Dungeon Vatican Rituals At
Satan's Altar Was How Joanna,
Born Into The Illuminati, Spent
Her Childhood Days

By Greg Szymanski
Joanna spent time as child in the dungeons of the Vatican, attending rituals of torture at the altar of the devil.
Joanna's story follows the same satanic pattern as the incredible story recently told by former Illuminist Svali, born into the Illuminati and who witnessed a four-year-old boy sacrificed at her underground Vatican induction ceremony at the age of 12.
Now Joanna of Florida comes forward, saying she was a "blood liner," born into the French House of the Illuminati, her exact placement in the worldwide cult being in the spiritual sector.
"I was born into a multigenerational family that one side was Masonic and on the other Illuminati. My family were members of the DAR, referred to as bluebloods," said Joanna in an extended conversation from her Florida home, having finally rid herself of the Illuminati influence.
"Most of my childhood was spent in training and grooming, and I attended rituals at the Vatican, in a sub basement, where I was used as an "oracle". "The militia I was involved with was connected to a Masonic group and my childhood was almost all training for the Illuminati and intense military type training for the militia. Extreme torture was used to form what is known as alters, with amnesia barriers that kept me from knowing that I was a slave for these cults.
 "My everyday persona was typical upper class suburbia. I was a model for a time and to all appearances, my husband and I were known as sporadic jetsetters. While I traveled around the world as a team leader for a group that monitored Vatican moles, we had our own crew of trainers and programmers when we detected a problem with one of our own.
Anna said her specific Illuminati-family job was as a channel, psychic, and tarot reader, as she moved between both of her worlds without detection of her cult's sinister motives.
"I moved between both worlds relatively smoothly, although my job as a team leader was not on a daily or even weekly basis, so that I was able to fulfill my new age role under the spiritual sector Illuminati," said Joanna. "I attended think tanks that decided how best to meet the requirements for a New World Order, dealing with the issues of religion and new age philosophy."
Specifically, Anna said her role within the religious sector had to do with an extremely devious Illuminati ploy, creating a false Christianity leading to mass genocide.
"My huge area of concern, is an extremely deceptive ploy by both the illuminati, and the core of Vatican cult members, to unite all people under a false Christianity, that will give reason for genocide," said Joanna, "Think about people like Ann Coulter who make statements, like, war is necessary, go in and destroy their leaders and convert everyone to Christianity.
"I call the New World Order the fourth Reich, where anti-Semitic thinking becomes acceptable under the guise of "saving' people in the Middle East. People will also look at all the Jewish power leaders that conspiracies point to, not realizing that not only are they not practicing Jews, but that they are not the puppet masters.
"Instead, one needs to look at the old Church of Rome, which became a so called Catholic structure, with ancient powerful bloodlines, such as the Borgia's and the De Medici's. The Protocols of Zion are also blamed on the Jews, but in actuality it is this Vatican core which includes the Jesuits.
"The mask of Christianity, is just that, a mask, there are many charismatic movements
I attended and many think tanks where illuminati members planned how religion and the new age movement would be used to create a one religion, under a false Christianity, There are   also many evangelist that are Illuminati, as well as new age leaders."
Asked whether she was inducted into the Illuminati like Svali, who had to witnessed at age 12 a child sacrificed in the Vatican sub-basement, Joanna said her ritual differed, saying "I was promised to the cult before my birth and continuously throughout my life" with Vatican rituals being only a part of her training.
"The message I feel that is important to convey, is on the illuminati/Vatican connection, with an agenda of a unified false religion under the guise of Christianity to cover genocide," said Joanna.
"Instead of humankind appreciating diversity, in religion and culture, one will be led to believe that other religions are the enemy, as well as the cultures and people that practice them.
Finally, wanting to leave the evil clutches of the Illuminati, Joanna said basically deprogrammed herself, convincing herself that good always triumphs over evil.
"Through years of memory work, getting a good grasp of my programming, tearing down amnesia barriers and remembering codes given to each alter who had a cult job, I finally broke free," said Joanna, who is now trying to alert how Americans that the Illuminati plans to destroy America from within.
In controversial author, Eric Phelps book, Vatican Assassins, he delves into much of what Anna experienced in real life, in a well-researched historical account showing  in astonishing detail that the true diabolical power resides in the Vatican.
Phelps, one of the most thorough Vatican/Illuminati researchers, also brings to the table a number of priceless old documents and historical manuscripts, hidden from the average reader, documenting the true evil existing in Rome.
Others like Phelps have also commented on the diabolical role of the Vatican as well as the ultimate religious henchmen, the Jesuits, include:
"No political event or circumstance can be evaluated without the knowledge of the Vatican's part in it. And no significant world situation exists in which the Vatican does not play an important explicit or implicit role," said Avro Manhattan, Protestant Knight of Malta and English historian in a 1960 book, "The Vatican And World Politics."
"The Jesuits offer the world at large a system of theology by which every law, Divine and human, may be broken with impunity, and by which the very Bulls of Popes may be defied. It is a ghastly religion; it is a religion to be abhorred by all honest and honorable men," said M. F. Cusack, "Converted Nun of Kenmare,The Black Pope".
"The Jesuits laugh at us; and during their hilarity, the rattlesnake is coiled at our feet, climbing to strike us in the heart," said   Edwin A. Sherman, American Shriner/ Freemason in "The Engineer Corps Of Hell".
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