Chemtrails - Predictions
By Ken Welch in Houston
Exclusive to Rense.Com

I think it is reasonable now to predict that chemtrails will end soon.
When chemtrail spraying in the U.S. began after Pearl Harbor Day in 1998 it caused a great deal of interest in the alternative, internet-centered media.  Nonetheless, those of us who were keen to understand and communicate about the new phenomenon were vastly outnumbered by those who simply never look at the sky at all, and a much larger group of people who, to our shocked astonishment, quickly decided that the fat white spray plumes and ugly skies were something they'd experienced all their lives.  This baffles me to this day, but an additional factor that really confused the issue at the time was the approaching Y2K event.
I have since come to realize that when the active minds that make up our internet community are being stampeded into fear or a fixation on a single subject, it is invariably a well orchestrated campaign to get everyone looking in one direction while the main event is happening elsewhere.  Reviewing the writing I did on chemtrails in 1999, it is easy to see that while we focused intently on understanding what was happening above our heads, our perspective and our thinking on the most important questions, what exactly was happening and why, was firmly captive to the Y2K hysteria.  What sort of theory could we come up with that would fit chemtrails into the possibility of martial law and social disintegration?   It was an impossible challenge because it was the wrong question.  It was not until millennium midnight had come and gone that we could settle down and look at the chemtrail program in a larger context.
I was honored during that period to be a guest on the Jeff Rense Program for several program segments devoted to chemtrails.  On my last appearance I made a prediction about the purpose of the chemtrail program which, as fate would have it, will soon prove to be true.  There was nothing mystical about it.  I simply pooled together everything we had observed up to that point and came to what seemed a logical, although terrifying conclusion.
If events continue as they are today, six years later, I may end up with the dubious honor of being  the only person to successfully predict a planet-wide catastrophe in modern times - something which has certainly never been my wish.
With a little luck I may be able to escape this honor because I avoided the actual words, "I predict".  I wanted so much for this thing NOT to happen, that I could only say it was "my worst fear" regarding the objective of the chemtrail program, and then hope that events would prove me wrong.  Since I am now making a second prediction that chemtrails will end soon, you need to put the two predictions together to make sense of what is about to happen.
In those days all we had to go on were logic, experience, and observation.  There were excellent photos of spray planes, and good reporting from many individuals all over the U.S., then Canada, and finally Europe.  In opposition there was a powerful campaign by paid disinformation agents to discourage open discussion.  You've run into them yourself if you've spent any time at all on any well attended internet forum.  They're usually called "professional debunkers" and their only mission is to shut down the exchange of information.  They were so useful, that a number of agencies continue to maintain full-time "debunker" squads even today.  The main hazard at the time was to get into a lengthy debate with one of these clowns, thinking that somehow you were going to "prove" something, when in fact the guy was getting well paid to waste as much of your time as possible.
The great enigma about chemtrails was their purpose.  We had quickly reached a pretty good understanding of the basic details, yet the operation still made little sense. I will quickly recap old history so you can see what we had to work with.  Although I'll be as brief as possible, there is still a lot of ground to cover so I apologize in advance for the length of the article.  The most important event in world history, with the possible exception of the atom bomb, cannot be explained in just a few sentences.
First, around 1989 the U.S. government announced a quest to make fires on crashed aircraft less explosive.  Spots were run on TV showing a jetliner being crashed in the desert and a large fireball.  About a year later it was announced that jet fuel would be reformulated to include a chemical that would help with the problem.  This was done, although no one can recall any demonstration of effectiveness.  Within a few years stories began to surface about health problems experienced by people working at or living near airports.  A grass roots campaign developed to pinpoint the cause and demand a solution.  The problem was most severe at airports in very cold locations, like Alaska, where clouds of raw jet fuel vapor were released from cold engines during the engine-start procedure.  In a number of cases people were able to obtain samples of jet fuel and have them analyzed.  The culprit was clearly pinpointed as the new additive, Ethylene Dibromide.
Ethylene Dibromide is one of the most toxic chemical pesticides ever developed, and also the first to be banned for all uses that would bring it in contact with the environment or any human being.  While it would supposedly be burned up in a hot jet engine, it was little wonder the vapor that escaped during aircraft refueling and cold engine starts was damaging people's health.  Eventually, and perhaps as late as 1988, the FAA announced that they would implement changes in how jet fuel was handled at airports and this would solve the problem.  There was no explanation of why this problem had not appeared previously.  All of this has since disappeared into one of those information black holes.  If you can find any hint of it on the web, then more power to you.  It would be a totally forgotten piece of history if we hadn't realized early on that chemtrail aircraft were dumping or spraying raw jet fuel right over our heads..
Several things were immediately apparent about the spray planes.  First, they weren't high enough to be making contrails and even if they were, the sprayed liquid was flashing into voluminous white visibility much too fast to have any connection with the process by which moisture in 1000 degree (F) jet exhaust can freeze into visible ice crystals. Second, you could literally watch the crew turn the pumps on and off when they were having fun with their aerial designs and, in the case of planes with older pumping systems that pulsed as they pumped, the sprayed liquid was literally coming out in clumps (there are still some pictures of this around).   Third, during the first six months or so, all the photographed planes were military refueling tankers, the aircraft that have the role of implementing Uncle Sam's chemical and biological warfare missions.
The sprayed material itself was clearly raw fuel.  In a few early cases where spraying was done at surprisingly low altitudes people could actually smell it, feel it on their skin, and even taste it.  Hanging in the air the double light refraction signature of jet fuel (gas and kerosene) could be seen if the sun was at the right angle, and you can easily see the predictable behavior of jet fuel vapor with its' two different densities.  By this I mean that if there is some wind blowing at the spraying altitude, the denser kerosene wants to stay put, while the lighter gasoline is more amenable to being pushed around.  This is why many chemtrails develop a thick, heavy edge (the kerosene) and a lighter feathery edge downwind where the gasoline is "bleeding" off.  In a strong wind you get an "angel hair" effect. That's why chemtrails smear all over the sky, instead of just drifting along as a single unit like a normal cloud of uniform water vapor.  You can see this for yourself.  Go ahead - take some pictures for the grandkids.  After all, they are never going to believe your stories of white streaks in the sky without some sort of proof.
Eager for any scrap of information, we did not miss the announcement that Boeing had received a huge and apparently unexpected order for refueling pumps although no new tankers were being built.  When the forerunners of a substantial fleet of leased commercial cargo craft, often from unlikely locations, appeared on the scene and demonstrated that they could spray fuel or just ethylene dibromide and perhaps water (the trail stays visible for only 20 plane-lengths or so), we knew where the pumps went.  And when the airlines announced that an unexpected increase in the cost of jet fuel was causing them to add a fuel surcharge to the price of a ticket, we knew where the extra jet fuel was going, too.
I have to admit we were very slow to grasp just how large the chemtrail program was, and still is today.  It is the largest air operation in history.  Every man, woman, and child in the United States has been dosed with chemical poison between three and four times a week, for the last seven years.  The very size of the operation, and the fact that it is being done in broad daylight makes it very difficult for most people to even grasp the concept. It also means really big money is being spent.
I estimated initially that the operating costs of aircraft and the price of fuel alone would be upwards of a billion dollars a year just for the U.S./Canada operations.  When we learned that the same thing was going on in Europe, it seemed reasonable to make it two billion a year.  Government being as wasteful as it is, it might be double even that.  This led me to publish my conclusion that no matter what we did, we were not going to be able to stop the chemtrail program simply because there was too much money on the table.  This has proven true time after time as various groups attempted to get lawmakers at any level to address the issue, with all failing dismally.
Remember, this was all showing up in 1999, while anyone who was awake had at least half their attention focused on what sort of survival food they could get this week to add to the growing stack of Y2K beans and canned goods in the pantry.  Of course, since most people today have an attention span of less than hour, it's like it never happened.  Still, I could write page after page...
The most startling, and indeed fearful event of 1999 was when, in the midst of ongoing chemical operations against its own population, Uncle began to experiment with biological delivery systems as well.  The chemical, ethylene dibromide, is six times heavier than air and falls to the ground right away.  There it blows in the wind through the target area, which can be up to sixty miles away, depending on wind speed.  The gasoline and kerosene vapors are not heavy at all, and the hundreds of thousands of gallons sprayed over Texas each day are probably being breathed by folks in Georgia.  We, on the other hand, get to breathe the fuel being sprayed over Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and so on.
Air dispensed biologicals have the same problem.  Microorganisms are almost weightless, and you have no idea where they will end up unless you devise a way to force them to ground level.  Three methods were used in 1999, but only two were detected.  The first was simply to dump large amounts of germ-laden liquids from relatively low altitude. People would find the stuff on their houses and cars in the morning, and call the cops.  No doubt it was then taken to labs to see what percentage of bugs survived.  This happened mostly in the northwest.
The second method tested was the spiderweb system which, if the machine is working right, dispenses thousands of tiny strands of a sticky white substance that can carry microorganisms to earth and then vaporize, leaving the germs to drift in the wind. Needless to say, if you ever see spiderweb stuff falling from the sky you need to run like hell.  You can probably still find references to these incidents on the net.  I don't think anyone ever saw the third method, but it sure killed a lot of people.
In community after community that year, hundreds of people would become ill all at the same time.  Some were sick for six weeks or more, and many died.  Authorities never seemed to have an interest in identifying the bug, and news organizations would never go farther than to describe the deaths as being caused by "flu-like symptoms".  In a year that CDC described as a very light flu season, 20,000 Americans managed to die of "Flu-Like" on top of the regular toll.  Large cities would suddenly announce that all the emergency rooms had become full virtually overnight.  However, while it was happening all around the country this news almost never spread outside the effected communities, making it clear that some sort of censorship was in effect.   You had to track it on line to stay abreast of what was happening.
Eventually the bug was isolated by an independent lab, which confirmed that it carried clear chemical markers of being lab created or manipulated.  Because the US is so large, and US media so well controlled, the epidemic of "Flu-Like" quickly became a non-event.  In the UK, however, everyone was aware of the crisis because the UK test really got out of hand.  Over 10,000 people died there, and health authorities were parking rented refrigerator trucks behind the hospitals to use as temporary morgues.  Many victims of  "Flu-Like" died in a rather unusual manner.  The lungs simply filled up with some kind of sticky gunk that couldn't be suctioned out or even removed surgically, and people were simply asphyxiated despite the best efforts of frantic medical personnel.  There were no incidents in which any victim of "Flue-Like" transmitted the illness to another person.
In the meantime, the objective of the chemtrail program still had everyone stumped. This was primarily because it was not having any obvious effects!  Every possible scenario was put on the table, taken at face value, and then poked and prodded until it died. For instance, suppose the planet has been invaded by some sort of alien life form.  Instead of panicking everyone, governments are exterminating the aliens quietly with chemical aerosols.  Hmmmm.  Not bad.  On the other hand, where are the dead aliens?  Is there any indication at all of damage caused by an alien menace, or improvement now that it is being neutralized.  Better yet, what's happening in the many countries that are not being sprayed?  Are alien bugs now running through the streets or devouring food supplies?  That is the most unusual theory that I can recall.  Equally unlikely, from my point of view, were the many ideas that suggested the government was trying to do something to benefit or protect everyone.  Since I cannot recall such a thing happening in my lifetime, these seemed pretty farfetched.  Nonetheless, each one was given a chance, though none survived scrutiny.
How about immunizing everyone against an Anthrax attack?  Sorry, the funding document you found on the web only authorized a future study to look into a possibility.  At any rate, biological weapons like Anthrax create only localized events, and nationwide programs are not a logical response.  Protection from global warming or some other form of weather control?  Sorry.  There was simply no difference whatsoever in the weather between countries being sprayed and countries that were not.  Purely wishful thinking.  Also attractive but just as fruitless were the many theories about chemtrails being part of some kind of test.
Various sorts of test have been proposed all along because, of course, tests do take place.  Tests involving radar or radio propagation?  Sure, why not?  Tests involving unusual compounds?  Of course.  On the other hand, can you imagine what would happen to any bureaucrat who authorized a multinational program costing over two billion dollars a year to test something that could just as easily have been tested in a few days over some forgotten part of North Dakota?  The poor idiot would be flayed alive.  Whatever chemtrails were, or still are for that matter, they are certainly no test.  And of course, simple observation of flight patterns, wind directions, and geography made it crystal clear from the very start that human beings are the targets of chemtrail operations.
Still, we could not come up with a purpose.   However, the primary rule of evaluating any event that appears on the national or world stage is to hold firmly to the understanding that whatever the results you see, they are the results that were intended by the folks who actually run things.  The people that control this planet, unenlightened as they may be, still own most of the money in the world and can hire the brightest minds around. Consequently, their ability to orchestrate desired results approaches absolute perfection.  What you see is what they intended.
Americans have a very obvious blind spot in this regard.  We are heavily programmed to regard national figures as geniuses before an election, and idiots on the day after.  This makes us incapable of evaluating national events.  Got a big problem like illegal immigration?  The ignorant will moan and groan about government stupidity, ineptitude, lack of attention, poor funding or failed promises.  Just think of it as the mantra of the mentally impotent. 
Those who are politically aware will look at the problem and realize that what we see is exactly what was intended, and most likely a great deal of time and money has been spent in making it so.  This means that you must first acknowledge that all these people that don't speak very good English are here because our government wants them here, and has bent over backwards to get them here.  Only then can you attempt to understand the problem, and unless your conclusion involves some reason why the result you see is highly desirable then you simply don't have the answer yet.
Applying this logic to chemtrails, I had to first accept the obvious.  If repeatedly dosing people with small amounts of raw petrochemicals and the world's most toxic pesticide would eventually ruin their immune system and make them less resistant to airborne disease (which in fact were some of the known consequences of exposure) then, (duh!) the objective of the chemtrail program was to make people more susceptible to airborne diseases, and less capable of surviving them.  Any line of reasoning that did not take this into account would be a waste of time.
Of course there is then the vital corollary:   If we could not also discover why this was a workable or desirable solution to a problem that was much more serious than two or three billion dollars a year (for seven years now), then we could still lay no claim to really knowing what was going on.  As it turned out, none of us could puzzle out the "why" of chemtrails at the time, although it is fairly obvious now.
Nonetheless, one more piece of the future was indeed right before our eyes, for the most part obscured in Y2K mania, but it was enough for me to see the chemtrail endgame and make my "prediction" on Rense Radio.  In fact, I had already said and written on a number of occasions that the chemtrail program must necessarily be a two-part campaign. The first step was obviously chemical, and the second step must necessarily be biological. There would be no point in weakening the population's resistence to disease, if you did not follow up by delivering a disease.  Even though none of us could yet see any advantage in killing huge numbers of people, the logic that dictated it was going to happen was inescapable.  The thirty thousand deaths from the tests of biological delivery methods was simply confirmation that a much larger biological event was on the way.
Actually, the only objection that was ever raised to this scenario came from ordinary folks who asked how our country's leaders and senior military could consider running such an operation when they and their families would also be at risk.  This was a serious question, but the answer was fairly obvious.  No one in their right mind is going to intentionally release a killer disease unless they have a protective vaccine.  This means that the Clintons and Gores, the Bushes and the Cheneys, and all the rest of the killers and thugs that seem to be running things these days were long ago promised that they would be protected.  They could be getting their shots right now as you are reading this.
Actually there are clues that suggest the vaccine was ready at least a year ago, if not two, so if you thought you were in the upper levels power and you haven't gotten your secret shots yet, you are probably S.O.L.
Any way, there we were in the midst of Y2K craziness, taking countless telephoto snaps of planes spewing chemtrails all over the skies, beating our brains out wondering if the government was really going to kill us all, but also wondering how we were going to eat all that Y2K rice and beans.  What an odd coincidence it was when not one, not two, but three scientific institutions suddenly announced that for no apparent reason they had all found the funding to mount expeditions to the far corners of the earth in an attempt to obtain live samples of a disease organism that had killed more people than any other lethal agent in history.
Well, gee whiz.
So now you understand how I found myself on the Jeff Rense program shortly after Y2K, telling everyone once again that chemtrails had to be the first part of a two-part program and that even though we still didn't understand why it was happening, my greatest fear for the second part, the biological culmination, was the intentional release of 1918 Spanish Influenza, or some minor but souped-up variation.
Of course this would be a catastrophe that would involve the entire planet.  Unlike SARS, this is a disease that is communicable before symptoms appear, so it naturally spreads like wildfire.  I've had plenty of time to research the 1918-19 pandemic and believe me, you have no idea of just how bad this is going to become.  And, as I pointed out at the beginning, way too much time and money has been spent on making this happen for there to be even the slightest chance that the disaster can be avoided.
When it is over we can all wonder why the mortality rate in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, and most of Europe was so much higher than one would expect of countries with well developed medical systems.  And so much lower in those countries where people are in good health but were free of chemtrails.
Considering that the main event is now relatively imminent, I don't think there's much risk then in going on the record today to predict that chemtrails will end soon.
Naturally, since the program has run for seven long years, there's some elasticity in the word "soon".  Will it be before the germ is released, to help people avoid making the connection?  Or will they keep on spraying to maximize the  mortality rate and then taper off to nothing when the pandemic has run it's course?  Well, only the controllers really know, although the decision was no doubt made years ago.  Nonetheless we will eventually have blue skies again.  Whether the general public will even notice is an interesting question.
Regarding chemtrails themselves, there is one thing I would ask you to do.  Start carrying a camera around with you and keep your eyes open for a good spray day.  When you see a sky filled with white streaks in strange patterns, go ahead and shoot up a roll of film.  Try to get some buildings or a landmark in some of the shots to establish a visual reference.  When you get the prints back, just put them away in a safe place.
You are going to see that chemtrails will soon disappear into another of those information black holes and become a non-event.  But there will come day, years from now, when you may be talking with your grandkids about the great pandemic.  Take out the pictures.  They, living once again in a world of blue skies will be amazed.  Explain to them that for seven years before the great pandemic your government sprayed chemicals on everyone, and this is what it looked like, even though most people didn't even notice.  When they're old enough, give them the pictures and ask that they also show their own kids, and so on.  Things like this absolutely must be remembered and for that to happen we must all do our part.  Chemtrails will also be preserved in motion pictures that were filmed during this period, and sometimes are quite noticeable.  You can watch "Bourne Supremacy", for instance, and play a game called "spot the chemtrails".   
Best wishes to all,
Ken Welch



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