry espouse



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