The 911 North
Tower Air Show
By Jon Carlson
The Rense article, German Intel Agent Von Bulow Solves 9/11, 
documents the presence of the aircraft carrier USS George Washington anchored off Long Island on 9/11. That ship is believed to be the base of operations for the white jet seen in all 9/11 locations and the South Tower helicopter which remote controlled a Boeing 737, not a 767 claimed by government conspiracy theorists, into the South Tower. For more evidence of the US Navy connection to 9/11 read the Rense article, PM Missed NASA 911-type Airliner Crash 20 Years Ago:
The Navy's bloody hands are all over the Plan for 9/11, Operation Northwoods:
Apparently the Navy was impressed with the performance of the Boeing 737 on 9/11 and has ordered $2 billion worth of  CFM56 engines. By the way, the engine that landed in a NYC street was a CFM56, the only engine that has powered the 737 since the 737-300 series:
Scoop carried the story that 'hijackers' lived at the Pensacola, Florida,Naval Air Station:
Saab Corporation, the manufacturer of the White Jet, owns 47.5% of  Aerothrust Corporation, located in Miami, Florida. Last year (2000) that company signed a five-year extension of an agreement with the US Navy to continue to provide maintenance services for all their JT8D engines.
A JT8D engine, not from Flight 77, was identified in the Pentagon debris:
SHOWTIME: Compliments of the US Navy. 
Thanks to the Naudet brothers their camera caught the first mass murderous act of 9/11. Their documentary, '9/11', (  is still the standard of 9/11 videos, head and shoulders above all of the rest. The White Jet, seen in all 9/11 locations by cameras and witnesses, started out the day by bringing in an explosives, napalm bomb laden Boeing 737 using remote control. The plan was to fly the white jet immediately above the 737 to hide its presence from ground observers. This sequence of 10 frames shows the White Jet separating from the 737 moments before it crashed into the North Tower:
A witness heard the sonic boom of the White Jet as it hightailed out of NYC:
A computer programer has written a book on 9/11. Karl Schwarz has requested a review:
Eric is writing fiction and pushing it as scientific investigation. No substantiation of numerous conclusions made continually through at least the first two chapters of his book available online.
In chapter 1 for instance he claims Israel notified the US of a coming terrorists attack without citing a source. Currently on Smith's website he is promoting a Israel connection to 9/11. There is no evidence of a Israel connection to 9/11.
He pushes Peak Oil. He writes The earth's oil supplies are dwindling, and no large pools have been discovered for years. The world's last remaining source of oil is in the Caspian Sea area. Have to beat the Russians. Venezuela alone has Trillions of barrels of oil in reserve. US-UK oil companies are grabbing a stake:,1,82668.
In his book he pushes that terrorists did 9/11 and should be investigated. He says The American government responded to the terrorist acts by violating our laws and conducting a pathetic investigation.
In his book fire caused the collapse of the WTC buildings. He says WTC7 collapse caused by diesel fuel tanks exploding or burning. AND Unless we figure out how fire caused these buildings to collapse, we will never know how to determine if a building is susceptible to collapsing from a fire.
Shows his background. As of August 25th, 2005 now supporting the claim of Jimmy Walter on the WTC buildings being imploded. The Jimmy Walter connection continues:   Wrapping himself in Jimmy Walter. Apparently Innocent by association with Kay Griggs and Chris Bollyn.  Plug for Daryl Bradford Smith More wrapping himself in Jimmy Walter
Knocks the videos, photos, and screen captures of 9/11. However, he says the photos and drawings in his book will clear up some of the confusion on what happened that day.
In chapter 2 he knocks the shots of the ST crash extra plane blur.
Near bottom of page tries to explain away the blur made by the white jet as a helicopter, an artifact of software, or it was Photo shopped to fool people.He comments: While it is possible that the blob is a military aircraft, you should not believe a theory that is based on compressed images. Demand the original, high-resolution images.
Commenting about Ground Zero: Since the rubble was destroyed, every analysis of the collapse is actually just an analysis of photographs and CNN reports:
He adds: the FEMA report is mainly just structural information and disinformation about the buildings; it does not explain why the towers collapsed. Their report also has a few brief speculations as to the possible temperatures in the fire zone and the damage caused by the airplane, but their guesses are no better than anybody else's. Their guesses are based on images from video and photographs, rather than scientific analyses of the rubble. Each of us is capable of looking at those same photographs and speculating on what they mean. The difficulty in acquiring information has caused news reporters to provide inaccurate information. OF COURSE HIS INFORMATION  IS ACCURATE!
On the Pentagon he claims an airliner hit the Pentagon at an angle and the military says so even hitting a lamp post! Eric on Jimmy Walter's site:,
apparently has switched to no plane at the Pentagon.
In his book he suggested Bush, Cheney didn't want an investigation because they were covering up for others, NOT themselves. However, he adds: The behavior of the US government leads me to conclude that some government officials are trying to hide something.
Fintan Dunne is down on Eric:
DON'T MISS more 9/11 analysis and photos that the NY Times finds NOT fit to print:
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