The Nazi Bush Regime
By Ted Lang

I believe it was Dr. Albert Einstein who offered that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results was a sign of insanity.  A minority segment of the Internet's new Alternative Media [AM] is desperately trying to awaken the American people to the dangerous Nazi regime that now controls America and threatens it and the rest of the world.  The independent and Bush-challenging AM frequently make reference to the warnings articulated in the sobering fiction offered by such writers as George Orwell and Aldous Huxley.
The blow-by-blow methodical laundry listing of actual political events leading a nation to Nazification was never more thoroughly documented than by the efforts of William L. Shirer in his Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.  Journalist Shirer explains how the fun-loving German people were quickly taken over by the Nazis: "they were unarmed and unorganized."
Shirer completely missed the most important of the three "U" descriptives: "uninformed."  Hitler's first financial commitment to Nazism was his purchase of a newspaper made possible by the donations of his early backers.  Nazism, fascism, communism and any form of government tyranny require all three qualities to facilitate the subjugation of a people: ignorance, lack of organized opposition and lack of the means to exact corrective force.
Might it have been that Hitler's ascendancy to power and the launching of Nazism in 1930s Germany was so successful because of the journalistic support and propaganda he controlled?  Might this have been too much for journalist Shirer to admit to, or did Shirer merely overlook that connection?  I believe that it was the same degree of analytical selectivity whereby he wrote off Hitler's hatred for the Jews as just a unique kind of insanity.  Hitler was simply "nuts" and communism had absolutely nothing to do with Jews.
Nazi notables, Dr. Joseph Goebbels and Herman Goering, collaborated in describing the relative ease a tyrannical regime has in totally subjugating a once-free people.  Goebbels offered, "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."  And Goering observed, "The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders...tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger."
Clearly, in order to fool all the people all the time and to set US up for that most profitable of all political rackets, namely war, control and domination of the press, as well as all elements of the American media, is absolutely vital in a nation that once was characterized as being so abundantly wealthy in individual freedom.  Such a nation would quickly recognize tyranny and be readily critical of any and all threats to its freedoms.  Just as the first Nazi regime initially launched itself by securing a vital propaganda tool, think of the smashing advantage and experience the current Nazi regime has over the first via the total power of the Zionist media.
As a writer and long-time fan has frequently pointed out, the Hitler regime was just a dry run for the real thing: the unending Nazi regime headed by members of the Bush and Clinton crime families.  Grandpa Bush, Prescott, was Hitler's chief financier.  He siphoned off the remaining Nazi Union Banking funds to launch the Bush family wealth.  And yet more Nazi funding and assets were used and transferred to create the "American" CIA.  Nazi intelligence agency operatives transferred under Grandpa Bush to the CIA launched many covert operations in South America with the intent of giving the Reich a new start in this hemisphere. 
And as the CIA has been closely and irrevocably linked to Israeli intelligence, the Mossad, evidence continues to surface linking clandestine international crisis creation and management to this unholy partnership of the CIA and Mossad.  They have been linked to both JFK assassinations, the more recent one disguised as pilot's "spatial disorientation" on the part of JFK Jr.  This, in spite of the fact that bits and pieces of his plane were found over a wide area of Martha's Vineyard indicating an onboard explosion, was written off by the plutocratic Zionist media as a simple "pilot error" accident.
The Nazi regime of George W. Bush has huge advantages over that of Adolf Hitler's; namely, virtual control over all the American media.  Where Hitler's actions were undertaken largely for the benefit of Germany, the Nazi administration of George W. Bush serves only the nation of Israel.  Israel's fantastic wealth originating from American taxpayers and generous donations from hoodwinked, honest and wealthy Jews, as well as a supportive Zionist media, has allowed the Israeli purchase of the United States Congress through the second most powerful lobby in Washington: the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC.  As those who frequent the independent AM know, this agency of a foreign government controls virtually all U.S. policy overseas and enjoys tax exempt status as well!  This clearly violates the IRS code.  AIPAC's power in Washington is second only to the lobbying power of the American Association of Retired Persons [AARP]. 
And just as the conversion of "Judaism" to a nation state is the manifestation of Zionism, it was anti-Jewish "Jewish" Zionists who collaborated with Adolf Hitler and sacrificed their own to secure the world sympathy needed to legitimize the "Jewish State" that is modern Israel.  Modern Israel's establishment as a nation was launched by the Rothschild-Rockefeller-inspired and controlled Council on Foreign Relations, which established itself in 1945.  Through their efforts and that of the United Nations, modern Israel came into being in 1948.  Israel was the creation of the United States and Great Britain and validated via the UN.
Almost immediately after its creation, Israel launched endless campaigns of terror and mass murder against the Palestinians, the latter having originally welcomed the Jewish Zionists to their part of the world and intending only peace.  It was Israel that initiated terrorism first in the Middle East, and continues to do so.  Its power has always been the undaunted support of the governments of the United States and Great Britain.
The outrageous and humongous billions in American foreign aid to Israel, as well as the illegal transfer of trillions of dollars in military assets by such as former Pentagon Comptroller Dov Zacheim, an Israeli citizen, have empowered Israel to where it is now the most dangerous and powerful nation in the world.  It ranks 106th
in the world's population, coming in at slightly over six million.  It has somewhere between 200 and 400 nuclear warheads/devices, putting it at around fourth in ranking as a world nuclear power.  Yet all its imperial gains come by way of the sacrifice of young Americans in our military who are fighting and dying in wars waged by American politicians on behalf of Israel.  Iran is next on the Israel-American imperialistic agenda.
In spite of its formal creation by the United Nations, Israel is among those few member nations that lead the rest in terms of violations of UN resolutions.  Most of the technology for nuclear armaments that Israel obtained was either stolen from the United States, or was acquired via spying operations directed against the US via such "Jewish" organizations as AIPAC, the Israeli Embassy, the ADL, and through military alliances and shared secrets.  And of course, it is always Israel that sets itself up as both judge and jury deciding which nations shall be allowed nuclear capability, and which shall not.  Needless to say, Israel is among those very few nations with nuclear capability that has consistently refused to join the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty [NPT].
In 1967, our "ally" Israel, the non-NPT participating and greatest violator of UN resolutions, and the nation that stole our nuclear secrets, attacked an unarmed United States Navy signal/intelligence ship, the USS Liberty.  Our "ally" Israel obviously attempted to kill all our Navy personnel aboard and sink the ship.  The reason?  To blame it all on the Egyptians with whom they were at war at the time in order to ignite the anger of both the American military and the American people!  But Israel botched this "false flag" operation, killing only 34 of our Navy personnel and wounding 173.  They ran like hell when they thought armed US reinforcements were on their way to help the defenseless ship.  President Lyndon Johnson and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara knew of the act of war against America, but covered it up with the help of the Zionist "American" press to protect America-Israeli "interests."
In 1981, when Saddam Hussein and the U.S. were in the process of oil pipeline negotiations, Israel saw its role with the United States as being greatly diminished and threatened.  It appeared that the U.S. and Iraq were beginning to make great strides in assuming mutually beneficial roles as regards the petroleum trade.  Israel seized the opportunity to attack Saddam's nuclear power-generating plant, the latter a peaceful project, citing it as a potential "nuclear threat."  Israel had learned of the location of the power plant from information and maps provided by the CIA. 
That same "nuclear threat" nonsense is being pitched today by Israel and its America-based propaganda organizations: AIPAC, the ADL, the B'nai B'rith, the MSM, and the pro-Israeli/pro-Bush-dependent AM.  The propaganda is to incite yet another illegal invasion and attack upon peaceful Iran.  Dispensationalist Christian Fundamentalist Joe Farah, on both his website WorldNetDaily and monthly magazine, vociferously and continually pontificate that it is Iran that is the most dangerous nation in the world, hoping to propagandize the need to sacrifice yet more lives and the limbs of our American military for Israeli and New World Order imperialism.  Anyone that challenges Israel on this is immediately smeared as being "anti-Semitic" by these defaming organizations putting Israel first and America last.
Israel, via "campaign donations" and political action funding, has basically bribed the entire United States Congress.  The Bush crime family's connections to Zionism, the Rockefeller-Rothschild international bankers, the Nazi-originated CIA, and the CIA's connection to the Mossad, are all part of the critical mass that establishes and protects the horrendous domestic and international criminal activities of the Nazi Bush regime and its allies.  They have become "untouchable."  It used to be the "good guys" in America who were supposed to be untouchable ­ now, it's the bad guys!
The MSM's talk radio, network and cable televised news and entertainment, Hollywood movies, newspapers and magazines, and their controlling "Jewish" Zionist families, will never do anything to attack the criminal Nazi Bush Regime.  That's why G. Bush is always smirking.  He knows all the evil that is done in his name, even if he himself is not clever enough to perpetrate it!  Condescending essays, articles and columns written purportedly attacking Bush, but exuding pity because he's a "bit short" on either intellectual skills or in the common sense department, offer no positive service at all to America or Americans.  The independent Alternative Media must focus on continually hammering this criminal Nazi Bush regime, and must start to make the "Nazi" label stick!  Any other political label, "liberal" or "conservative" or "Democrat" or "Republican" are of absolutely no significance and totally unimportant. 
And the most damaging of condescending labels imaginable is that of "neoconservative."  There is absolutely nothing either "neo" or "conservative" about this unintentionally forgiving label.  Go ask any American on the street if he or she knows what is meant by the term "neoconservative" and prove my point.  Then ask them who the second and fifth presidents of the United States were!
H.L. Mencken was the first journalist, at least to my knowledge, who put the blame of bad government squarely on the people.  He figured Americans for "boobs" and coined such terms as "boobus Americanus" and the American "booboisie."  Mencken was not only extremely observant of the astonishing political stupidity of the booboisie led by "poltroons," "idiots," "half-wits" and "morons" during his time, but could see such idiotic leaders eventually occupying the White House as is currently the case: "On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron."  Enter G. Bush from stage right, er left, ugh, maybe center, well, maybe
And taking advantage of stupid and uninformed America are the new Bush propagandists of the Nazi Bush regime-supporting "alternate media."  In fact, there isn't a damned thing at all "alternate" about them.  They have become a worse threat than the dangerous label of "neoconservative."
As WorldNetDaily and Joe Farah cry and moan about the horrible things being done to the Christian religion via the Zionist ACLU, he applauds the Zionist and Christian Fundamentalist rebuke of the Presbyterian Church when it announced it was no longer supporting Israel via its $7 billion investment portfolio.  Here's Farah's vision after calling Presbyterians "prostitutes": "The PCUSA is the first and only church in America to vote to divest from Israel ­ equating the Jewish state with the apartheid state of South Africa.  U.S. Jews are understandably upset, given lingering tensions over persecution in the past.  They are also concerned about another policy adopted by the church at its annual meeting ­ refusing to cut off funding of evangelism of Jews.  Let me attempt to put to rest any concerns about the Presbyterians evangelizing Jews.  Have no fear, my Jewish friends, of evangelism by these Presbyterians.  They have demonstrated their woeful inability to evangelize anyone in the last 20 years.  All you have to do is look at the denomination's dwindling numbers."
Farah continues: "But the PCUSA does command a $7 billion investment portfolio.  And, therefore, it is of concern that its decision to divest from Israel might set off a chain reaction among other liberal mainline denominations.  The problem with these people is not that they don't understand the Middle East.  It is simply that they are no longer able to tell right from wrong. They are no longer able to distinguish between good and evil.  They are no longer able to see the difference between freedom and tyranny.  They are no longer able to judge between criminal and victim.  They have, in short, completely lost their moral bearings."
See?  Only Joe Farah is qualified to see good from evil, even if he is unable to distinguish between modern man-made Israel and the real nation of Israel described in the Old Testament.  This is the "complexity" of Israel and the Middle East he repeatedly cites.  And only Joe Farah and Bill O'Reilly are qualified to separate good Zionists like Ariel Sharon from the bad Zionists of the Christmas-bashing ACLU!  But truth be known, the "Z-word" is undoubtedly not even in their respective vocabularies.  David Letterman had it almost right when putting O'Reilly down on his Late Show on Tuesday, January 3rd
offering, "60 percent of what you [O'Reilly] say is crap!"  The truth is that 100% of what O'Reilly, Hannity, Farah, Limbaugh and the rest of these Bush media propagandists offer is a mountain of steaming bovine dung!
And then there's Christopher Ruddy's NewsMax, another vast Bush wasteland!  As I couldn't bring myself to actually read the specifics of their latest pro-Bush obnoxious offering, the topic's headline said it all: "Poll Shows 80% of Americans Support Bush Spying."  Eighty percent, huh?!  They offer that 150,000 of their loyal dimwits and boobs provided these astonishing results.  Eighty percent, huh?!  Can there be any doubt what the next polls from NewsMax will be?
How about: "Ninety Percent of Americans Support Bush Torture of Themselves, Their Families, Friends, Neighbors and Fellow Workers?!"  Or, "Americans Overwhelmingly Support Having Their Eyes Gouged Out With Red Hot Irons by Bush Torturers."  Or maybe, "Almost 100% of Americans Eagerly Await the 'Midnight Knock!'"  My apologies for the warped attempt at humor considering the seriousness of this subject and my feeble shock and awe approach calling for common sense; but if 150,000 of my loyal fans, obviously the upper crust of boobUS AmericanUS, would have responded to such an idiotic poll, I believe I would have had enough sense not to even bother publishing it.
But even more unbelievable, was when one of WorldNetDaily's premier writers lashed out at the Drudge Report for not loyally following the journalistic creed and reporting the truth to the American people.  And of course, the writer never identifies Zionism as the reason why the MSM and pro-Bush AM protects the Bush regime  To be sure, as I have pointed out so often, if any of these pro-Bush alternative media websites only told the truth, the American booboisie would react as though hit in the face with a bucket of ice water.
The terrific protection of the criminal Bush regime provided by both the Zionist MSM and the AM's heavily trafficked pro-Bush websites, have rendered the truly independent AM virtually voiceless.  Yet even the minority voice that is the independent AM has now attracted the State Department's attention, and you can be sure that a laundry list of alphabet federal government snoop agencies are carefully monitoring the few "dangerous" AM websites who are committing the federal offense of telling the truth.
It is the phony "American" media, both MSM and AM, which is covering for the horrific crimes of the criminal Nazi Bush regime.  And those crimes all started with the carefully planned and somewhat successful "terrorist" acts seemingly perpetrated against the United States by agents and elements of foreign states; but increasing evidence points to the CIA, the Israeli Mossad and the Israeli citizens who controlled the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.
Simply using reverse logic, or for that matter, any logic, and you will quickly come to realize that the United States of America, with the greatest wealth of any nation in the world, with the greatest and most powerful military of any nation in the world, and with the greatest radar and air defense systems in the entire world, could never have been so unprepared as we supposedly were on Tuesday, September 11, 2001.  The terrorist acts we nickname "9-11" were all perpetrated by the highest elements within the criminal Nazi Bush regime, with the only possible exception as regards both knowledge and complicity being the "downright moron" and Resident of the United States: G. Bush! 
You can just bet Cheney, Sharon, Rumsfeld, Rove and the Pentagon Zionists knew of the 9-11 false flag operation so desperately needed to Nazify America!  And the Towers did come down by controlled demolition, as even the huge amounts of white kerosene jet fuel could never generate enough heat to melt the structural steel originally designed to take a direct hit from a Boeing 707.  And collapse from explosives was so perfectly engineered so as to cause them to collapse perfectly into their own foundations' footprint.  The world's leading explosives and terrorist demolitions experts are the agents of the Mossad, five of whom were captured by the Bergen County, New Jersey Police that day with traces of explosives in their van.  They were allowed to return to Israel!
It is ancient history to those getting their news and facts from the independent AM that the signatories and participants in the Project for the New American Century strongly interconnected plans for America and Israel calling for another "Pearl Harbor of the 21st
Century."  American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his fellow communist enabler, Winston Churchill, collaborated resulting in the planned inevitability of the December 21, 1941 "sneak attack" of the Pearl Harbor of the 20th
Century.  American intelligence broke the Japanese code, and learned two things from intercepted messages between Tokyo and their embassy in Berlin; first, the administration of FDR and the Navy learned that the Japanese fleet was underway to attack Pearl; but secondly, they learned that Ribbentrop and Hitler signed a mutual defense pact with the Japanese.  That was the real intelligence FDR was looking for; it ensured that after the "sneak attack" on Pearl, Roosevelt and Churchill could wage war on Nazi Germany thereby making the world safe for communism.
Zionism is in tune with any form of government tyranny.  But Zionism qualifies tyranny and sees it only in an unfavorable light if such tyranny rejects a global agenda and overrides this objective with a preference for its own national sovereignty.  Zionism demands that a global focus be imposed over the interests of a subjugated people.  Hitler did not do that.  He opposed the "Jewish" intellectualism of global communism.  Zionist support of Hitler generated world sympathy for persecuted Jews that allowed the creation of the modern man-made state of Israel.  And Israel and Zionism are the means to achieve global domination for the New World Order.  And Zionism and Bush are on the same page.
Iran is next!
 © 1/16/06 All rights reserved  
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.
Dear Sir:
I just finished an article entitled "The Nazi Bush Regime" by Lang. I am disturbed by something which I have observed in numerous articles, with similar subjects as this one:
There appears to be a tendency to use the word "Zionist" interchangeably with "Israeli" and with "Jewish," to the point that it is a bit unnerving. Outside of one passing deference to the "naive" yet "well-intentioned" American Jewry, there is little to make clear any distinction in the writer's mind between the intent of this malevolent force, and the conscious behavior of Jews world-wide.
Let me be clear: Most Jews--in Israel as well as the United States-- wish to survive and to live in peace. Moreover, the government of Israel, which has made concessions based upon the demands put upon it by our glorious administrations, past and present, is not interested in being some kind of world power or threat, but rather has the exact same interests as do the rest of the world--to live in peace.
I don't know where you got your information about the Liberty Ship Incident. I had occasion to challange Craig Hosmer, the then- representative from Orange County, to his accusation similar to yours. I had the Congressional Record, and I extracted a public apology from him in from of almost a thousand people.
The force shown to the Palestinians in 1948 was in some or many instances excessive and even unforgivable. Now that we have established that thunderbolt of truth, it is naive in the extreme to think that the actions of Israel today are anything fundamentally motivated by the need not to be blown up--by Palestinian terrorists or by anyone else, for that matter.
Most Palestinians have more insight into this situation than you do. I have seen them interviewed. If Israel wished to take out the Palestinians, she would have no problem in doing so. She has evacuated Gaza; and we have all seen what wonderful reception that got in Palestine. The Jordanian Royal Guard, when attacked by the PLO, wiped the intruders out, and drove them from their land, which, in case you didn't know it, was--and is---80% of what has been labeled as "Jordan."
While we're on the subject, I don't see the Arab nations devoting anywhere near the money and effort to the Palestinians as have the Israelis.
Here's a pop quiz question: Which nation armed, gave money to, assisted, and brought their leader back from exile--for the Palestinians? I'll give you a hint: Israel. We see how much that accomplished.
People with your limited insight into all sides of this issue should give Israel pause to consider that, had they followed the Jordanian tack, would have settled the problem once and for all. This, they did not do, and we are all paying the price.
...including Israel.
Moss David Posner, M.D.



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