ADL Protests Free Speech
At Air Force Academy

By Rev. Ted Pike
Abe Foxman, director of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, recently mourned "religious intolerance at the Air Force Academy." After Jewish activist Mikey Weinstein sued the academy for alleged religious coercion, officials imposed stiff restrictions prohibiting senior officers from witnessing and chaplains from using the name of Christ in prayers. This violation of free speech provoked major protest from Christian leaders such as Dr. Dobson, Pastor Ted Haggard, and Rev. Donald Wildmon. Chastened, the academy returned to its original position, allowing free speech to all airmen.
Deciphering ADL Doublespeak
To Foxman, the Academy's return to free speech is a defeat for religious tolerance. "Tolerance," to Jewish activists, means disadvantaging Christianity and favoring those ideologies that oppose Christianity.
"Tolerance" at the Air Force Academy, says Foxman, means establishing "meaningful guidelines that would serve as a much-needed model not only for the Air Force but for all the branches of the military."
Interpretation? Foxman wants to prohibit Christians from witnessing in the entire U.S. military and mentioning Jesus, except in a nonevangelistic way or as profanity.
Judaism, on the other hand, is under no such restrictions. "Tolerance" means Jewish activism wins; Christianity loses.
Uniting Synagogue with State
ADL's double standard definition of "tolerance" can be seen through their whole social and legislative agenda. For example:
"Separation of church and state" for ADL means prohibition of Christian influence in government. Meanwhile, ADL/Zionist influence in government is staggering. Through the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Zionists dictate Mid-East policy to Congress. 1
 Through a host of Jews in top administration positions, Zionism influences the President. 2
 Through the new Department of Global Anti-Semitism in the U.S. State Department, ADL/B'nai B'rith defines tens of millions of Bible-believing Christians as anti-Semites, potential hate criminals. 3
Through its mandated control of hate crimes education and statistics gathering for U.S. government and police departments, ADL defines Christians as homophobes and haters. 4
Thus, through deceptive and disarming phrases like "tolerance" and "separation of church and state," Jewish activists relentlessly seek to subvert and even persecute Christianity.
Going on the Offensive
The recent spunk of national evangelical leaders to identify Jewish activism as behind the war on Air Force free speech is an encouraging sign. 5
 Some Christians are beginning to perceive the religious identity of those who have been subverting Christian civilization for at least the past century. But will Christians and their leaders have enough moral courage and concern for Christ's honor to go on the offensive? This would mean they must identify their assailants as largely Jewish. Also, they must educate laity concerning why Jewish activism is so opposed to Christianity.
Jewish activists have a focused, long-range strategy to diminish Christian influence. Christian leaders, for the most part, only respond momentarily and are happy to postpone the war once the skirmish is over. The perennial pattern is that Jewish activists initiate; Christians respond.
But as the British military says, "He who dares wins." Advantage belongs to the adversary who sets the terms of controversy, not the one who only responds.
Victories for Evangelicals
In the last three months, by God's grace, evangelicals have helped win three major victories: 1) defeat of ADL's federal hate bill, 2) cancellation of NBC's Book of Daniel, 3) reestablishment of free speech at the Air Force Academy. These were dramatic victories over Jewish civil liberties organizations in their determination to weaken Christianity. Each of these victories was assisted by the willingness of a minority of Christians and conservatives to publicly identify their assailants as Jewish. This pressured Jewish activists to back off. If they didn't back off, an increasingly resentful evangelical leadership threatened to revolt with even more denunciation of Jews in high places. 
Engaging for Battle
In the months ahead many more assaults against Christianity will be launched by a focused and religiously zealous foe. The challenge before Christians is to initiate rather than merely react. 
How do Christians muster such courage? Simple. Follow Jesus. He could not have been more specific and unsparing in His denunciation of evil Jewish leadership. We face the same enemy today.
 End Notes:
1 "The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs" contains decades of articles documenting AIPAC's influence on Congress (
2  See Michael Collins Piper's The New Jerusalem: Zionist Power in America, American Free Press.
3  See Rev. Ted Pike's article at, "Making Lovers of Israel into Anti-Semites."
4 In testimony before Congress in the late 1980s, ADL requested authority to define "hate crimes" for the U.S. Justice Department, FBI, and local police, and to orchestrate hate crimes statistic collection for the FBI. This was granted by the ADL-created "Hate Crimes Statistics Act of 1990."
5  See Rev. Ted Pike's article at, "Evangelical Leaders Protest Jewish Anti-Christianity."



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