Back Stabbing And Name
Calling Weaken The
Alternative Media

By Judy Andreas

The alternative press has all but legally changed its name to the alternative mess. "Back stabbing" and "name calling" seem to be the latest pastimes of the disgruntled and the disenfranchised.
Say what you will about the mainstream media: they may be liars but they are not fools. Does Bill O'Reilly talk about Rush Limbaugh's pill popping ? Does Sean Hannity discuss Bill O'Reilly's creative use of the telephone? Of course not. They are not being phony, they are being wise.
The alternative media, on the other hand, needs nobody to weaken our credibility: we are doing it to ourselves. How much energy is spent "name calling" and "back biting?" How are we going to enlist the help of millions of our brothers and sisters when we appear so childish and mean spirited to those we are seeking to attract?
Recently, I read a wonderful paragraph by Rick Stanley, a card carrying member of the alternative news media. Stanley believes that there is no point in "attacking" certain individuals for their "mistakes" and "human failings". He states that such actions damage the entire "Patriot" movement. Rick believes that we should stop pointing out what he characterizes as the "sins" and "mistakes" of others. He rightly professes " we are all sinners. "
AMEN Brother Stanley. What a simple yet powerful message. We all have skeletons in the closet. Demeaning one another is not an effective strategy for taking down the cabal that is destroying our planet; the cabal that is about to enslave us.
The latest contestant in the dart throwing contest is a distinguished doctor. I have heard her talk about her triumph over cancer and have known people who have invested in her treatment plan. I have listened to her on Coast to Coast as well as the Gary Null show. However, it was Jeff Rense who gave her a monthly spot. And now, after years of promoting this doctor's videos and defending her against her staunch critics, Jeff finds himself the target of her accusations. One of her gripes is that Jeff mixes occult topics with her "preferred" New World Order expose.
Perhaps I suffer from poor vision, but I see no harm being done. I see no harm in providing readers with a vast array of possibilities. I see no harm in discussing UFO's. Quite the contrary. Since I have not researched the entire galaxy, I am open to the possibility that there may be intelligent life in the universe. It certainly does not appear to be residing on Planet Earth.
Although I have never spoken to Barry Chamish, I doubt whether he sees eye to eye with Ernst Zundel. And yet, they are both featured on Jeff Rense's site. There appears to be ample room for different points of view. There appears to be ample room for Christians, Atheists and New Agers too.
"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
One of Jeff's most powerful attributes is that he allows his readers to arrive at their own conclusions, rather than to tyrannize them into a preferred point of view.
I like George Noory very much and am pleased that he has found a way to explore such crucial topics as 911. Two of his staunchest critics have routinely mocked George for his exploration of the metaphysical. They have complained that Alex Jones was George's favorite son. And yet, when given a chance to address a large Coast to Coast audience last week, the formerly critical duo had a cyber orgasm that could be heard Coast to Coast. How soon we forget. When opportunity knocked at the proverbial door, the critics blithely entered along with the "shadow people" and "time travelers."
Another voice of viciousness is the incredible shrinking show from France called "I Am The Witless". Day after day, the audience is subjected to "Tall Tales From the Crypto Jew" as this host frenetically hurls accusations most likely born of jealousy rather than research.
When is this going to cease? When are we going to stop feeding upon one another? When are we going to realize that "DIVIDED WE FALL" is a great deal more than a cliche.
We are up against a formidable and extremely diabolical enemy. How are we going to make our voices heard? One thing is certain. It will not be by fighting amongst ourselves.
If malice or envy were tangible and had a shape, it would be the shape of a boomerang. ~Charley Reese
Copyright 2006 Judy Andreas
Elmer Worthington
Judy, With all due respect for your admirable call to take the high road, it is the height of naivete to think the back-stabbing can be halted. NEVER happen. It's just not seeing reality. The net is full of intel, globalist assets, agents and sympathizers...and just plain dolts and sick egomaniacs like the elderly 'Christian' doctor...who will continue to attack others, start arguments, use slander, lies and defamation with not the slightest worry of accountability because,as she smugly writes: "By speaking out on my own website, I can freely state truth without any concern about offending sponsors, or special-interest groups, or the host of the program."
We used to call that being a 'chicken shit' ... an old-fashioned term that maybe the aging, retired MD might recall. There will only be an increase of attacks and deception.
Hooray for your kind idealism, Judy
One can only hope...
Ellen Silver
Dear Judy,
First of all, the good 'Doctor' didn't 'resign' anything, nor did Jeff 'accepther resignation.' She was under no contract whatever, simply a standing invitation to appear monthly to hawk her videos and give health advice. She didn't get her way in trying to force Jeff to post some of her recent slanderous material and so she picked up her marbles and went home in a fit. And then she attacked the person from whom she had taken so much.
The self-serving and grossly ungrateful smear of Jeff on her site reveals mountains about this woman whose tone on Jeff's program had become so shrill and seemingly racist/anti-Jewish in the last year that I and many other acquaintances who listen regularly to Jeff, wrote to him and implored him to get her off his program.
Her contempt and rage at most Jews was not hidden by her recent addition of the word 'zionist' in front of 'Jews' during her endless rants. Jeff is pro-Jewish (and every other religion) and he was the first in broadcasting to make it clear that geopolitical Zionism and the Zionist/NWO apartheid racist state of Isral are the big problem on the planet and NOT Jews or Judaism. Zionism uses Jews as expendable, just like world Zionists did in WW11 when they sacrificed millions of Jews to the suffering and ordeal of the Holocaust. Just use the search engine and read the proof of it on written by two Jewish scholar/writers: Dr. Henry Makow, PhD and the legendary Lenni Brenner.
The good doctor was very, very late in using the term 'zionist' and did so, it appeared, to try to cover up what seemed to all of us as clear hatred for most Jews. Jeff is clearly anti-Zionist and has been thanked for same by many, many Jews and rabbis around the world. Meanwhile, government net agents and others who are simply not mentally well have even criticized Jeff as a 'gatekeeper' for Jews, which shows their hatred immediately. Anyone who reads or listens to him knows Jeff doesn't keep the 'gate' for anyone or any group.
Because he was the first in network radio and on his site to expose Zionists and Zionism and Jewish Supremacist groups, he's been a major target of that ilk and government disinformation pros and psychos like the chicken WINGS and a few other crackpots.
But back to the Doctor's shrill, almost cuckoo, self-indulgent rant. She conveniently (laughably) has completely ignored the SCIENCE and GENETICS of H5N1 in her rush to dismiss this very real avian virus and to blame Zionists, Jews and the NWO for perpetrataing a 'hoax.' SURE, big pharma and a plethora of crooks will profit from it, should it go human as a pandemic, oh, what a 'big surprise.' Any nitwit knows 'they' always find a way to profit from tragedy and death.
Did someone create or tweak H5N1? It's possible. But Frau Doctor refuses to recognize the SCIENCE and scientific research of Dr. Henry Niman, PhD who has been on Jeff's program every month for the past year. He has brilliantly forecast how the virus would most probably recombine in the bird population and its primary directions of geographical spread. Dr. Ninam was and is correct. The virus is - just as he projected - LEARNING, and it is picking up more and more (PROVEN by gene-sequencing) human-adaptable and human-vectoring characteristics.
To me and others, many others I suspect, Frau Day presents through her ravings as a jealous, self-aggrandizing, arrogant egomaniacal 'Christian' (her way or you're an ignorant, misguided heathen) who is well past her prime and seems to be a woman who might have suffered some kind of major mental, emotional and psychological 'reorganization' or dilemma over the past year or so. That's why many of us wrote to Jeff and implored him to cut her loose.
But he's a loyal man and has lavished her with steadfast support and praise, as we've listened to, for years. For example, her outright dismissal of all of Dr. Niman's work because SHE, the great 'Christian' (her way or you're ignorant trash) doesn't approve of his using the multitude of normal and even the unusual worldwide basic journalist sources of data. If you actually read Dr. Niman's painstakingly assembled and fully-attributed commentaries, you will find every single one to be sourced and credited. Dr. Niman draws from countless sources, from local news reports and agencies to major wire services, newspapers, reports, summaries, eyewitness accounts, input from Doctors and scientists from around the world, etc, etc, to track and study this virus. NO journalist could do one whit better. As a fellow health professional, he is a hero in my view.
Meanwhile, Frau Day seems OBSESSED and PARANOID in her rush to paint him as incompetent and stupid - if not downright involved - in her dingbat idea of a conspiracy. She even claims he is likely to, or is actively engaged in working toward, PROFITING from H5N1. Never mind that he has, along with Dr. Doyle, continually and unceasingly dismissed the idea that a vaccine could be made to combat this changing and recombining series of H5N1 viruses. Dr. Niman is ANTI-VACCINE. End of story.
It does seem to all of us that Ms. Sun City is rather jealous of both Niman and Doyle. Obsessively so. Just read this from her smear:
"Since Dr. Niman's company is heavily-involved with the vaccine industry, and therefore, would significantly benefit financially from a "Bird Flu" pandemic, he certainly could have a real conflict of interest in the "Bird flu" situation. Much of the information he posts would be very difficult, if not impossible, to verify, as the cases of supposed "Bird Flu" come from obscure, tiny towns and villages - the smallest "nooks and crannies" on the globe. How does he get this information? Where does he get this information? What
are his sources?
Let's take this apart. First, Dr. Niman has carefully, studiously,and absolutely MOCKED the idea that there could be a vaccine for H5N1. He has been CRYSTAL CLEAR about that, as has Dr. Doyle. But Frau Doctor writes: "...and therefore, would significantly benefit financially from a 'Bird Flu' pandemic." Oh, really? And where is the proof of such a hateful, addled and baseless claim? There is none, zero. This kind of statement is de facto defamation. Niman is not in this for any profit in any way from a 'vaccine' ...which he views as a JOKE and a HOAX. He is a scientist pioneering his own research about how viruses change via RECOMBINATION.
"How does he get this information?"
He gets it from the same sources any good journalist, enterprising researcher or scientist does. He has meticulously given full and complete attribution to EVERY source in EVERY article or commentary he has written. And they are ALL MORE THAN REASONABLE to consider. Local newspapers, local DOCTORS and health pros from all over the path of the H5N1 virus. But the great doctor dismisses all of them in her paranoid view of the world. Perhaps she would prefer Dr. Niman would use a crystalball and tea leaves?
"Where does he get this information?"
"What are his sources."
Here is where the good doctor shows more of her defects. Dr. Niman's work shows exactly where he searches for - and locates - his material: from wire reports, internet reports, emails and data from scientists and health professionals on the scene, news services, newspapers, tv and radio reports, in short any kind of source imaginable. Just read his Commentaries, all attributions are there, you name it and he has sought them out. He is incredibly diligent in his pursuit of the truth, and always qualifies things very, very carefully.
As all of us who listen to him on Jeff's program and read his work on his site know and can see, Dr. Niman couldn't be doing a more thorough and complete job of scouring the world for useful data. He's incredible. Frau Day's HIT PIECE on Niman is despicable by ANY measure. However, she saves her most vicious and unpardonable character assassination for Great Grandmother Dr. Patricia Doyle, Ph.D. both in her H5N1 is a 'Hoax' screed and her note about 'resigning' from Jeff's program.
As you can hear in Jeff's Archives, she disparages and smears both Niman and Doyle on Jeff's program...and then in writings on her own site. I was a huge supporter of Day, as were many of my friends, and I have never been more shocked and disgusted by anyone I had held in high regard in my life.
Dr. Doyle says she went to vet school in the Caribbean under her maiden name. She also wrote about her education at length in at the end of several articles she sent to I read them. She has every right to privacy, as all of us do. But that doesn't seem to matter to the doctor who bludgeoned the woman with words and intimidation trying to force her to give up her right to privacy. Dr. Doyle refused as Day writes, and so the great doctor resorts to calling Doyle a 'zionist infiltrator' !!
Never mind that Dr. Doyle has spent the better part of ten years as a guest on Jeff's program bringing forth and endless stream of amazing information. Her years of reporting on the outbreak of mad cow and its dangers - and now spreading all over the US - are nothing less than staggering. Especially in light of the fact that Doyle suffers from final stage Hepatits C AND end stage Lyme disease. It was Doyle who exposed the deadly problems and lies about Plum Island. It was Doyle who has been begging the Feds to institute national preparedness measures for pandemics and plagues for many, many years. Doyle is extremely ill, isn't a millionaire, doesn't live is a million dollar desert home and could never afford the silver spoon schooling that other PhD and MDs can. Doyle is an animal lover and rescues them year round, and values her quiet and simple lifestyle (this is all gleaned from listening to her for years on Jeff's program) and, above all, her privacy. Because she refuses to be beaten into submission to reveal her private life, she has been unmercifully and unforgivably attacked. It seems abundantly obvious that jealousy and ego and paranoia are at work.
Now, back to what I said earlier about the decline of Day's guest appearances in the last year. We sent many emails to Jeff, who must have been as shocked as we were. Several net friends asked me if I thought she was slipping into some kind of dysfunctional mind state, so different was she becoming. And now her obsession and slander and libel campaign against Dr. Niman, Dr. Doyle and recently net columnist/writer Judy Andreas whose essay I am replying to now. Well, it's just mind-bending. If the doctor thinks these people are the number one enemies of freedom and the American way, she's indeed lost her grip on reality. Talk about misdirection! Frau Day is using the SAME character assassination and innuendo tactics as the Zionists themselves. She might as well be getting a paycheck directly from the Likud Party in Tel Aviv, so similar is she to the Zionists she so fervently claims to revile. At the very least, her Zionist fans are high-fiving it and howling with delight.
Oh, and Frau Day's B.S. about 'symptoms' of bird flu being 'exactly' like those of other flus...what a transparent joke! Nearly ALL flu types share the SAME basic, similar symtoms! There are only so many SYMPTOMS human beings can HAVE. Her 'point' is useless, worthless and deceiving. The old doc seems to have descended into a world of hate, anger, paranoia and jealousy.
Ah, and lest we forget her unpardonable attacks on Jeff Rense, himself.
Here is a man who defended her, and I remember this clearly, against the Quackbusters on his program probably like no other radio host. He stood by her for years, giving her three hours of time each month, year after year to sell her products and bring her message to the world. And now, all of a sudden, the doctor is concerned about Jeff covering the wide range of issues he is famous for! And then she suggests he is somehow an apparatchik, a party-line holocaust agent. How pathetic.
As anyone who has listened to him knows, he has traditionally and unequivocally agreed that a 'holocaust' occurred to Europe's Jews in WWII, and now through the discoveries of Lenni Brenner and Dr. Henry Makow, we know Zionists were directly involved with it. Jeff has never 'denied' a 'holocaust' occurred. He has only and properly called for an open scientific, academic, scholarly investigation of that portion of WWII to find out exactly, precisely, what DID happen to many of Europe's Jews. Bravo, Jeff - Let's permit the facts to lead us ALL to a final truth about the 'final solution.' As he says, he is an 'equal opportunity mourner' for ALL of those lost in the war, all wars, under any circumstances.
Thanks, Judy, for letting me make my statement about the 'good doctor', who, as she fades into her later years, should look in the mirror and stop throwing so many stones at fellow American patriot citizens because they won't support her paranoid accusations and smears.
A Christian Takes Exception To Dr. Day's Attack
By Alton Raines
As many of you may be well aware, Dr. Lorraine Day recently discontinued her association with Jeff Rense over several issues regarding bird flu, the credentials of Patricia Doyle and a rather sharp edged attack on free inquiry by Dr. Day as a "Christian" opposing some of Jeff's guests and subject matter:
"Many of the guests and advertisers on both the website and radio programs of Jeff Rense are involved with New Age, meditation coupled with visitations from beings (clearly a form of spiritualism - the occult), backward speech (first promoted by Alistair Crowley - considered to be a Master of the Occult), UFOs and other paranormal and metaphysical phenomenon. Some who have heard me as a guest on Jeff's program falsely assumed that I was associated with, or at least endorsed, these concepts. This is not the case. I am a Christian and I do NOT believe in, nor do I endorse, any of these concepts listed above, nor do I want to give any credibility to them." (Dr. Day)
Like Muslims who cannot tolerate cartoons, or jingoistic anachronisms like Pat Robertson, Dr. Day is showing the ugly face of intolerance and superstitious religious paranoia, once again bringing reproach to the term "Christian." As a born-again, bible-believing Christian of 35 years, I would like to take this opportunity to make a defense of Jeff Rense and his guests and subject matter, and to also make it clear that not all Christians who are perhaps fundamentalist,conservative or evangelical agree or believe the same things regarding these profound subjects.
For many Christians, usually because of a lack of decent biblical education, such things as UFOs or metaphysical phenomena all fall under the same classification of 'the occult,' and are therefore regarded as Satanic. This kind of blind reactionary interpretation of things the churches, by and large, will not properly examine is nothing more than an extension of warped puritanical values which prized ignorance and superstition over reasoned inquiry and proper biblical analysis. Yes, some things are explicitly and specifically occult and Satanic -- and some things are not. Casting everything from UFOs to 'visitation from beings' into this superstitious definition of the occult represents a complete lack of biblical insight. The Bible is packed with visitations from beings not of this earth, almost overflowing with UFO encounters and the supernatural. It is the height of hypocrisy to relegate all such phenomena to something Satanic or "New Age" simply because one cannot see the evident bridge between the phenomena and Biblical accounts of the very same things. As Christians we are encouraged to "test the spirits," not to believe every spirit without question -- to see if they are "of God."
We are not called to blanket condemn, but to seek the truth of every matter, with wisdom and clarity and patience. Paul warns that we should not "revile angelic majesties" in the heavenly realms above, and he was speaking of demonic forces. He recognized that even they, despite their adversarial relationship to God and mankind, were still nonetheless majestic, superior beings of infinitely greater spiritual knowledge and intellect, showing that Michael, the great archangel,when confronting Satan himself, made no accusation against him, but merely said "the Lord rebuke you."
As Christians, our place in the universe is established on words of wisdom and spiritual insight which does not call for superstitious reactions or unrighteous judgement, but demands righteous judgement. It is the lack of this wisdom that has led the majority of the evangelical church world to embrace such insanities as the "Left Behind" pre-tribulation "Rapture" con and continues to push Christians and Christianity into rabid hyper-fundamentalism and a wretched romance with Talmudic Zionism which in the end only brings division, factions and reproach to the name of Christ Jesus.
Dr. Day has every right to disassociate herself from Jeff Rense and to even speak out against open and free inquiry in the name of Christianity, but as a Christian I for one would like to support Jeff Rense's open platform, not condemn it; praise his interest in the mysteries of the universe from an unbiased position, open to debate, investigation and study. Anyone who has ever heard Jeff and Brad Steiger talk about the Ouija board knows Jeff is not some wet-behind-the-ears spiritual dim-bulb that accepts everything that comes down the pike without discernment of good and evil.
In sum, Dr. Day does not represent all Christians or Christian thinking. Far too often Christians of this particularly reactionary ilk use separation and fear to create a sense of occult-phobia that runs rough shot over all things metaphysical, to the detriment of human spiritual enlightenment and experience. It was this same mentality that ushered in the dark ages and brought western civilization to perhaps its lowest level of suffering, ignorance and madness, not to mention fueling inhumanity on a scale which has left organized Christianity with a perceptible historical stain.

Jesus said, "you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." Knowing the truth requires free inquiry and investigation, not closed-mindedness and biased fear.
Jason Meredith
Jeff - This Dr. Day thing is getting to be downright nuts. I just read her ugly smear piece in which she actually suggests Grandma Doyle is "an infiltrator and a Zionist-backed disinformation agent." Talk about paranoid kookism!
This is so far over the top, it raises 'serious questions about the possibility' that the doctor is what she smears Doyle with!
The entire paragraph from Day's hit piece diatribe:
"Her belligerence in deliberately withholding this information from the public, coupled with her promotion of the information on the (Illuminati/Zionist-Jewish-funded) ProMed/ISID website raises serious questions about the possibility that she is an infiltrator and a Zionist-backed disinformation agent."


Tim G.
I just read your piece on Dr. Day, all I can say is simply this... I knew she was a wacko when I heard her say, "vitamin c made her cancer grow."
I personally don't like backstabbing, but I don't like self absorbed phonies, attention seekers, liars, and fake 'Patriots' either.
And, sadly, there are more then a few in the 'alternative media.'
Tim G
Rhode Island
Linda G.N.
Good Grief!
I finished reading your new article and all the LONG comments beneath it.
Of course, I agree 100% with you as usual.   Funny irony...two days ago a friend in Germany sent me her (Day's) diatribe and I got as far as her first JEW BASHING blather...and trashing Patrica Doyle and I hit DELETE.
I always stop reading as soon as I spot racism..fanaticism and plain old matter who the author is.
And then I don't read anything they write again.   However, I'm so glad you wrote as you did today.
I had no idea until now how wide spread the knowledge of Frau Day's lunacy was

From Matrix04
Dear Judy,
Wow! I see you're on a writing-roll. Good for you. Have simply not followed the flap in re Jeff Rense and the ego-possesed cancer guru, but have noted other attacks -- such as utterly ineplicable "mole" charges against physicist Stephen Jones of BYU. With sufficient background in science to have actually read his 19 page article supporting the hypothesis of controlled demolition on 9-11 (among other evidence based reports from people with expertise in engineering, military technology, and physics) the personal attack on Jones struck me as some kind of Mad Hatter rant. The evidence for much about 9-11 will likely remain in the fog until the world is mended, but the controlled demolition evidence is real, solid, and testable. I guess the consensus trance keeps all kinds of folks wandering about with eyes wide shut.

John M.
I printed out your latest article at Rense and you are correct, the in-fighting and the division within the internet community is what is keeping all from getting the truth out en masse.
I never got the full scoop on what happened with Dr. Day (until now). I remember when she was on Jeff's show about a month ago or so, she made brief mention of it and Jeff was trying to dismiss it from getting out of control again. That woman is so pig-headed and really believes it's her way or the highway for anyone who disagrees with her and her fundamental beliefs.
I actually ordered some of her cancer tapes, years ago, for my uncle was eventually died of cancer. Let me tell you, I had to watch that thing on fast forward and STILL could not sit through it because she was more preachy and talked about her faith and belief in christ than she did about the cancer. When she did talk about the cancer, again, it was her way or the highway.
John M
Hi Judy,
Yes,  the sewage seems to have backed up in Washington and the stinking poisons are pouring out onto the world. The heartless, soulless creatures of eternal greed have bought up America, only to stab it to death.
I find comfort knowing you are out there, aware and battling against this darkness.
Dear Judy,
I read your article and the comments that followed.   I must say that I have always been suspicious of Dr. Day.   I am a Christian and can recognize another real Christian a mile away.   Dr. Day is hateful.   On the other hand, I think that Patty Doyle is a sincere woman.
I agree with the following comment from Jason Meredith:
"Jeff - This Dr. Day thing is getting to be downright nuts. I just read her ugly smear piece in which she actually suggests Grandma Doyle is "an infiltrator and a Zionist-backed disinformation agent." Talk about paranoid kookism! This is so far over the top, it raises 'serious questions about the possibility' that the doctor is what she smears Doyle with!"
Thank Jeff for his wonderful work.
Charlotte Iserbyt
Rense has had Lorraine Day on his show for years. She has sold thousands of books and videos due to his inviting her onto his talk show. Why, all of a sudden - be his guests' stand on bird flu correct or incorrect - is she going after him? Because he is too effective? I am very, very suspicious and smell one huge rat.
I know Jeff well and respect him. I detest this sort of killing-off of our friends when we have so few, true friends. I don't agree with the opinions or information related by all the guests Jeff has on his program, but that doesn't mean I'm going to try to "do him in" as seems the case with these people. Most talk show hosts make it known that they are not responsible for the views of their guests. Are they supposed to just present one side of an issue? I am not a New Ager and do not support the occult. However, I do not see why Jeff should deny radio time to persons of that persuasion simply because they may offend me. Who knows how many uninformed liberals he attracts to his listenership who may be learning something from those guests Jeff has who "tow our conservative line."
I had been lead to believe Lorraine Day was a wonderful and professional person. If she were, she would not be involved in this assault on Jeff Rense. It doesn't make sense. There are plenty of other so-called conservative radio talk show hosts who deserve a full-fledged attack from us. If we are going to try to destroy the so-called phonies in the conservative talk show movement, why not go after them first? And we all know who they are!
Charlotte Iserbyt




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