Mystery UFO Taped
Near Sonora, California

Brian Vike - Director
HBCC UFO Research
Date:  January 20, 2006
Time:  4:53 p.m.
  HBCC UFO Research Note: The footage of this Mysterious Object can be seen at the link near the bottom of this report.   Good Day Brian!   This sighting comes two days after a large object was captured on video and observed for 20 minutes with it finally exploding  (or possibly imploding) and sending a shower of glowing debris back downward towards earth. If the reader hasn't had a chance to read and or view this amazing and compelling footage it's located here:   There are many people involved in analyzing and providing input for this captured object, I'd like to say a hearty "thank you" to all of them for attempting to help me solve my query as to what this object is, or what it might be. This video submitted to HBCC UFO RESEARCH is in a 640x480 resolution in a mpeg1 format and is less than 3mb big. The first portion is the original size, the second is digitally zoomed 200%. Also included in this prelimanary analysis package are several frames in various filtered forms, a researchers conceptual sketch of the object, and a graphic representing the cameras POV (point of view) of the object.   DATE of Capture:  Jan. 20th, (exactly 2 days and 25 minutes after a exploding or imploding object was taped).
TIME:  4:53pm (PST)
LOCATION:  Near Sonora, California
OBJECT TYPE:  Unknown possibly Crescent/Triangle/Experimental (conjecture/guess)
OBJECT COLOR:  Luminous white, and occasionally a black top or dark side surface being visible
OBJECT SIZE:  Comparative to a small to mid-size  20 seat corporate jet from my POV (guessing)
DISTANCE to OBJECT:  1.0-2.0 miles (guessing, as there was nothing to compare it against IE: clouds, trees, etc.)
SPEED:  Variable, slow moving at perhaps 40-60 mph (or slower), then accelerating to 120-150mph or faster (guessing)
SOUND:  Normal everyday type ambient noise, no sound was noticed emitting from the object
TRAJECTORY:  Heading North-NorthWest and at a drastic sideways/downward angle
SIGHTING DURATION: almost 2 minutes
WITNESSES:  One (myself)
POV:  Almost directly overhead, slightly to the east of the Cameraman
WEATHER:  Clear skies, no wind. No other air traffic visible
ANALYZERS:  Myself (Johnny Anonymous), "Lawwalk" (Kaufman, Texas) and Darron Forehand (aka "Grounded",
Lake O' The Pines,Texas ), Dr. Mark Olson DM, Sonora California ( Others that are (now or once were) specialized in the  photo and video medium were also consulted.
ANALYSIS SUMMARY:  Indeterminate and currently still ongoing
Did I tape a Plane?
This object was almost directly overhead,  one would think there would be some form of wing structure (if one did indeed exist). Slow moving at first (so slow a conventional craft would fall out of the sky), and increased in speed as it departed. Several other problems we had in examining this,, One was the focus.. I've been shooting with cameras all my life, I've always been a "manual-focus" kind of guy (hate anything auto-focus). Regardless of what I did to compensate, I could not get any detail and proper focus on this object. And the craft was 2 to 3 times closer than what I normally photograph or tape with good focus/detail and was shot with no digitalzoom, this was an "optical" capture.  Regardless of  digital filters, exposure, speed and other modes being engaged, I could not get this object to focus in range.  My lenses were  clean as that is a habit of mine to do even if I don't shoot anything.  Whether it was a distortion field, holography, propulsional phasing or yes,,,, even cameraman's error, I could not get this object to sharpen or focus. This for a longtime photographer and onetime broadcast videographer is proving extremely frustrating to handle.
So What Is IT?
Many hours and online round table discussions have proved very interesting in the deciphering as to the "group type" this craft might fall under. Keeping the report brief, I've broken down just a few of their comments of the more obvious features surrounding this craft's appearance, shape and trajectory. These are solely personal thoughts of the group being shared and not based or backed by any sound legitimate scientific data or "real" physical explanations.
An analyzer commented on the rounded smooth edges which gives strength to the Saucer or Crescent shape theory.
One Researcher suggested that it looked like a curved upward "Bicycle Handlebar" shape. Another pointed out that the right angle "wall" sides appeared flat which is consistent with a triangle. I myself thought that it might resemble something perhaps like a flying "Horseshoe" at an extremely dipped angle with the center filled in with a dark/black "whatever". Perhaps its a experimental or black ops craft, maybe it's just an airplane. The conjuncture ran amok!
Another problem we had on this was the angle. When I first saw this, I thought I was seeing a cigar or cylindrical shaped object by the naked eye. But under & thru the cameras lens it is something else.  If this were a plane, how could it maintain such a sharp angle of assumed descent, maintaining this angle without actually descending?
It's position and angle almost suggests that it was going to perform a trajectory turn and was beginning a steep bank. What are these black sections that are on top and/or side and at times around the edges?  We know enough about pixelization and artifacts and anomalies created between light and dark, and also what a digital camera can create, but this appears to be something else as the white balance and gamma are consistent thru-out the taped capture. Speed was another concern. How can a craft maintain lift at an extremely slow speed with no noticeable sound and at such a steep angle and not come crashing down? Yes there are "VTOL" type craft that can perform vertical takeoffs and hover almost motionless in an area, but not only are they loud, but they can't sustain it's position at an angle. And this angle never changed even as the speed increased. An interesting note is that with the increase in speed the more distorted and blurry the object became. In the last bit of taping, it was viewed solely as a fuzzy luminous blob.
Were perplexed as this one does not fall into a normal classification. So whether it's a crescent, a triangle, a saucer, or a experimental man-made craft, in the end we really don't know and have even more questions than we do answers.
Did I just catch a plane in a weird form of sun/light bandwidth distorting the view?  As a researcher/investigator I have to give the same scale of probability to every conceivable and plausible possibility.
Anyway, we submit this curiosity for everyone to make their own conclusions because we simply can't at this time.
My thanks to everyone that participated in trying to identify this object, and a special thanks to Darron Forehand for his graphical concept representation of this object.
Thanks, UFORA Member - Johnny Anonymous
Thank you to John for his report and footage to display to everyone.
Video clip Near Sonora, California Mysterious Object Filmed - Video Footage
Video footage can be viewed at:
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