9/11 Truth Conference
Opens In Tampa
To Crowd Of 600
Mainstream Media Again Ignores Event as Censorship
Spreads Across Land Like Existed In Nazi Germany
The Asolo Theatre in Sarasoto 'at the last minute' backed out of its deal with 9/11 truth organizers to rent out theatre for Sunday night's scheduled performance. Organizer Jimmy Walter said it looks like an act of outright censorship.
By Greg Szymanski
Jimmy Walter, the millionaire philanthropist pushing the 9/11 truth movement to the streets, said Wednesday the Asolo Theatre in Sarasota, Florida, at "the last minute" backed out of its pre-arranged deal to host a video presentation set for  Sunday, the last day of a five-day 9/11 truth conference starting in Tampa.
"They told us today they couldn't host our event, pulling out at the last minute saying there existed technical difficulties," said Walter in a phone conversation from his Tampa hotel, where he is kicking-off the first night of his 9/11 truth conference called "The New Pearl Harbor ­ Confronting the Evidence" at the downtown Tampa Theatre.
"I found out another group is staging a play on the same day so it looks to me like it's another case of outright censorship. We are going to look into the matter thoroughly to find out what really happened, but still will holding our Sunday video presentation at the Beach Theatre in St. Pete Beach."
Walter, known for spending millions on trying to get out the "true 9/11 story" appeared on Greg Szymanski's radio show, "The Investigative Journal" Wednesday, just hours prior to the opening night of his truth conference, saying he was" shocked and appalled" by the last minute cancellation of the Sunday night portion of his five-day truth tour.
"I decided on Tampa because it is my hometown and it's harder for the media and others to ignore me here," said Walter. "It's is also where Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf lives, a person who I have openly called a traitor for his statements about Iraq. I have openly challenged him to a face to face meeting, but I know he never will do that."
Walter's truth conference, presenting compelling evidence 9/11 was an inside government job, opened to a crowd of more than 500 to 600 Wednesday night in a theatre that seats 1,400, a good turn-out considering the mainstream media blackout across the country and the disinformation campaign spread by the Bush administration, essentially keeping the American people in the dark about the real 9/11 facts.
And the media was again strangely absent from the opening night 9/11 event, as several in attendance reported no major newspapers or television stations covered the event.
One of the Wednesday night speaker's,  Eric Hufschmid, known for his book "Painful Questions" an Analysis of the September 11 th
Attack, said prior to the conference he was hoping events like the one being staged at the Tampa Theatre would "finally wake up a sleeping public."
"I think it's time for everyone to do their part and at least listen and confront the evidence," said Hufschmid, who was one of the first to call the American public's attention to the technical impossibility of the WTC collapsing from only solely jet fuel as the government contends.
"There is just so much disinformation out there, spread by the media and those actually trying to disrupt the 9/11 truth movement. It's time for everyone to unite and look at the real evidence and hold those involved in the 9/11 conspiracy accountable."
Besides Hufschmid, Walter assembled a group of speakers who at times held the audience spellbound, leading some to tears, especially when WTC janitor and national hero, William Rodriguez, spoke about how he heard explosions in the North Tower basement prior to the airplane strike.
Rodriguez, who saved at least 15 lives before being the last man out of the North Tower, reminded the audience how his statements about WTC basement explosions "have been censored by the mainstream media" as well as being completely omitted in the 9/11 Commission's final report.
The silencing of Rodriguez's testimony, as well as the testimony of at least 20 other people who heard the same North Tower explosions, is just another clear-cut example of how massive the 9/11 cover-up has spread, leaving America essentially to hear only a bogus government story lacking any semblance of credibility when, as Walter says, "confronted with the real 9/11 evidence."
Also speaking at the five-day Florida event is Morgan Reynolds, the former chief economist in the Bush I administration, who has publicly called for a new 9/11 investigation, adding the evidence points to a controlled demolition of the WTC.
Reynolds is the author of numerous books, primarily in economics, taxes and labor issues, but last year shocked America, as being the first high-level Bush official to publicly claim 9/11 appeared to be tied to elements within the U.S. government.
Besides Reynolds, popular radio hosts Dave von Kleist and Joyce Riley, rounded out the speaking panel, von Kleist known for his video "In Plane Site," which proved that the damage incurred at the Pentagon could not have been caused by a 757.
Riley, on the other hand, has focused her research attention on the illegal use of depleted uranium, producing a recent video called "Beyond Treason," the story behind the cover-up and illegal weaponry being used in the Iraq War.
Heather LaMela, a Tampa resident in the audience, said she always had her doubts about the 9/11 government story from the beginning, but had been kept in the dark by the one-sided media coverage.
"After listening to the speakers, this confirmed my belief that there must have been some government knowledge and involvement," said LaMela. "I just wished I would have hears all this a lot sooner. I guess you can thank the media for that."
And regarding the purpose of the five-day 9/11 truth-out, Walter, the event's organizer  said:
"When Vice President Dick Cheney and twenty four Bush officials and friends signed a call in 2000 for a "New Pearl Harbor," as an excuse to invade Iraq; they said it would take "some catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor, to convince the American People that we must invade Iraq to project American military power. Time Magazine called for "a unified Pearl Harbor, sort of purple American fury."   
 He added that he intends to use Tampa as a first-stop in his 9/11 truth tour, planning in the future to organize other similar events in cities across the country, emphasizing   the following points:
1. Why the Bush administration ignored warning signs about terrorist attacks.
2. Why they leaked classified information to the media.
3. Why members of the administration lied under oath and obstructed justice in an investigation about national security violations.
4. Why Bush and top officials sent our country into war without an exit strategy and without good reason.
5. Why the Republican administration has created massive deficits, while cutting spending on social programs and veteran benefits, and giving tax cuts to the richest Americans.
6. Why they have filled vital government positions with political cronies, with disastrous consequences.
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