Hey IRS ­ What
About AIPAC?
By Ted Lang
Coming on the heels of the defeat of the ADL's much-desired hate crime legislation designed to silence dissent and debate relating to the holocaust and to stifle as well any inquiry or debate on unconscionable anti-American/anti-Christian Zionist activities, Abraham Foxman and his Israel first/America last Anti-Defamation League continue to attack American values and individual freedoms.  Angered by the defeat of his intended draconian, fascist weapon of unjust laws to enable the control and supervision of all American speech and thought through the Israeli ADL , Foxman lashed out in an unbridled explosion of hatred directed at all Christians.
As pointed out by Reverend Ted Pike, "ADL is also the American adjunct of Mossad, Israel's secret intelligence organization.  During the California ADL/police spy scandal of the late 1980s, David Gurvitz, librarian and researcher for ADL's Los Angeles office, testified that Mossad couriers routinely passed through ADL's Los Angeles office.  They carried to Israel secret documents, which probably included detailed information from U.S. police departments concerning more than 10,000 Christians, conservatives, pro-lifers, and Muslim activists.  My father and I were on the police/ADL list."
What right does the Israeli ADL have to lobby for the creation of anti-American and anti-Christian laws?  They are agents of a foreign state, and a deadly oppressive and fascist one at that.  Israel is NOT the "Jewish Nation" of biblical reference ­ it is a Zionist and ruthless police state created via the Council on Foreign Relations that agitated, lobbied and manipulated Israel into existence in 1948 under the auspices and legitimization via the United Nations.  As such, Palestinians, trapped within the borders of this artificially created state, a state not established by demographics, ethnicity, religion, language, or any other aspect of self-determination, have been systematically slaughtered, tortured and mass murdered on propagandized pretexts justifying Israel's "right to defend itself."
"Jewish" organizations such as the criminal ADL attack all, and then hide behind their "Jewishness" claiming religious discrimination being unjustly directed towards them.  They have elicited international sympathy for the brutal treatment they profess at the hands of Adolf Hitler and his Nazis.  But increasingly, challenges to the holocaust numbers are revising established estimates to lower numbers of Jewish victims.  Yet, Israeli organizations such as the ADL are trying to establish laws that would block further investigation and more accurate assessments.  Many others perished in the six million figure routinely quoted, which include also Christians, gypsies and those judged mentally or physically defective or those that openly opposed Hitler. 
Most astonishing are the current day revelations providing irrefutable evidence that elements of Zionism itself, specifically B'nai B'rith, the parent "Jewish" organization of the ADL, actually supported Hitler and his Nazis both financially and in terms of propaganda.  The latter Zionist propaganda support for Hitler has been ascribed to no lesser a "Jewish" media source than The New York Times.  I have provided proof of this previously in excruciating detail after reviewing the efforts and publications of Webster G. Tarpley and others.
As a crime-generating fifth column operation detrimental to the interests of the American people, the Constitution and our majority Christian religions, why, therefore, is the ADL granted tax-exempt status?  Is the ADL a religious organization or an agent of a foreign state? 
And the same can be asked of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC!  Recently, Pentagon analyst Larry Franklin was convicted of espionage in turning sensitive documents over to the two top officials of AIPAC: Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman.  As news consumers of the alternative media [AM] know full well, the subject espionage activity was intended to give Israel vital secret information concerning Pentagon policies and intelligence relative to Iran.  All "Jewish" lobbying groups have been agitating to persuade the United States military to invade Syria and Iran.  The AIPAC espionage program could have provided the basis for the Israeli Mossad to engineer a "false flag" operation perpetrated by Israel that would implicate Iran in an egregious attack against American interests.
Why has there been absolutely no attempt by anyone in Congress to hold these two espionage-conducting agencies of a foreign state accountable?  More to the point, why are these organizations granted TAX EXEMPT status by the IRS?
Instead, "our" government is targeting our religious institutions in obeisance to the political correctness mandated by eight Zionist Masters of the mainstream media.  As I and others have previously pointed out, eight Zionist plutocratic families own, operate and control all aspects of the "American" media.  This includes television news and entertainment, newspapers, magazines, radio, publishing and Hollywood movies.  The Masters of MSM are thus able to manipulate public opinion totally!  They create "political correctness" augmented by humongous campaign "contributions" to American politicians.  Combining their numerous organizations, lobbying activities and great wealth, they magnify their power and subjugate America to their will. 
The report targeting All Saints Episcopal Church first aired in the Los Angeles Times in a November 7th
article entitled, "Antiwar Sermon Brings IRS Warning," written by staff writers Patricia Ward Biederman and Jason Felch.  Their account started with the exact opening line as was offered on the CBS Evening News anchored by Bob Schieffer.  "The Internal Revenue Service has warned one of Southern California's largest and most liberal churches that it is at risk of losing its tax-exempt status because of an antiwar sermon two days before the 2004 presidential election."  This is particularly galling as both MSM outlets took special pains to point out that the church was one of the "most liberal churches" in the land.
How would reporters in the MSM know this?  Aren't they the parroting purveyors of their Media Masters' political correctness?  And as such, do they really attend church on Sundays, or for that matter, participate in Jewish services on Saturdays?  I would tend to doubt that very much.  Therefore, the only conclusion that can be arrived at is that this is yet another partnering attack upon an American institution by the Masters of the Media and their stooges in government.
What business is it of either the government or the MSM as to what is preached from the pulpits in our Christian churches?  The Media Masters are once again trying to make it a hate crime to utter "Merry Christmas!"  As to what was specifically said is of secondary concern as to precisely who it was that "reported" these transgressions against political correctness.  The fascist goons and terrorists of the criminal American political state offered that if the church would confess to wrongdoing, the American Nazi IRS would give them a break and not revoke their tax exempt status.
This is nothing short of criminal blackmail.  It is empowering government to dictate what can and what can not be discussed in church.  This is yet another Bill of Rights violation of freedom of religion that is being imposed by the Zionist ADL, ACLU, and AIPAC, all of whom are agents of a foreign country and all of which have bribed corrupt and morally bankrupt American politicians to suppress and criminalize the religion of the majority.
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 Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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