Zionist Threats And
Harrassment Continue

By Jim Mortellaro
Beginning three days ago, two more so-called 'men' began their tirade on this writer. Like the first person, they informed me that I was a Rense supporter and that makes me an anti-Semite. Me. Of all people, with a Jewish side to our family in which 2.15% survived the camps.  That would be two out of 93 human beings. You picked the wrong person, guys.
 However, let's get back to fool number one. I now have his name and address. The man lives in Toronto. He is the son of a (I won't go there, not to worry), he is a member of a very wealthy family there, with interest in (major interest) in a very large corporation.
That makes him a poor little rich kid - no matter his age.
Interestingly, I got his name from a number of sources, not the least of which was a good ol' US of A three letter agency. Others wrote privately to tell me the likelihood that it was so and so. For purposes of this piece, let us refer to this man as, PLRB, Poor Little Rich Boy.
On Monday at 12 noon sharp, I received his phone call. It went exactly like this.
Me:       "Hello"
Caller:  "Well, did you figure it out yet?"
Me:       "Oh, hiya PLRB, how ya' doin?"
Caller:  "Fine, how are you doin'?"
Followed by a "CLICK" hang-up by the perp, PLRB.
So, I suppose by his reaction, I got it dead on. In fact, Jeff Rense had additional supportive information which matched both the emails I received privately, as well as the information provided by the US of A three letter agency people.
Now begins the process of determining just how far to take this matter in order to punish the man for harassment and threats. Not to mention name calling and four letter words uttered on a public utility. This matter also involves two governments and agencies noth inside and outside of the governments, which dictate what to do in such situations. Harassment, threats and cussin' are serious infractions with both the USA and Canada. The new Canadian Prime Minister should not take kindly to one of his own citizens making a damned fool of himself by such machinations, not to mention making the country look damned foolish.
I previously wrote, "This time, they picked the wrong man."  In times past, I would have let it go. I would even have considered letting it go in this instance, had not the wanna bees come to the fore to begin their own campaign of harassment and threats. But this time there was the element of threats against my family and my business. Wanna get my goat? Now you know how. But be prepared to pay the consequences. I mean that.
When the frost is on the pumpkin, that's the time for apple dunkin'. But if the apple is rotten, one does not leave it in the water for someone else to bite into. No. One removes it and tosses it so that when it arrives on the ground, it is broken up into little pieces, little harmless pieces.
If you consider this to be a threat, you are quite mistaken. It is not a threat. It is a promise.
More to follow ...
Jim Mortellaro, AKA, Morty



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