Psychic Browne Misses
Hallmarks Of Severe
Abduction Case
Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
Re: Missing Time in Kelowna, BC -
World-renowned psychic Sylvia Browne gave her thoughts to Corina and a TV audience on the Montel Williams Show which aired recently. Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research sat down and watched as the Montel show told Corina's story. I was not impressed at all.
Before introducing Corina to the show, Montel Williams told Sylvia Browne and the New York studio audience that Corina had encountered a UFO outside and had lost an hour of time and Corina has no idea of what took place.
Before I go on with this report, I would like to say that the Montel Show did do a good job on sending a film crew to Corina's home, in which she was filmed for a good part of the day. This was to have Corina tell her story when it went to air on the Montel Williams Show, prior to Sylvia Browne's input over the experience.
After the show aired Corina in her home, and home town of Kelowna, British Columbia, Montel introduced Corina to the viewers and studio audience. After her warm welcome, Sylvia Browne said to Corina. (Quote: "You did encounter a UFO, but you weren't abducted"). Watching Corina's reaction to this, which to me she looked puzzled by Sylvia Browne's response, and she had a hard time speaking out, mainly because I believe she was bewildered by the statement.
Sylvia Browne then said to Corina, you did encounter them, you did talk to them and they erased your memory.
Corina spoke up and asked what were the bruises on our bodies ? The burn mark on her friends back ? Sylvia Browne's answer to this was, Corina had fallen, "or something" ! She also stated that "they" had not done anything to cause the bruises or burn mark, they didn't do any invasive things to the two women ! Montel at this point spoke up and said in that hour Corina was sitting at the side of the road, (then Sylvia Browne broke in) and she said Corina was standing there (at the side of the road) talking to "them" like Sylvia Browne did when she had an experience in Death Valley. In other words, Corina had a conversation with "them". (Who ever they are)
Corina asked, so the marks on our bodies aren't related ? Sylvia Browne said that she was sure they were, but that the women were frightened and may have fallen, or whatever.
Corina asked, are these experiences going to keep reoccurring or is it going to come to an end ? The answer was, no, no, no, (meaning coming to an end) but it would be a good idea if Corina went under hypnosis or regressive therapy and just relieve it ? Not to erase it, but to get some information from the session if it was to be done.
Corina then went on to say that this unusual strangeness has been happening to her, and her two children all of their lives, or since her children were little. Her son waking up with a hole in his spine, in 2002 Corina's son woke up with a perfect triangle on his back with circular burn marks inside the triangle. As she said, they went to the doctor's on every occasion something unusual happened like this and have the medical records to show. Corina also mentioned on the show that she was hospitalized for a week and the doctors could not figure out what was the matter with her. Her white blood count was elevated, her potassium level crashed and her body temperature went down to 34.2 C. Like she said, there is no end to all of what is happening to her and her family and she has no idea what is going on..
Montel asked Sylvia Browne if Corina might be a beacon due to them coming back to Corina. Sylvia Browne said it was almost like portals, but Corina was not one of these beacon's. Sylvia then said to Corina that she has always had a very "ticklish nervous system". Browne went on to explain how a friend of hers has had a body temperature that goes up and down, and has potassium/sodium level problems and these problems are not due to any kind of strange experience. Sylvia said to Corina that she did not want her to place all of her symptoms into the experience she and her friend had. Also went on to say, "if" it was caused by "them", then Corina could talk to her angles to get rid of him/them, whomever it might be. Once again at this point, Sylvia Browne did state that the ladies did have a UFO encounter, and she wasn't discrediting that, and Corina did talk to a couple of "people". This is why Browne would like Corina to go under hypnosis to see what she and the "people" talked about. End of show. Actually the length of the studio interview was approximately 5.10 minutes in length.
Needless to say after watching this show, I was very disappointed in Sylvia Browne's comments/thoughts. I also wonder if she read the full written encounter the two ladies had that night in July 31, 2003. If she had, or used her psychic abilities she would have come up with more about this case.
As for Sylvia Browne's comments on Corina's medical problems, yes people do have such problems and they can be related to a person's health. But why did all this seem to happen after the July 31, 2003 experience at the side of the road ?
I also would like to point out, how does one receive a very nasty burn from possibly falling ? (Corina's friend) It certainly was not any kind of road rash according to Corina's friend's doctor who thought it might be a radiation burn.
What caused the blood to come gushing from Corina's friends nasal passage the next morning ? Why was Corina and her friend feeling very sick the next morning after they woke up ? Both their bodies tinkling as they drove home from the roadside location, still being followed by the large green light ?
What, or where did the 45 minutes to one hour of time go to ? Since they woman were "right at the side of the busy highway", one would think that passing traffic might stop, or at least slow down to see the women talking to, two "people" ?Never mind a large hovering green craft of some kind ?
If the ladies weren't "taken" for that amount of time, and according to Sylvia Browne they were not, and no invasive things were done to the women, it was just a roadside chat with two "people", then how the heck did the two ladies end up in such bad condition, medically speaking ?
You don't get an awful burn, bruising, bleeding nose and feeling extremely ill to where you have to be hospitalized from a roadside chat ! Weight loss, hair loss and all the other symptoms occurred following the ladies roadside encounter.
Seeing she is a World-renowned psychic, I would have thought Sylvia Browne may have picked up on what really was happening in about a two week period of time in the Kelowna and surrounding areas, and of course what happened to the ladies. There was a huge wave of sightings of some very unusual things taking place. Not to mention, just before Corina's encounter, on July 28, 2003 well over 200 eyewitnesses came forward to report seeing a silent, moon sized ball of white light maneuvering low over the mountains, dropping down into the valleys and making 90 degree turns. This was followed by a beam of light which went from horizon to horizon. This beam of light was as bright as a florescent tube and sat in the night sky for approximately one hour.
Also when the women were out at the location where the event took place, "eight" people who had a clear look at the area the ladies were at, watched the green ball/or object hovering and it sure did not sit there for no 45 minutes to an hour. So as far as I am concerned, the roadside chat with whomever is thrown out with the babies bath water.
Something major took place that July 31, 2003, and two women got caught up in the experience. Also there was really no proper explanation to why this has been taking place for years now, and including her children coming from Sylvia Browne. To say it is not going to happen again is rather strange coming from Browne. It has been going on for years, and no let up as far as I can see, and know about. Matter of fact I have not released personal details from Corina of what "did" indeed happen after the July 31, 2003 incident. I can assure you and Sylvia Browne that this has been ongoing and Corina's daughter involved as well. From the reactions I have received over Sylvia Browne's comments on the Montel Williams Show, I personally believe Sylvia has missed the mark on this very unusual and visible case.
Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
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Ted Twietmeyer
I don't normally comment on UFO matters but this insult to an abductee was begging for it. Brian explained the situation well, but left out one part of the equation. Since Brian stayed with the facts quite well, this was what he had to do.
 It strongly appears that with regard to Browne, some or all of the following are taking place:
 1. She's not the psychic she claims to be.
 2. Her personal belief system refuses to accept alien visitations
 3. Possibly supports the agenda to help cover up visitations. High-profile people have influenced the belief systems of many people in the past, and can change a person's beliefs. For example, I've received a rash of emails (and still do) from people that swear TAPS is real. There are countless examples of effective mass brainwashing.
 For Browne to strongly deny physical evidence, her stance strongly supports items 2 and/or 3. It also possible that she isn't psychic at all and may have too much pride to admit she's wrong. No matter WHO performs abductions, they are all too real and usually have a profound mental and physical effect on abductees. My research and that of others has proven this.
 There isn't any such thing as just "one abduction." These are on-going studies, physiological tests and DNA collections. 



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