FBI Hides 85 Pentagon
Videos And 9/11 Truth

By Jon Carlson

The Karl Schwarz group has found that the US plans for what has come to be known as 9/11 because of its date and its aftermath of ongoing wars originated in the Clinton Administration. Gore, Kerry, Clintons, Kennedy, Liberman et al join with the NY Times to hide the 9/11 photos and analysis:
Not surprisingly the Pentagon Reconstruction was also started during that Administration (1997). A portion was specially reinforced to take a airliner hit and 'just happened' to have had few workers in that area on 9/11:
On 9/10 curiously it was announced that $2.3 Trillion in Pentagon funds was MIA:
Patriots Bronco Bingham and attorney Scott Hodes continue their battle with the FBI to pry loose the 85 videos from the security cameras galore in the Pentagon vicinity:
Find the Appeal of the FBI Denial:
Previously an engine was identified from debris in front of the Pentagon as a JT8D. This engine powered early versions of the Boeing 737-100 and 737-200 airliners and could have been installed on latter versions:
Read the RENSE article, Missing Pentagon Jet Engine Identified,
that compared the found engine with an Boeing 727 JT8D engine on display at the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago.
As engine parts are made of heavy steel alloys several were found and identified at the Pentagon. This is a damaged fan hub assembly from a JT8D:
 This cherry JT8D fan hub assembly is a dead ringer:
The heaviest body part found at the Pentagon was a half ton landing gear main support.
It also is a dead ringer for the main support of this Boeing 737 landing gear:
Former USMC aviator Terry Morin working as a contractor at the BMDO offices at the old Navy Annex identified the airliner as a Boeing 737:
"The plane had a silver body with red and blue stripes down the fuselage. I believed at the time that it belonged to American Airlines, but I couldn't be sure. It looked like a 737 and I so reported to authorities."
This graphic discussing the large number of surplus Boeing 737's circa 9/11 suggests the weapons of choice on 9/11 probably were sold at bargain basement prices:
Sibel Edmonds, FBI whistleblower, discovered the can of worms that financed 9/11 but has been gagged by Bush who ordered 9/11 carried out by the CIA and the US Navy:
Gary Potter reports on that can of worms in his article, Organized Crime, The CIA and the Savings and Loan Scandal:
In 2000 the 2 biggest sources of opium were Burma and Afghanistan. However in 2000 the victorious Taliban decided to destroy the opium poppy crop (notwithstanding its considerable financial importance) and before the US invasion in 2001 it had been virtually all destroyed. However the US victory meant that by 2002 Afghanistan under US guns had regained its previous important position as a major World opium producer:
The FBI has a flock of 9/11 Boeing 737 engines stashed away in 'investigative files': Two from the Pentagon, one from the alleged Flight 93 crash, and this CFM56 engine identified on a NYC street after the South Tower crash:
The Power Hour radio show has confirmed our research that the NYC street engine from the South Tower crash was a CFM56 from a Boeing 737 and that Flight 175, a Boeing 767, did not hit the South Tower:
In addition, the Power Hour has found that Pentagon 9/11 'witnesses' were given prepared written statements to say that a commercial airliner hit the Pentagon" when in fact they had no knowledge of the fact or knew it was false. They interviewed a former Pentagon insider working there on 9/11 who presented damaging evidence that the military brass lied about what type of aircraft actually struck the Pentagon. Reporter Greg Szymanski concluded that by following orders from the Pentagon brass, Pentagon worker Flowers provides even more evidence that the government was involved in causing 9/11 and the resulting deaths of more than 3,000 people.
The Power Hour has requested identification of the object hidden under a tarp, the start of the 'coverup' of  9/11 Pentagon activity, but light enough to be carried by Pentagon staff so clearly it wasn't a heavy Boeing 767 wing. Of course if it was there would be no need to cover it up just like the 85 Pentagon videos:
The Sugano Experiment showed what happens to the wings of an aluminum aircraft striking a masonry barrier similar to the Pentagon foot and a half thick masonry walls. Remember the Pentagon walls were specially reinforced in anticipation of 9/11. Finding the wings and engine in front of the Pentagon is proof positive that the aircraft hit the thick masonry wall and collapsed not entering the Pentagon. It carried explosive charges that blew it to bits shortly after impact. The bits rained down for blocks around. This is what the FBI knows the 85 videos will show along with the aircraft being a Boeing 737 and not a Boeing 757, the aircraft of alleged Flight 77. So where is Barbara Olson today?
NO NEED to tell RENSE readers that the Pentagon staff is covering up a Boeing 737 wing.
Hat's off to premier 9/11 librarian and whistleblower Web Fairy's article, 150+ 9/11 Smoking Guns Found in the Mainstream Media:
Note the paucity of NYTimes links as they continue their coverup of the Federal Government mass murder of 3000 of their subscribers. Jessie of who carries the RENSE 9/11 articles has a response:  Hey NY Times: Go to Hell You Criminal Bastards!:
 For different slants on the Pentagon 9/11 story:
Top-notch reporter Chris Bollyn, Web Fairy, Sherman Skolnick, Greg Szymanski, Phil Jayhan, and myself all from Chicago. We model our work after Sherman Skolnick who still leads the way on 9/11.
Web Fairy said this site was promoting the photo of a piece of metal (see link) circa 9/11 to many Internet sites as the 'proof' that Flight 77 actually hit the Pentagon. It doesn't fit anywhere on a Boeing 757. Many analysts have tried. For homework, RENSE readers can try to fit it on a Boeing 737. However, American Airlines has NO Boeing 737 aircraft in their livery. Apparently the Boeing 737 that struck the Pentagon had a brand-new AA paintjob just for 9/11!
DON'T MISS more 9/11 analysis and photos that the NY Times finds NOT fit to print: 
( and Google have articles from broken links.)
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