Are Aliens 'Droning' Earth?
Or Is It Simply The State
Perfecting Secret Spyware?

By Douglas Herman
I've never seen an alien spaceship, although I once spent an entire year camping outside staring at the overhead sky. I was cycling around the North American continent exactly twenty years ago. At the time, I always tried to camp away from city lights and, for an hour each night, would watch satellites slowly glide across the sky. Never saw any object zigzag but always hoped to see my first.
But I saw my first UFO two summers ago. I was lolling on a riverbank on Kodiak Island, Alaska in September, watching my brother flyfish for salmon on the Buskin River. The silvery orb just hovered overhead against a brilliant blue sky.
We were about a mile from some US Coast Guard towers and satellite dishes but miles from the nearest main road. At first I thought it might be a government weather balloon, but why would a weather balloon remain almost stationary in the sky? Contrails of passenger jets flying from Anchorage to Hawaii just drifted away but that silvery orb just hung there, several thousand feet up.
It puzzled me. Why wouldn't a weather balloon drift with the brisk westerly wind? An hour later the orb remained in the same spot.
Even more curious, the orb seemed to hover more than 20,000 feet high, above the high cirrus clouds that occurred that day, which would obscure the object whenever they passed. Thus the object must have been quite sizeable to be visible as a circular object at four miles.
I had a camera at the river, an old Pentax SLR, but no telephoto lens. I took lots of pictures of the silver salmon that day but none of the object. Instead I watched the UFO, hovering above several military antennas, directly beneath a well-traveled human skyway. Why didn't it move?
Now imagine you're an intelligent alien. You've heard of this warmongering backwards nation that the inhabitants here call Earth. Indeed, for several thousands, or tens of thousands, of years, untold alien societies have studied Earth, landed here, collected human specimens, and on more than one occasion even introduced an alien animal species (Mothman) to observe what effect that specimen would have on earthlings.
But wouldn't UFO drones, many of them probably like the one I saw, offer alien societies non-stop information gathering? At very little cost.
Among the most useful drones in recent human history were those called Foo Fighters. They could follow human airships and maneuver among them while gathering information about human warfare. Yes, our intelligent human fighter pilots saw them but our governments denied the existence of alien drones.
But as more and more of these drones-UFOs-now crowd the skies, humans increasingly film them. Almost every day we see clear examples of this on Rense.
Predictably, human governments, almost all of them totalitarian to some degree, attempt to assert control, either denying their existence or copying stationary drones in their own crude, humanoid fashion.
Why? To spy on us, of course.
Secret Government Spyware
According to an HBCC UFO poll-"Do you believe governments hide/suppress an extraterrestrial presence?"-- more than ninety percent of respondents answered Yes.
By recovering examples of crashed drones (and suppressing or denying any information about them), totalitarian human governments can attempt to reverse engineer the alien drones. By recovering, occasionally, a smaller crashed alien airship (Roswell), governments can study how they function exactly and hope to replicate them.
If knowledge is power, suppressing knowledge is equally or even more powerful. Because by suppressing knowledge, a government controls society more easily. The less free a society-the less access to free thought and intelligent ideas--the more easily it is controlled.
All this seemed clearer to me, watching that silvery orb hang stationary in the sky. If it was "one of ours," a scientific or government satellite, gathering information to assist human commerce, fine. If it was an undetected (by human radar) alien drone, fine. That meant other, more intelligent, societies were busy watching us.
Now for some reason, humans fear aliens (Independence Day). But for every report of an alien abduction, there exist thousands of reports of government abduction of citizens. After all, what is the military draft but a seizure, or abduction, of citizens to feed a far more fearsome beast then any extraterrestrial?
Maybe Earth is ripe for an alien takeover. Certainly, as divisive as we are, we would be easy pickings for conquest, settlement and or the eradication of our human species.
But maybe we humans have already done a fine job of that. We are such an anthill of ignorant bipeds that whatever we do is worthy of close observation by multitudes of more enlightened alien visitors. Which clearly, as anyone can see, they do by using drones.
Sure, we earthlings may be conquered and or eaten one day (much like we have conquered and eat cows), but it hasn't happened yet in several thousands of years.
Except by ourselves, that is.
Douglas Herman writes regularly for Rense and is the author of The Guns of Dallas



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