9/11 Evidence Ignored
By Apathetic American Public
Exercising Their Constitutional
Right To Remain 'Uninformed'
From the ignored recovery of the black boxes at Ground Zero, the eye-witness testimony about basement explosions in the WTC and the scientific evidence of a controlled demolition, the American people have demonstrated over and over again they "just don't care."
By Greg Szymanski
Four years after 9/11, numerous people have come forward with damaging evidence but the government has never even blinked an eye.
Worse yet, the state sponsored media and the American people have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear, a sign of cover-up by the media and apathy on the part of the people.
But let's not forget the media is a private enterprise, able to violate the public trust without losing too much sleep, while the majority of people in America are showing their true colors by using their constitutional right to simply remain uninformed.
Probably, if cornered, most Americans would try to wiggle their way out of being apathetic, but the sad fact remains most of them just don't care.
In fact, Eric Hufschmid, a long time 9/11 truth activist and first to put together strong evidence of a WTC controlled demolition in his book Painful Questions, recently hit the nail on the head when he said:
"It's time for people to wake-up! The evidence is there, folks."
Hufschmid is right. The evidence is there and the American people are ashamedly asleep at the wheel. They're sound asleep, as Hufschmid points out, because every time solid evidence is presented, making a case for a government 9/11 inside job, it goes in one ear and out the other.
And to make matters worse, the evidence goes by way of "file 69" while politicians, without even as much as blinking a sorry eye, stroll hand-in-hand   by the Potomac, smoking cigars and laughing all the way to the bank.
But this scene is too easy to visualize as "Fatso" sprawls on the couch watching reruns of God only knows what while the other "Politician Fatsos" feed out of the government money trough like a bunch of dirty fat pigs.
However, the truth is that Americans have the right under the Constitution to get fat, stay apathetic and remain uninformed, a situation ruthless power-grabbers in high places feed on like sharks in blood infested waters.
And as President Baby Bush so aptly put it the other day, "The Constitution is only a piece of paper" not worth wiping one's rear-end on. But from the mouth of a foolish President in this case comes the sad truth since the Constitution is only a "piece of paper" when the majority of people choose to remain uninformed.
For example, concerning 9/11, more than a year ago the Arctic Beacon interviewed Michael Bellone, a former honorary New York fireman working at Ground Zero who, along with fireman, Vincent DiMasi, uncovered three of the four airplane black boxes in the WTC wreckage.
Bellone insisted he found the black boxes, was told to "shut up" about it after the FBI confiscated the evidence and then after a few press clippings, nothing was every heard about it again, the 9/11 Commission and the government and the majority of Americans just ignoring the evidence.
A year ago, Bellone had this to say from his New York home:
"They confronted me and told me to not to say anything," recalls Bellone, referring to one of three reddish-orange boxes with two white stripes he saw in the back of DeMasi's ATV. "I said give me a good reason? When they couldn't, I told them I wouldn't shut up about it.
"Why should I? I have nothing to hide and nothing to gain. It's the truth and Nick and I are sticking to our story as we always have."
In fact, a year ago Bellone said he and DeMasi were not the only 911 rescue workers to see the black boxes, adding there were several other witnesses and knowing first hand
they had aslo been silenced by federal agents.
"I know two or three others saw what went down, but they are not talking," added Bellone. "They got to those guys after they talked to me. The only reasonI can figure they are trying to hide the truth is that the government knows it screwed up and the recorders would prove it.
"I can tell you this, though, it was all very strange. I worked on the spaceship Columbia clean-up and you know when something important is found and when something is not" he recalled, saying the day the 'black boxes' were secretly carted away agents acted like "something big was going down."
 So, four years ago something big went down. The FBI confiscated evidence showing the airplanes hitting the WTC were not jetliners but most likely military cargo drones. One would think in light of this discovery the next logical step would be to force the government to turn over the boxes, leading to case closed since if they turned the boxes over, the evidence demonstrates the lies and, if they don't turn them over, it demonstrates a cover-up which is equally as bad.
But instead what happens. The back boxes remain hidden and the reason  they have never been made public is because most of the American people really don't care, unfortunately deciding once again to exercise their constitutional right to remain plunked down on the couch in front of the television remaining "happily uninformed."
And the list of 9/11 evidence ignored doesn't stop here. The long list of compelling evidence shoved under the rug by the government, left hidden there by an apathetic populace is astounding. It's so astounding, as they say, it really "blows one's mind."
There is, of course, the eye-witness testimony of not less than 30 people and, probably many more, who witnessed explosions in the WTC basement prior to the airplanes hitting the towers.
Then there is the Pentagon evidence and concealment of evidence that provides enough incriminating facts to put Bush and the gang away for a hundred lifetimes.
And, of course, there is the recent BYU physics professor, to name one of a hundred experts, who all concur that the laws of physics demonstrate without question the WTC collapsed from a controlled demolition not jet fuel like the government contends.
"The list of compelling evidence is endless and you don't need experts to show that the government is lying about 9/11," said Phil Jayhan, one of the few Americans who chooses to be informed.
In fact, the list of 9/11 evidence showing a government complicity before, during and after is so strong ­ so legally sound - even a third rate ambulance chasing lawyer could convince a jury.
However, since the case is still open and in the court of public opinion, more evidence is still being gathered as if investigators really needed to put more legal icing on the 9/11 cake.
And it will be interesting to see whether the next piece of 9/11 cake will be again ignored by the American people.
For example, this Friday on the Power Hour radio show, Dave von Kleist and Joyce Riley will interview former Pentagon insider working there on 9/11 who will present damaging evidence that the military brass lied about what type of aircraft actually struck the Pentagon.
Although Flowers was unavailable for comment, he is going to tell Riley and von Kleist on Friday that he was one of "many who were given prepared written statements to say that a commercial airliner hit the Pentagon" when in fact they had no knowledge of the fact or knew it was false.
"Under those chaotic conditions, Paul thought his prescribed protocol was acting in national security's best interests. Well, today he sees the big mistake he had made by not telling the immediate truth," said a promotion on the Power Hour web site for the Friday interview.
By following orders from the Pentagon brass, Flowers provides even more evidence that the government was involved in causing 9/11 and the resulting deaths of more than 3,000 people.
However, the real story more interesting than the evidence itself, will be whether the American people once again will choose to remain plunked on the couch, exercising their inalienable right to remain uninformed while another piece of vital 9/11 evidence goes in one ear and out the other like so many times before.
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