911 Timeline
Missing Pieces

By Jon Carlson
Thanks to the Naudet brothers and French Intel, their camera caught the first mass murderous act of 9/11 at the North Tower. The White Jet, seen at all 9/11 locations by cameras and witnesses, started out the day remote controlling an empty Boeing 737, NOT the American Airlines Flight 11 Boeing 767. The plan was to fly the white jet immediately above the 737 to hide its presence from ground observers.
HOWEVER,this photo caught the White Jet separating from the Boeing 737 moments before it crashed into the North Tower:
View the RENSE article, The 911 North Tower Air Show, for the complete photo sequence:
After the discovery of the North Tower formation flying, four so-called investigative reporters were emailed: Greg Palast (Interesting but would you like to buy my book?); Michael Ruppert (You may be right but I don't think it will bring down the mass murderers.); Michael Rivero of (Not interested); Paul Thompson (Please send all of NT video frames pronto AND, by the way, I noticed a white jet at the South Tower crash that I would like your help identifying.)
Amazing that none of these investigative, reporters to this day have given their readers the scoop on 9/11 but Paul Thompson, not his real name by the way, was under the thumb of someone else and wasn't free to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. However, at the time he did say the work would be posted. It never was.
This is the photo of the South Tower crash Paul Thompson was referring to:
The biggest problem in identifying the white jet was its apparent stationary position in this photo. Michael Rivero thought it was a helicopter but Paul Thompson insisted it was a small jet. He was right. After Web Fairy sent the video this frame was captured from it was crystal clear that the US Navy, the CIA, and the Bush Administration had a BIG problem: a rapidly moving white jet at the South Tower crash:
This photo shows the white jet making a shadow on the North Tower:
Another video shot from across the river showed the military helicopter, the white jet, and the Boeing 737. Paul Thompson said that video is called the Japanese Tourist video but he thought the moving object was a bird,:
Paul Thompson had another ACE up his sleeve: the napalm bombs on the South Tower Boeing 737, again NOT the United Flight 175 Boeing 767.
The identification of the South Tower Boeing 737 engine that landed in the NYC street was covered in the RENSE article, The Rest Of The 9/11 Street Engine Story:
Photos supporting the case that the Federal Government Napalmed the World Trade Center Towers on 9/11 can be seen in the RENSE article, South Tower Exit Wounds Tell 911 Tale:
AND Positive ID - The 911 South Tower Airliner 'PODS':
Paul discovered that a mainstream Spanish Newspaper had scientifically analyzed the objects, attached to the understructure. Here is Paul's posting at Democratic Underground on June 24, 2003 (NOTE the date as it shows when this research was conducted.):
"A very curious article has just come out in La Vanguardia, one of the biggest and most respected newpapers in Spain. If what the article says is true, it may provide verifible evidence that 9/11 was a MIHOP (make it happen on purpose) plot using remote control.
RENSE has saved the article:
Not only did the Spanish University analysis show the napalm bombs in 3D but a Planar antenna (for remote control) stood out on the vertical tail stabilizer as well as two remote control blade antennas on the underbody neither typical for a 767, (or a 737). The blade antennas were used by the white jet to bring the empty 737 to Manhattan Island. Final guidance into the towers was by a military helicopter in position above the South Tower. For more information see the RENSE article, Second 911 ST Airliner Remote Control Antenna Verified:
This photo shows the South Tower military helicopter and its remote control Planar antenna on the nose again not typical for the Bell 212 military helicopter:
OK, so none of this analysis showed up on the 9/11 Timeline. WHY NOT? There is no solid evidence but a suspicion and good circumstantial evidence that Paul Thompson was under the thumb of Al Gore.
Al Gore August 7, 2003 Speech:
After the analysis with Paul Thompson was completed during July, 2003, Al Gore came out and hammered Bush after a year silence after the stolen 2000 elections:
More solid circumstantial evidence that Clinton and Gore had foreknowledge of 9/11 and made quick trips to Australia and Austria to set up their alibis. Just the similar spellings of those countries may be a clue that they were in a big hurry. See the RENSE article, On 911...An Ill Wind Blew Clinton To Australia:
DON'T MISS more 9/11 analysis and photos that the NY Times finds NOT FIT TO PRINT:
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