Attendance 'Dismal'
At 911 Truth
Conference In Miami
After 600 attended the opening night of philanthropist Jimmy Walter's 9/11 truth-out, the numbers have sharply dropped for the following two nights, indicating the movement is still taking one step forward and two steps back.
By Greg Szymanski
After 600 attended opening night in Tampa for Jimmy Walter's 9/11 truth conference, the crowds Thursday and Friday dwindled to only about 100 to 200 each night, showing the 9/11 movement after four years continues to take one step forward and two steps back.
"The crowd is dismal tonight," said 9/11 activist Phil Jayhan who traveled from Chicago to be in Miami Friday night for the last night of the three-day speaking event that opened at the Tampa Theatre for the first two nights.
Several others in attendance blamed the low turn out in theatre venues that seat well over a 1,000 squarely on a lack of an effective publicity campaign, a media black-out on anything related to 9/11 truth activities and a general apathy among the American people.
"It's time for the people to take action and realize they must do something since the evidence is right out in the open that the government was involved in bringing about 9/11," said Eric Hufschmid one of the events main speaker's while being interviewed on the Republic Broadcasting Network prior to opening night in Tampa.
Walter, a truth-seeking philanthropist who has spent millions on trying to wake-up America about the U.S. government's involvement in 9/11, organized the event that ends Sunday in St. Pete Beach on Sunday with a video presentation.
Earlier in the week Walter said he received a "last minute notice" from the Asolo Theatre in Sarasota, canceling a pre-arranged Sunday video presentation like the one in St, Pete, saying it appeared to be an act of censorship since "no good reason" was given why management called off the event.
Besides censorship by private parties, Walter and others in the 9/11 truth movement have also had to deal with major news outlets, a majority ignoring their message despite hard evidence dispelling the official 9/11 government story.
For example, Walter appeared on one major radio show in Tampa, his five-day event has literally been ignored by major Florida newspapers and television outlets. Even though thousands across the country have been calling for a more balanced coverage of the 9/11 story, it appears ignoring Walter's event is another clear sign that the clamp-down on a free press is still alive and well in America.
Although the numbers were low the last two days of the conference, it is well-known among activists that movements like 9/11 are slow in catching on, especially when Americans have been lulled into believing the government's illusion of 9/11 simply by being bombarded with disinformation.
Critics contend a corrupt media can be fingered for instilling false impressions and wrong perceptions of 9/11 by playing the same video clips and sound bites over and over again, showing airplanes and fireballs bringing down the twin towers and blaming the event repeatedly on 19 Arab terrorists when solid evidence exists to the contrary.
Many critics of the official story have fingered the media and government for covering-up and blatantly lying about what really happened on 9/11, but remain miffed why a majority of Americans haven't yet taken to streets, demanding accountability.
Although no clear answers have been given, a new car bumper sticker recently being distributed may have tapped the hidden answer by saying "Americans also have the right to be uninformed."
And what this means is that in the long run the 9/11 movement will live or die as each person in America decides for himself whether he wants to learn about the facts and the evidence existing about 9/11 or whether he chooses to remain uninformed, opting instead to believe superficial sound bites and misleading headlines.
"It's a game of numbers," said one political observer who wanted to keep his name out of the public eye. "The powers that be know that most of the people will follow and believe what they see on television. And they also know that they have to silence the opposition movements before they grow to that 5 percent critical mass number since that's all it takes to get the other 95 percent of the people to follow right along, explaining why the covert operatives are coming down hard on activists trying to spread the truth."
Although the attendance at Walter's event was disappointing after opening night, organizers said they are still looking at other cities to continue trying to spread the word.
The three-day 9/11 truth-out, called "The New Pearl Harbor ? Confronting the Evidence" featured a number of experts, including Morgan Reynolds, William Rodriguez, David von Kleist, Joyce Riley and Hufschmid.
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