FDIC Whistleblower
Related To NSA
Classified Docs Case

By Wayne Madsen


WMR has discovered there is much more to the government's harassment of Kenneth W. Ford. Yolanda Gibson-Michaels, Ford's second cousin, to whom he is close, filed major fraud and conflict of interests charges against Donald E. Powell, the chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and a close political ally and friend of George W. Bush who served as President of First National Bank of Amarillo, Texas and Chairman of the Board of Regents of Texas A&M University.
Gibson-Michaels, a whistleblower who worked for the FDIC Legal Division, uncovered fraud involving senior FDIC officials and scandals involving Bank Hapoalim of Israel, Bank Leumi of Israel, Russian-Israeli mob figures Vladimir Guzinsky and Arkady Gaydamak (a financial partner of Cheney while he was at Halliburton), Bank Leumi's Chairman Eitan Raff, SunTrust Bank of Florida (the bank from where the FBI's confidential informant Tonya Tucker (who stung Ford) received checks while she was in the Washington area, the Washington Field Office of the FBI, illegal Congo diamond trading involving DRC Resources Corporation, massive overcharging of the FDIC by outside counsel law firms, Saudi lobbyists in Washington, the Wells Fargo-Tejas merger, Tyco International, Enron off shore entities, and Halliburton. WMR will bring more details about this massive fraud involving the FDIC, described as a $3 trillion slush fund for Bush, Cheney and their business friends and associates around the world.
Considering Ford's cousin's high profile FDIC investigation (also involving Securities and Exchange Commission probes) of politicians and businessmen connected to Bush, Cheney, and Israeli interests, perhaps David I. Salem, the U.S. Assistant Attorney who was so quick to see Kenneth Ford sent to prison, should also have any of his possible connections to the Bush White House, the GOP, and Israel thoroughly investigated for potential conflicts of interest and criminal conspiracy.




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