America Is At A Crossroads

By Karl W B Schwarz

There is an interesting part at the beginning of the movie Braveheart - "I shall tell you of William Wallace.  Historians from England will say I am a liar, but history is written by those who have hanged heroes."
That is a very true statement.  I have watched over the years as one president after another has conducted themselves in dishonorable ways and then control the facts and suppress the truth so history is written to make them look good.  None in the history of this nation have been more guilty of such actions than George H W Bush, Bill Clinton and George W Bush.  Each of them has had more spin doctors than advisors with brains.
Between this email update and the next one in late January or early February, please take the time to download the book that is available at the link below and take the time read it.  It is a 17.5 megabit file and the book is under 300 pages in length.  You probably cannot find this book in hard copy - The Plot to Seize the White House for it is very rare and has been heavily suppressed because of its contents.  The only thing that will change the next email update is if Bush invades Iran, is indicted or resigns.
It is not a work of fiction.  Some people tried to lure one of our most highly decorated soldiers into taking over the U.S. government executive branch.  As a matter of principle he refused to lead a coup to take over the White House and place it under military control.  That was a long time ago before the military-industrial complex had developed de facto control over this nation any way.  It is some irony that the military ­ industrial complex both protects this nation and is the largest single threat to its continued survival as the icon of freedom.
This battle did not start when George W. Bush got into office.  It has been raging for years but over the past 17 years of the past three presidents they have swung the door wide open to the corporatization of our government and ownership by the corporations.  That is in its literal definition the Mussolini style of economic fascism.  Ever since George W. Bush has been in office the gears have been shifted to the Nazi style of fascism abroad and it is getting worse here with each act they take to undermine our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.
One of the true heroes in American history was Major General Smedley Darlington Butler, a Marine, a practicing Quaker, and the recipient of two Congressional Medals of Honor.  I am not aware of any other US soldier that has been decorated twice with the highest medal for bravery in military combat.  He was also awarded the Distinguished Service Medal.  This man was no coward and he clearly saw the evil going on within the Department of Defense and our government policy making machine.  He retired from the USMC on October 1, 1931 so this information is post-World War I and pre-World War II.
From the inside he clearly saw that many of our military interventions, including some that he was personally involved in, were not for national security.  They were contrived plans by the Wealthy Elite to line their pockets with money and wealth at the expense of the lives of our U.S. soldiers.  Even way back in the early parts of the 20th
Century, he clearly saw this nation use the sword not to defend our citizens but to line the pockets of certain insiders that sit around in their elitist clubs and dream up ways to use military force out of pretense.  Not for the sake of defending this nation from any real foe or real threat, just for greed.  The only threat was whether or not they got to line their pockets with money and the blood of American soldiers and innocent foreigners all over that money did not bother them at all. 
That is a very real problem we have in this country that needs to be permanently fixed.
To achieve their ends, they create enemies out of thin air that are not enemies at all.  They are just unlucky enough to have something that these elitist thugs want to take at gunpoint and unmasked aggression.
General Butler is best known for his short book War is a Racket, which is available at this link and will not take but minutes to read.
If you take the time to read these two books, remember the comment James A. Baker, III made to der Spiegel in 1992.  The following was in a previous email update titled "Enemies within our Gates."
"A German-American friend who lives in America sent me the following.  It is a quote by Mr. James Baker, III, the former Secretary of State and was published in 1992 in the German magazine Der Spiegel.  You might find the English translation of this comment below to be very interesting if you put it into context of other facts I have brought to your attention.
Wir machten aus Hitler ein Monstrum, einen Teufel. Deshalb konnten wir nach dem Krieg auch nicht mehr davon abrücken. Hatten wir doch die Massen gegen den Teufel persönlich mobilisiert. Also waren wir nach dem Krieg gezwungen, in diesem Teufelsszenario mitzuspielen. Wir hätten unmöglich unseren Menschen klarmachen können, daß der Krieg eigentlich nur eine wirtschaftliche Präventivmaßnahme war!"
James Baker, ehemaliger US-Außenminister
(Quelle: DER SPIEGEL, 13/1992)
This is how that Baker comment translates from German into English and I put it into capital letters to emphasize what he said:
Now, weigh James A. Baker's comments to something that was written by Adolf Hitler:
On America...
(TAH) - Fraser, L. Craig, Ed. The Testament of Adolf Hitler: The Hitler-Bormann Documents
From xxx...
"This war against America is a tragedy. It is illogical and devoid of any foundation of reality. It is one of those queer twists of history that just as I was assuming power in Germany, Roosevelt, the elect of the Jews, was taking command in the United States. Without the Jews and without this lackey of theirs, things could have been quite different. For from every point of view Germany and the United States should have been able, if not to understand each other and sympathize with each other, then at least to support each other without undue strain on either of them....
I am prepared to wager that well within twenty-five years the Americans themselves will have realized what a handicap has been imposed upon them by this parasitic Jewry ... It is this Jewry that is dragging them into adventures which, when all is said and done, are no concern of theirs and in which the interests at stake are of no importance to them. ... One thing is quite certain - within a quarter of a century the Americans will either have become violently anti-semitic or they will be devoured by Jewry... [Roosevelt] has made them see the world through the eye of Jewry, and he has set them on a path which will lead them to utter disaster, if they do not pull themselves together in time" (TAH, pgs. 62-66).
"At this juncture it is difficult to say which, from the ideological point of view, would prove to be the more injurious to us-Jew-ridden Americanism or Bolshevism. It is possible that under the pressure of events, the Russians will rid themselves completely of Jewish Marxism, only to re-incarnate pan-slavism in its most fierce and ferocious form.
As for the Americans, if they do not swiftly succeed in casting off the yoke of the New York Jewry (which has the same intelligence as a monkey that saws through the branch on which it is perching), well - it won't be long before they go under, before even having reached the age of maturity ... it is questionable whether it will long remain a predominantly white continent" (TAH, pgs. 84-85).
(TAH) - Fraser, L. Craig, Ed. The Testament of Adolf Hitler: The Hitler-Bormann Documents
The problems I have always had with the writings of Hitler are that I have never seen that he differentiated between Jews and Zionist Jews and there are huge differences.  So much so, that Judaism has several movements to rid that religion of the Zionists.  The references Hitler makes to Bolshevism was not Jews in general, it was Zionist Jews of which about 75% of Lenin's entire group of thugs in his Cabinet were Zionist Jews, not Russian-first type of people.  What resulted in a clash between Bolshevik Communism and Fascism both had at their core Zionists and both Stalin and Hitler purged the Zionists from positions of control in their respective governments.
I have studied World War II extensively.  Frankly I cannot see that any side was right in that war or any valid reason that it was fought other than a struggle over economic supremacy matters.  My family lost members on both sides and frankly I cringe every time I read what James A. Baker said to der Spiegel in 1992.  My family in America suffered from extreme prejudice because we are German, even though we had German-Americans fighting for the U.S., and my family in Germany suffered death and economic hardships that are hard to put into words.
It was to me a form of mass insanity and its exact mirror image is the Global War on Terror we see today that is nothing more than naked aggression "for economic preventative measures" to quote James Baker.  Our government has become so out of control that the only way they can defend their past excesses and abuses is take on yet different excesses and even more abuses.
When Stalin came into power and started purging the Russian government of Zionist Jews they fled to Germany and other European nations, and some even to America.  The Trotskyite Neocon Zionists here in America are descendants of the ones that fled from Russia, then Germany to here, or are American born and joined ranks with the Zionists that immigrated here.
This merry band of Neocons that studied under Leo Strauss at the University of Chicago are Neocon Zionists that put Israel first, United States second in their order of priority.  As indicated in a prior email update, one of their teachings is the use of lies and deceit to build power to get their way.
Do not forget that the Bush family via Prescott Bush, Sr. was financing the Hitler regime.  That in and of itself lends a lot of credence to Baker's comments in 1992 and even Hitler's comments long ago if you go back and differentiate between Jews in general and Zionist Jews as being what was making the German people angry.  In 1933 when Hitler had all of the Zionist Jews arrested in the Reichstag, he was arresting and casting from office the Zionists, not the average Jew.  Russia threw the Zionist out, Germany threw the Zionist out and other nations have too in less harsh terms.
What General Butler saw way back then is exactly what the problem is today in America.  We have a government that is totally owned and controlled by major corporate interests in the areas of Big Banks (including the Wall Street investment banks), Big Pharma, Big Defense and Big Oil.  It is all about commerce and lining the right pockets with huge amounts of money.  We are out fighting contrived wars that have nothing to do with the sovereign interests or the national defense of the United States.  Many of those corporations are owned or are controlled by Neocon Zionists.  It is abundantly clear that Bush invaded Iraq on fabricated intelligence and lied to the world and the invasion was about greed, not just cause.
If you paraphrase the title of General Butler's book, we now have Big Pharma is a Racket, Big Banking is a Racket, Wall Street is a racket, Big Oil is a racket, Big Government is a racket and still War is a Racket.
Much of the wealth and power that is enjoyed by the United States has been at the expense of killing for greed, and that act shames us all.  It is a tawdry history that when the truth is known no American would hold it up high and puff up their chests in pride.  
The problem has gotten so out of hand that we are now both the most giving people in the world and the most hated people on this planet.  You have to consider the irony of that and why that is so - to fully grasp how out of control Washington, DC and certain special interests are.  Many foreigners resent American giving because they know that there is blood on a lot of the money, and there are always strings attached that have nothing to do with kindness or benevolence.  We as a people give from the heart, while our government and Wealthy Elite use that as another means to plunder and control others.  In many instances even to steal from others and if that does not work, out comes the sword of war based on false premises. 
That is where Major General Butler drew the line and so do I.
Greed is like a Black Hole and over time consumes everything within its gravitational reach.  That is what our government has become; a facilitation of greed on scales that have grown astronomically.  It is a servant not of the many, but only of the greedy few.  It is a policy machine to serve the whims of creating wealth from contrived wars and killing for greed.  I have watched for years for any signs that the greed of some could ever be sated.  For any sign that some people would reach the conclusion that enough is indeed enough.  
Greed is shredding America right before our eyes and ruining the future for most of us
I spent part of 2004 and all of 2005 trying to warn Americans of the jeopardy that our Republic is in.  I can tell you that there have been many days that I felt like John the Baptist out in the desert.  If anyone was listening, they were not acting.  They may understand, but the real battle lines do not find them present where this battle has to be fought and won for the sake of us all.  
This entire Republic is in jeopardy and that affects each and every one of us from now until the end of our time on this Earth.  It will affect our children and grandchildren far into the future.  Fortunately, we have far more good people in government than bad,  They resist as much as they can to impede these thugs but there are not enough of them.  They need America to stand up and fight back with them to ever have a chance to stop the insanity and put this Republic back on the right course.
They no longer drive such greed out of Washington, DC with true economic growth.  That does not satisfy the power of the greed; the money does not flow in fast enough to please them.  They are piling up staggering amounts of debt and directing those monies to a select few while the rest of us find our lives sinking lower each day in true terms of quality of life.  
I am no fan of Hitler but by the same token I am no supporter of what our government has become and what it answers to
I am not anti-Jewish, but I am decidedly anti-Zionist based on known facts.  I refuse to follow any Zionist.
I am not antiwar, but I am decidedly not for wars based on greed rather than national defense.  That especially applies to wars of greed under the pretense of national defense.
I am not anti-American, but I am decidedly anti-Neocon based on known facts.  I refuse to follow any Neocon.
To me the American Dream should be available to all, but it is not because the Black Hole of Greed does not like to share.
To me, fighting contrived wars for greed and lying to us all about it is the most despicable thing I have ever seen.  That we have had presidents send people to die for a lie is about as low as it gets.  It is not Christian, it is not Godly, it is not American, nor is it humane.  
It has no honor, no dignity, no greatness, and no integrity. 
It is the embodiment of evil, one of Dante's Seven Deadly Sins, specifically the sin of greed, wrapping itself up in Christianity, false nationalistic pride and the American flag.  It is bereft of goodness and is the hated face that many now refer to as The Ugly American.  It is certainly not all Americans, just some Americans that have figured out a way for this government to serve them and ignore the rest of us.
Pleas for change and decency fall on deaf ears that are blocked by greed.
We are at a crossroads in America and depending on which way we go we will either prosper or be forever recorded in history as a parasitic scourge on the face of this planet.
Do you want a government that serves the few over the needs of the many?
Do you want a government that will gladly make billionaires (who then donate lavishly back to the politicians) while allowing people to starve to death or freeze on the streets?
Do you want a government that lies to you and creates false pretense for wars when the real objective is to line the pockets of the special interests, and has nothing to do with your best interest or the national security of this nation?
Do you want the American Dream or the lies and illusions that D.C. has handed you for years?
Do you want an America that excels in production, output, quality, or an America that excels in lies and creating wealth for just a few under false pretenses?
Do you want a government that puts policies in place that rob you of your job, your investments, your ability to make a safe and sound financial future for your family and your retirement years? 
Do you want a government that pushes you further into the hole with each passing year so their Wealthy Elite masters get what is yours and charge you more for the punishment with each passing year and push you further into the hole?
Do we as a people want to be the next Rome and build our greatness on the plundering and killing of others?
If you do nothing else in 2006, make a decision of what type of future you want for yourself, your children, grandchildren, family, friends and fellow Americans that are probably struggling just like you are.  Decide if you want an evil government or one that deserves to be looked up to and respected due to the honor it does in its actions on behalf of all of us.
You see, I know exactly why the DNC and 9-11 thugs attacked me.  I have already made the decision and have drawn the battle line on the ground.  That scares some people and I frankly do not care if it does for I see their political agenda very clearly.  As soon as they saw my platform they realized that my targets are both the DNC and RNC and the Wealthy Elite that own both of those political parties.  I for one am fed up with the lies and deceit.  I clearly see that they are enemies of this Republic and everything that most Americans hold dear.
This is a make-it or break-it year for this Republic and it is time to make those decisions.  The elections in 2006 and 2008 can either head us in the right direction or seal our fate.
Consider the courage that our Founding Fathers put on the line when they created this nation:  They put everything on the line in the closing sentence of the Declaration of Independence: They were faithful to that pledge to the end.
And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor
We are in the mess we are in today because far too many Americans take freedom for granted and far too many Americans do not know what the true price of liberty and freedom is.  Freedom and Liberty are God given rights, and rights that this government has plundered in any way they could to serve their masters.  The problem is, we are their masters.  They have forgotten that and it is long past time they be reminded that the true power of this Republic is We the People.
Some of our leaders have stood up and warned our deaf ears of the tyranny that threatens the very fabric of this Republic:
Our country is now geared to an arms economy bred in an artificially induced psychosis of war hysteria and an incessant propaganda of fear.  ~General Douglas MacArthur
In his parting speech President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned America.  
In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.
We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.
 Security and Liberty do not prosper together under our current way of doing it.  That is part of what is wrong. 
Two of the biggest problems I have seen in America is we have evolved into a Nation that does not listen and our economic priorities are not conducive to balanced growth.  Even when it is poison, the spoon-fed sound bites from Washington, DC are what most Americans think is the truth, and nothing could be further from the Truth.
In a very real way we have given them a license to lie and lie to us they have done with impunity.
Please take the time to read
The Plot to Seize the White House and War is a Racket.  You will be a much wiser American for having done so.
To understand why Washington, DC does what it does, you must first understand who the enemy really is.  Our biggest enemy is within our gates.  Our biggest enemy is homegrown. 
Best regards,



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