Filer's Files #53 - 2005
Happy Holidays

George A. Filer
Director MUFON Eastern
Vice President of Skywatch International
This week's files cover: Mars ­ Landing Arrow and Bull's Eye, China Pyramid Construction, and UFO Shapes and Ionization
In addition, witnesses saw UFOs over Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Indiana, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, and Pennsylvania. Many witnesses saw UFOs in Argentina, Canada, China, Finland, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom..  
The purpose of these files is to report weekly the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFOs reported each week, many represent alien craft. The United States Air Force Project conducted a worldwide investigation of UFOs from 1947 until December 1969, when it disbanded its investigative team. We are continuing the investigation and make the assumption we are not alone in the universe. Sacred ancient writings, our earliest structures such as the pyramids, and artifacts on the Moon and Mars point to alien intelligence.
Shapes of UFOs and Ionization
Photo thanks to Scott in Las Vegas
Reports and images of UFOs come in all shapes and sizes, with odd shaped lights, disks, cylinders and triangles being most frequently reported. The true fundamental shape of the UFO may be concealed or distorted by the ionization of the air around the UFOs. I saw a UFO coming out of water like a submarine with blue and green ionization surrounding the disk. NASA engineers Paul Hill and James Mc Campbell suggested this was caused by the propulsion system of the craft. The craft I saw seemed highly electrically charged. 
"An ion is an atom or group of atoms with a net electric charge. A negatively charged ion, which has more electrons in its electron shell than it has protons in its nucleus, is known as an anion, for it is attracted to anodes, and a positively charged ion, which has fewer electrons than protons, is known as a cation (pronounced cat-eye-on), for it is attracted to cathodes. An ion with a single atom is a monatomic ion and an ion with more than one is a polyatomic ion. The process of converting into ions and the state of being ionized is called ionization. The recombining of ions and electrons to form neutral atoms is called recombination.
A collection of non-aqueous ions, or even a gas containing a proportion of charged particles, is called a plasma, which is called the fourth state of matter because its properties are quite different from solids, liquids, and gases. The US is working on an ion engine for its spacecraft. Thanks to the Free Encyclopedia
Smells in the air often reported during sightings suggest ionization. Imaging by various types of cameras also indicate an ionization of the atmosphere around the craft. Air ionization also explains the diversity of colors. The Nevada article shows what happens as different air molecules are excited at different energy levels. Some of these craft glow like electric and neon signs similar to what happens with aurora borealis. Video and photographs show a distortion of the shape. Exceptionally, high speed objects tend to distort shape in the camera. Another possibility is the shape may be concealed or distorted by space-time distortions arising from an anti-gravity propulsion system. An advanced technology or an unknown phenomena could explain many of the 500 or so reports we receive each month. 
Mars Landing Arrow and Bulls-eye
Dan Reichel writes: I find it truly incredible that most "Cydonia researchers", fail to point out the "rocket ship" (sort of Buck Rogers design) that is left of the oft-pointed-out "Fortress", and that the "Fortress" is actually an "arrow" between the sand sculpture of the rocket ship and a incredibly huge "bulls-eye" on the flat terrain near the Face. 
Photo courtesy of NASA/JPL. Pyramids on left, fortress center, bulls-eye on right.
My son is a Nintendo 64 expert, and were he playing some game entitled "JPL and the Viking 2 Lander", no one would have to explain to him the symbolism of a rocket ship, arrow, and a bulls-eye. He would know, in the grand design, where he was supposed to set down the Lander.
Yet a whole laboratory of scientists and engineers, at JPL in 1976, failed to understand this symbolism, and chose to set the Viking 2 Lander down elsewhere on Mars. Can someone, anyone, tell me "How much clearer do the messages need to be before we begin to understand them?" (The aforementioned sand sculptures and bullseye are easily seen in Viking 2 image f035a72 available from the NSSDC website. The bullseye is in flat terrain and therefore cannot be attributed to "light and shadow". It is approximately 1.5 miles, 2 kilometers, in diameter.) Thanks to Daniel G. Reichel, Ph.D.
The History Channel aired nationwide in the U.S., an hour-long documentary on the Pyramids of China, featuring exclusive video footage of the pyramids of Xian taken by Hartwig Hausdorf. According to ancient Chinese legend, over one hundred pyramids discovered in China are the legacy of extraterrestrial visitors. At the turn of the century, two Australian traders discovered over one hundred pyramids and when they asked the custodian of a local monastery about them, they were told that, according to 5,000 year old records housed in the monastery, the pyramids were said to be much older. The traders were told that the pyramids belonged to an age when the "old emperors" reigned in China, and that the emperors always stressed the fact that they did not originate on Earth. Rather they were the descendants of the "sons of heaven, who roared down to this planet on their fiery metallic dragons". The traders were told that the pyramids had been built by visitors from outer space.
Hartwig Hausdorf a German researcher visited the 'forbidden zones' surrounding the city of Xian in Central China, Shensi Province, where he found six of the legendary pyramids. Some of these pyramids are now in quite poor condition, largely due to being plundered by local farmers although the government does not allow excavations. The Chinese pyramids, vary between 25 to 100 meters in height except for one, that is to the north, in the valley of Qin Lin, lies what has become known as the Great White Pyramid. It is immense, approximately 300 metres in height (1000 feet)! The Great Pyramid of Egypt is 481 feet by comparison.
The Chinese government has built a launch pad for their space program near the Great White Pyramid, and restrict travel to the area. An ancient city carved out of rock, atop a sheer cliff has been found with straight grooves cut into the cliff face. The walls are cut perfectly straight like a laser was used. Ancient stone discs found nearby similar to DVDs have been found nearby. They have also found well-preserved bodies that resemble a race of ancient Celts or Hungarians.
The Chinese pyramids are very similar to Mexico pyramids and perhaps they were built by the same "Sons of Heaven"? One pyramid is as large as the Pyramid of the Sun of Teotihuacan in Mexico at upper left..
Most are flat topped, and some have small temples on top. Hausdorf is the author of "The White Pyramid" and "Satellites of the Gods." He claims the Chinese Roswell UFO crash occurred 12,000 years ago, that includes graves containing skeletons of strange looking humanoid beings with large heads for aliens just over four feet tall.
Arizona Tiny Lights
SOCORRO -- Last night around 5:30 p.m. (December 1, 2005) I was driving a friend home when I saw a bunch of tiny flickering lights on. They were flicking all in order and covered a large part of the sky north of us. They were not stars. I called my husband and told him to look outside and he saw them too as well as my friend and her husband and kids. It stayed in the sky for about ten minutes and they took off flying behind the mountain. Thanks to Brian Vike
California Triangle
Santa Barbara ­ The witness observed a large triangle with lights hovering over the freeway on November 26, 2005, at 6:30 PM. There was one light that was spinning around the ship and three white lights in the shape of a triangle with one at each point. There was one red light right in the middle of the craft. The ship was not very high, in the sky. It was about as high as a plane that is about to start landing. There weren't other lights around like street lights or stars.
Pittsburg -- On December 11, 2005, at 9:30 PM, we saw an object flying in the clouds while in the backyard and we followed it to the front yard. As we watched the craft it stopped then it began to fly again. It was bright orange or it had a bright orange glow to it, and as it got further away, it began to speed up. It emitted some kind of fireballs, dropping them one at a time about three times in a row. The balls were bright orange also like the object resembling fire. We watched the craft until it disappeared out of sight and it moved in a circular motion as it flew. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National UFO Reporting Center
Florida Oval
Crawfordville ­ The witness while driving home reports seeing a long object full of light between the trees on December 13, 2005, at 8 PM. When we cleared the trees for a moment my brother-in-law and I saw a long shaped object that was full of a yellow light. It was big and brighter than a airplane fully lit up. We then passed behind more trees and when we cleared the trees it was gone. Having a witness with me is what made me want to report the incident. Thanks to Peter Davenport
Orlando ­ The witness saw three objects moving at high speed on November 26, 2005, at 6:30 PM. They were observed to criss-cross and move at high speed. He is close to both Orlando Airport and Orlando Executive Airport, but these were not planes. There was a low ceiling, and they disappeared from site, possibly going into clouds? Thanks to Peter Davenport
Hawaii Two Orange Ovals
Mililani, Oahu -- At 5:30 AM to 5:45 AM, on December 11, 2005, one oval orange object was moving horizontally toward the northeast passing right above our house in Mililani. It was a dim, orange colored light.  The weather was clear and the object was flying over at high altitude or possibly outer space. I could only compare the object with star lights and its dim, orange color. The object seemed to be moving slightly zigzag at times. It moved faster than conventional airplanes and took three minutes to cross the sky. While wondering what it might be, less than a minute later, I noticed another oval object (the same color and size as previous one) was moving horizontally from North to South passing over our house. It was flying at the same altitude and at the same speed as the previous one. Thanks to Peter Davenport
Illinois Spinning Flat Objects
Chicago -- I was on the porch smoking, around 9 PM, on December 11, 2005, and I saw a bright flat in shape object flying southeast. It was moving in a spinning motion, and looked like one side of it was the color of fire. I immediately called my daughter, so that she could see that I was not seeing things! She couldn't believe what she saw either! It continued to move higher into the sky, and I saw another one coming from another direction and it looked like it went right up to the other one, and both of them just kept on going. They both moved in a spinning motion, looked flat, and had the color of fire on one side. Very weird! Thanks to Peter Davenport
Maryland Saucer Shaped Object
Annapolis -- There was a strange set of lights in the sky right above the tree line moving slowly down toward the earth on December 12, 2005, at 7 PM. There was a light in the center and decreasingly smaller lights on either side of the center light obviously wrapping around what appeared to be a flying saucer. It sat still after I noticed it, then, it slowly moved up and out of sight. I've never seen anything like it.
Nevada Lights Filmed
LAS VEGAS ­ Scott writes, "These images are from December 20, 2005. I was in front of my home when I saw a craft approaching from the west. I started filming just in time to see the light show. I filmed this craft for about two minutes and then it flew out of my visual range. I have not edited the photos at all. They are taken right off the camcorder. This would be another spinning top/black triangle craft."
Scott writes, "I've been asking myself for a long time now what is an angel supposed to look like and wondering if I have been seeing angels all along piloting these ships I see. Please read/view with a grain of salt. I see things, especially with the ships, that could be termed by appearances alone to be evil. I am finally starting to be objective though and have completely considered the idea that maybe I am seeing angels and I thought I was seeing demons. Yes, the demon word. The only way I can explain what I mean is to enclose two hand drawn sketches of how the ships look, or at least how they look to me." 
At first I was terrified at what I was witnessing. I started seeing things in 2004 that I thought were coming to get me. I still have the whole anti Christ theory in the back of my mind but I'm trying to be optimistic about my situation because I see what most would call demon energy/ships/beings. 
But then I had a thought. What if all angels looked like demons and we would never know that based on what the history books tell us. What if both angels and demons looked scary to us? But what if the true form of an angel is in the form of a dragon-like/dinosaur-like being. Since Lucifer was an angel and he took his crew with him, he would still look like his fellow angels back in heaven wouldn't he? I am submitting some rather bizarre photographs for you to see. I do not in any way expect you to understand them, accept them, and know what they are. I just want you to view with an open mind and tell me what you think. This is what I see all the time. God Bless. Thanks to Scott
New Jersey Boomerang and Balls
Parsippany ­ The witness reports seeing a boomerang shaped craft on December 7, 2005, at 10 PM. The hovering lights veered left and then sped right. The boomerang shaped object had two lights in front, a red light in back that seemed suspended from craft. It hovered at an estimated 2,000 feet, veered left at a slow speed, then right and mildly accelerated speed. There were no towers or buildings nearby. Thanks to Peter Davenport
Keansburg -- I live very near to the ocean and have a clean view of the night sky. I was just leaving my house on December 3, 2005, at 5:45 PM, and out over the ocean, I saw a very bright "star" like object in the sky. It was enormous compared to the other visible stars in the sky. At that moment, I noticed other aircraft in the sky around this object. I thought it may be military planes given the fact that they seemed small and flew very quickly. One of these aircraft flew up to the object and shined what looked like a spotlight at it. Then, it flew away from the object still shining the light as it headed south.
This aircraft, I noted, had only 3 red lights and may be a hint as to what type of plane it was. There were about four other planes flying to and away from this object that I could see. It was just very eerie. My husband and one of my children also witnessed this. I would guess that it was about 20,000 feet in altitude between NJ and Staten Island. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>
New Mexico Meeting with Dan Fry
Alamogordo -- Kristen Vasques, a college graduate writes: There I was, at last in the Southwest where I longed to visit and I could "see" UFOs coming down onto those hills in the past. It was such a strange sensation. Yet, there was no sense of fear or alarm connected with it at all. I was not only aware that they had been there and had intermingled with people who lived there in the distant past, but it was also very clear they would be coming again.
I brought up the subject of UFOs with the healing family I was visiting and they knew an engineer who had made contact with aliens in that area. He had been stationed on the nearby White Sands Missile Base in the 50s, and had a series of close encounters. The man's name was Dan Fry
I was spell-bound and totally captivated by their story. Dan Fry, they said, had been contacted over a period of 4 years before someone from an extra-planetary race actually came down and met him in person. Over those 4 years they had been in communication and had convinced Dan that they had good intentions. They explained to Dan that they were working as Emissaries of higher forces, and were here to help Earth and the human race survive into the next millennium. Our existence, they explained, had become much more tenuous and on the verge of annihilation than our governments were letting on to.
In those four years of "long distance" communication, before any aliens came to live on Earth, Dan continued helping them to get to know us and our way of living on planet Earth. He would explain things about life, politics and conditions here.  They had a special request, as they planned to eventually have some of their people come and live among us on Earth.  They needed a real "crash course" on Earth and everything human. Dan got books from the library for those four years. Dan would set them on a platform, they'd teleport them to their ships, copy them, and have them returned to Dan the next day. Thanks to Kristan (to be continued)
New York Large Black Object
Long Island City -- I was watching a construction sight across the street from my window on the 22nd floor of 1 Court Square on December 13, 2005, at 11:13 AM. A large dull black object that at first, I mistook as something the crane was lifting was flying in the background. I asked my co-worker what the hell is that? It started to move slowly.
We also noticed the construction workers on the building next door pointing and watching the same object. Several other coworkers also came by as the object moved across Manhattan from East to West around 59th Street.  It, then, traveled South, then reappeared in front of us again on the north side of the building. We called coworkers in our office in NYC.  They saw it, too, and couldn't make out what it was? They described it as a large black box. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>
Pennsylvania Boomerang 
Harrisburg -- My son and I were at the Giant Market on Linglestown Road on December 13, 2005, at 6:30 PM, when we saw a warm yellow light. It divided into two, three, then four lights of the same size lined up vertically. Then they disappeared. I then saw a flare just above the tree line and then very small individual points of light blinking on then off in different locations all over that area of sky. This much of the event probably lasted for about five minutes. We had seen something similar a week previously. It looked like this depiction. 
KING OF PRUSSIA ­ The witness was playing outside with his dog on December 12, 2005, at 6:30 PM. when they saw a white boomerang, kind of like a lightless sort of  glider. I called for someone from in house to come see the object but by the time they came out it was gone. Then, within minutes, I counted eight helicopters in the area of the object. I called people in Norristown, and they reported that they could also see the copters over the southern end of town [toward King of Prussia]. Thanks to Peter Davenport
Argentina Cattle Mutilation 
VERTIZ ­ Inexplicata reports four Argentine Frisian cows were found dead and mutilated on December 13, 2005, at the "Los Hermanos" ranch in La Pampa. The leaseholder, Gustavo Steib, stated that "..from one day to the next, cows that were about to give birth were found dead, missing their genitalia, the nipples of their udders and a patch of hide, whose circular incision was perfect." The incisions were precise, clean and almost cauterized - it's like cutting and sealing at the same time to avoid hemorrhages."
"The flesh rots at a high rate of twelve hours where it normally takes two or three days and the carcass is unmolested by carrion animals. Thanks to CIUFOS-LAPAMPA Translation (c) 2005. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Oscar Chaves, Ciufos-LaPampa
Canada Ice Circle
SUDBURY, ONTARIO -- Paul Anderson reports, "While only five known crop circle reports were received by Canadian Crop Circle Research Network CCCRN this past summer / fall, another "ice circle" was found on December 9, 2005, near Sudbury, in snow- covered creek ice. It is 12-18 metres (40-60 feet) diameter, with a 2.5-5 centimetre (1-2 inch) deep 'V'-shaped groove in the ice defining the circle's perimeter. There is another possible groove a few inches inside of the outer groove." Photos here:, 
The circle is in a bend of the creek, so it is possible this is a type of ice ring that has formed from a swirling eddy, yet the sharp, incised edge is more difficult to explain, and is similar to the ice circle at Delta, Ontario in 2000. A strong, unpleasant smell had been reported a few weeks previously in the area. Thanks to David Chevrier, Brian Vike, Nancy Talbott, Jeff Wilson and Andreas Muller for their assistance and input. The location is fairly remote and as of yet, CCCRN Ontario hasn't been able to go to the site, but other efforts are still being made. Thanks to Paul Anderson
Manitoba ­ MUFON reports ­  The witness states: I was working in remote Northern Manitoba, crushing aggregate for the highways. When I saw lights for ten minutes that really scared/freaked me out because I had never seen anything like that before.  I then saw it descend quickly into nowhere. I, then, saw it come back in less than five minutes. I was brave enough to take photos, so I took many and three showed up on my camera. The second time this object showed up it was farther away and I still managed to get a good photo. This object must have been sitting still at a hover, or I believe I would not have received any real clarity of the object. I am only sending one photo as I wish to be contacted on the others I have. Thanks to MUFON  
POINT ATKINSON, B.C. -- While crossing Burrard Bridge we noticed a pair of green lights blinking on November 26, 2005, at 11 PM. They were blinking in one second intervals. Then, another green light appeared but blinked out of sync with the others. Another person was walking towards the city and we stopped him to ask if he could see these lights and he verified that he could. The lights appeared to be coming from above the clouds and shining through the cloud cover. There were also spotlights panning across the sky from the ground.  These were white, related to a spectator event in Vancouver city. Very strange. Thank you to the witness for the report. Thanks to Brian Vike
Egypt Lights Over Western Desert
CAIRO -- I took photos of the UFO on December 14, 2005, at 6:25 PM with eight lights over the Western Desert. I would like to show them for examination and verification by experts if possible. Thanks to Peter Davenport
Finland Anomalous Phenomenon
Helsinki -- At least one of our national networks (MTV3) reported in more than one news program a luminescent or highly reflective trail/object sighted over the morning skies of Helsinki on December 13, 2005, at 1:24 AM. Two things make this report interesting. First, there was quite a number of eyewitnesses, at least one of which had captured very good footage of the phenomenon with his camcorder. A short clip of that was shown on the news program. It moved quite slowly along a trajectory and most likely reflected the rising sun rather than emitted light of its own.
There was a separate report about a radar malfunction at Helsinki Airport starting from 8.55 AM which lasted for 25 minutes delaying a total of 16 flights. There are two complementary radar systems at HEL, one of which didn't display any traffic during the malfunction. Apparently, the system came back online as the GPS synchronizing clock was replaced. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>
Mexico Flying Triangle Video
MEXICO CITY -- Ana Luisa Cid reports: This video was taken by Sergio Javier Mayén Cigarroa, whose camera recorded the passing of a triangular UFO over the Torre Blanca district of the Mexican capital on December 16, 2005. The 16 year old witness was in the company of his younger sister Melissa engaged in a routine skywatch from the roof of his house. He was recording a static flying object when he noticed that another UFO was crossing his field of vision, clearly identifying it as a triangular object.
The evidence was captured on a Sony handycam, model DCR-HC15, at approximately 8:15 p.m.  
It is important to note that on that same evening various sightings were reported over Mexico City and that the "Hechos" news program on Televisión Azteca transmitted the image of four luminous spheres flying over southern Mexico City in real time. Thanks to Ana Luisa Cid and translation by Scott Corrales. Journal of Hispanic Ufology
Japan Chevron
SEIKA-CHO (Kyoto Prefecture) A slow, silent boomerang with 5 dim lights was traveling about 75 meters from the ground in Japan.The witness states, "As I was waiting to catch the bus after work on December 12, 2005, at 6:18 PM, I looked up into the clear sky to look at the moon and what I thought might have been Venus and noticed a somewhat boomerang-shaped craft gliding silently heading South, almost directly over my head. It was dark, and I guess it was about 75 meters high. It looked to be about 20 times the size of the moon and had five significantly sized faint lights. There was one at each corner, and the other two were spaced just between the corners."
The craft looked black, and I could somewhat make out the shape of body as it flew by; it looked like a boomerang. Between each of the circles there was a smooth connection so the best way to describe it was like it was a lumpy boomerang. It made no sound and its speed was also too slow to be an airplane. It looked like it was just gliding along. It flew with the point (to clarify, it wasn't pointy, it was rounded all the way around) of the chevron first. My background: I was born and raised in America and studied Japanese and Computer Science related fields in University. I was at the bus stop of "Hikari-dai Itchome Minami" in Hikari-dai, Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto prefecture, Japan at 18:18 on 12/12/2005 just east of an NTT research building when this happened. Thanks to Peter Davenport
New Zealand Missing Time
Judy Chilham estate -- Staying at my grandmother's estate, I was sleeping at the time in the separate outhouse. I had been feeling uneasy, as if someone were watching me. I had trouble getting to sleep. Suddenly, all was lit in the quaint country themed bedroom. Knowing that there was no traffic around for miles, it couldn't have been a car.   There was a tremendously loud "whirrbigerringizeeing" sound. I peered through my curtains, terrified of the possibilities. My mind raced and the only motorized vehicle I could think of to be making such mechanical sounds was a prized John Deer tractor of Grandmother's 4th husband, Jamerson, who had passed away under suspicious circumstances.
No one knew how to drive it. After coming to terms with the undeniable conclusion that it must be a UFO, I paid very close attention to its movement. It made circles in the sky, getting closer and closer, until I could see detailed engravings of the most peculiar nature on the rim of the UFO.  Soon, it stopped movement altogether and hovered above my grandmother's chicken coup. Suddenly, I came to. It appeared I had blacked out for an unknown amount of time. When I rushed to the window, there was no trace of the UFO. The only reason I can find to account for the missing time when I passed out, could have been caused by the UFO and its suspected alien passengers on board equipped with powerful telepathic capabilities. Thanks to MUFON
UK/England Brightly Lit Object
Lichfield -- It was a dark night and an extremely bright object could be seen through the clouds on November 27, 2005, at 3 AM. It instantaneously moved 3-4 miles back and forth, so quickly you didn't see it move. At one point it looked slightly triangular but its speed and intensity of light made it look very odd.
We took a pretty poor quality photo on the cell phone, where you can make out the offside door pillar as a point of reference and the camera was pointing up and the photo taken in the rear passenger seat. I don't know what the square shape is, at first I thought it was the car mirror but that wasn't in view of the camera. There also is a tree looking object, but there were none that close. There was no camera flash nor were there any lights on that particular road. Thanks to Peter Davenport
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