Alien Encounter
Filmed In Mexico?
By Santiago Yturria
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©2006 Santiago Yturria

A bizarre incident involving three boys and an alien entity has been made public in a southern Mexico community. The story is causing a great deal of concern and attracting a great deal of interest ...because the reported dramatic encounter was recorded on a cell phone camera by one of the witnesses.
On March 20, 2005 at 2:00 am, three boys were playing with a ball outside their homes in Fraccionamiento Del Parque, a neighborhood in the city of Merida, Yucatán.
David Espada and another friend who wants to remain anonymous were playing with a ball while José Alonso Herrera was recording them with his SONY K500i cellular phone just for fun.
The teenagers were joking and playing on the sidewalk outside the houses and everything was normal for them. The sidewalk was well iluminated by several street lights. Then David Espada lost control of the ball and it rolled to a nearby post. David went to pick the ball while Jose Herrera kept recording and applied the 2x zoom following David.
When David tried to pick the ball suddenly from out of nowhere a strange creature appeared from behind the light post and extended a long arm grabbing David's right arm.
The entity was bald with yellowish white skin and was 'alien shaped.' The contact lasted just a second as David reacted...jumping and shouting: "It grabbed me!! It grabbed me!!" And then ran back to his friends and pointing back to the post and screaming: "It's there!! See it!? It grabbed me!!"
As Jose Herrera was recording with his cell phone, he then applied a 4x zoom to the camera at the direction David was signaling. Surprisingly, the alien entity showed its head again out from behind the post for three seconds ...and then dissapeared.
The three boys were in shock after confronting the unknown creature and ran away from the place screaming in terror. The whole incident was caught by the cellular phone's camera.
That was not a pleaseant night to sleep for them. The next day they discussed the dramatic experience and decided to keep it a secret due to the bizarre nature of the incident. However Jose Herrera asked them to review the video from his cellular phone and to try to determine what could that weird creature might be.
David Espada refused to look at the video. He was still shocked by the terrifying experience and told them: "I don't want to see that video ever, and I don't want to discuss it."
According to their testimonials David Espada was so frightened by the event that he didn't want to go out at night for sometime and didn't want to go anywhere near that part of the sidewalk fearing his nightmare would repeat again. The story and the video remained a secret for several months until David managed to feel more relieved to talk about it with them.
Some months later, David Espada and Jose Herrera, feeling more confident, told some close friends about their alien encounter experience.
The reactions were always of laughter and skepticism but when they showed the images still on the cellular phone those laughs turned into surprise and shock. The alien encounter became famous among the kids in the neighborhood and became known to other boys in school as well.
In November 30, 2005 Mexican researcher Jaime Maussan was in Merida giving lectures when he found out about event from some local researchers who told him about an ET encounter which had been recorded on a cell phone by three boys.
Maussan asked to meet these boys to learn more about their story...and to see the video. A meeting was arranged and once Maussan talked to them and reviewed the video, he asked David Espada and Jose Herrera to go public...telling of their experience and showing their evidence. After some indecisiveness, they agreed.
Jaime Maussan called me from Merida telling me about this case and invited me to join the investigation. The next day I received a copy of the footage for analysis and evaluation, as well as interviews with the witnesses and images from the location. During the interview, David Espada remembers when he felt the creature's hand grab his arm...a shocking moment he would never forget.
David Espada: "I was going to pick the ball and I felt a very cold hand or claw that grabbed my arm and pulled me. It was extremely cold like an ice hand that freezes you and immediately it pulled me. I reacted in panic and jumped away screaming. It was an ugly being, some kind of weird creature with a long arm. Gives me the creeps to remember it.
The video taken by Jose Herrera is clear within the limits of a cell phone camera. The images show a kind of unknown entity or creature that suddenly appears from behind a post extending what seems to be a long arm of some kind and grabbing David's arm, and then retracting it almost immediately as David jumps and screams. The audio portion of the video is good and reflects the dramatic moment of the contact.
There is a second appearance of the entity when Jose Herrera applied the 4x zoom and the creature showed its head for three seconds and disappeared.
According to measures taken by Jaime Maussan in the actual site the entity's arm may have measured around 1.20 meters since the distance between the post and the sidewalk is 1.37 meters. It is a very long arm and is an important element in this investigation.
Also important is the narrow street post which is wide enough to hide the creature's body. This presents a major problem in trying to establish where such an entity might have come from.
Both David Espada and Jose Herrera are well known boys in their neighborhood and school. They are honest and incapable of inventing such a story or perpetrating a hoax. When asked why they didn't report the incident to the police they answered: "No way, the police would have thought we were drunk or on drugs!! Besides, we were shocked and kept the experience to ourselves for sometime."
David Espada was the most affected one and he confessed his own fears of returning to the location or to see the video.
The story was just released on national television in Mexico by Jaime Maussan with the whole investigation, the witnesses, the footage and analysis performed.
There are great expectations among the public to learn more about this story and to see the images of such a bizarre incident caught on the cell phone video. A variety of reactions are expected due to the complex nature of the event.
Both David Espada and Jose Herrera continue maintaining their story and the legitimacy of the video.
This is certainly a unique case of a rare nature not common in Ufology...a bizarre and fascinating story with important elements and solid evidence. For this research team, the case represents a major challenge.
We have been evaluating and analyzing all the elements and evidence in order to reach a conclusion but the case still remains unsolved...
Santiago Yturria




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