3 Yrs For Irving - Writing
On The Wall For Europe

By Michael Hoffman
The new inquisition has its latest victim in its hungry maw, dissident historian David Irving, sentenced in Vienna to three years in prison for blaspheming the sacred icon of Holocaustianity, those Auschwitz execution gas chambers.
A correspondent points up a faux pas on the part of the highest of all high-profile holohoax scribblers, Professor Deborah Lipstadt: "In a purported refutation in the Daily Northwestern (campus newspaper) of Dr. Butz's Feb. 14 column, she chose the very day (Feb. 20) that Irving was sentenced to three years in prison, to claim that he has not encountered 'legal obstacles' in expressing his views! Could they have found anyone dopier than Lipstadt?"
No, they could not, but it matters little. A dopey preacher, priest, minister, bishop, pope, still get their genuflections and hand and ring-kissings. Religious acolytes have their minds turned off. This is a cult, with the corresponding mentality. In fact, Lipstadt is in Rome as of Feb. 21. The Vatican has arranged for her to give several lectures to elite Catholic scholars and seminarians at the Gregorian Pontifical University.
Some armchair quarterbacks are annoyed at Irving for pleading guilty to denying the gas chambers. They are certain they would have acted with more valor had they been in his shoes. Words of fortitude from an easy chair, with the 500-channel remote control in one hand and a glass of Merlot in the other.
I, for one, do not know how I would behave in a similar situation. I'd like to think that I would defy these Austrian mental midgets and that YHVH would give me the grace to do so. But being human and no more courageous than the next guy, desirous of my freedom, I don't know how I'd fare under severe pressure.
Irving will emerge from this ordeal like Thomas Cranmer, who at first dissembled and recanted his views in Marian England, hoping for a reprieve, and then recovered at the place of execution, thrusting the offending hand which had signed his recantation into the flames with the words, "'This hand hath offended." Cranmer is today remembered as a Protestant martyr, not as a temporizer.
The English are different in their approach to authority. Irving gambled on the good faith of the British court system and lost when the judge in his Lipstadt case turned out to be about as just as Fang in Oliver Twist. Irving's misplaced faith in western courts (in the case of Austria, an expectation of mercy in return for a guilty plea), does not alter the fact that he is a persecuted writer who has no active support among the western intelligentsia who were at Salman Rushdie's side, not because they were for freedom of speech, but because they wanted to make points against Islam. Scoring points against Judaism is not allowed, and Irving must carry on without the professional consciences of the western world.
At one time I thought that hypocrisy like this would ring some bell in the sub-cellar of my own people's mentation. But iTunes, video games and satellite sports ring louder, I suppose. That's why it's left to Iran to rally the opposition. Iran, the byword in New York for clerical tyranny.
Publisher Ernst Zündel is also on trial, let us not forget, in Germany; even as scientist Germar Rudolf is entombed in a German prison for his chemical analyses of the gas chambers.
Yes, some in the West will make a token protest over Irving's imprisonment, so as not to completely lose the "moderate" Islamic world. There will be editorials in the western media that will mix insults and personal abuse of Irving with statements along the lines of, "However rotten Irving may be as a person and an intellectual, and however odious are his supporters, we nonetheless grudgingly concede that this rat has one or two rights that were in fact, violated by Austria."
Cover-the-bases editorials like that are written with the intent of being able to say to the generations of tomorrow: we stood for Irving's rights in spite of his infamy. Rubbish. Token columns for a future academic record are worthless.
Moreover, the myth that Irving was "disgraced" in a British courtoom in his libel trial of Lipstadt, is an enduring humbug often invoked in order to write Irving off as a mere con man getting -- if not just-- then at least understandable desserts.
The Zionists love to "prove" the homicidal gas chamber stories with television programs and masonic court rooms. What the media don't tell us is that Deborah Lipstadt never took the stand in her own defense, even with the English judge decidedly in her corner. She would not risk a cross-examination by the plantiff, Irving. She let her lawyers win her battle with their legerdemain. This farce is then proclaimed a resounding victory for the truth of the gas chambers!
The exterminationist historians dare not debate. That is Lipstadt's supreme maxim. They tell the world how they have triumphed and how ridiculous the revisionists are, while making certain the revisionists are locked up, and calling for Prof. Arthur Butz to be removed from his teaching post at Northwestern University. Hoaxers like Lipstadt are frozen with terror at the prospect of having to cross swords with an Irving or a Rudolf.
Orwellian dictatorship is being built not only by Bush and Cheney in the wake of 9/11, but by the corpus of the West's reporters, editors, professors and pontiffs who can find no cause for vigorous protest in the jailing of Irving, a man who fights only with words. The English Protestants killed Campion. The French and Swiss Calvinists killed Servetus. Lutheran Germans killed the Anabaptists and the Catholics sought to kill Luther. They all died--or in Luther's case, would have died-- for their words. Today we look on those persecutions with shock, wondering how they could have ever done such a thing in the name of God?
But make no mistake: Irving too is being persecuted for the sake of God, or rather for Judaism's strange gods. But the puppies and poodles who pass for journalists and professors; and the preachers and ministers who pass for evangelists of the Word, dare not do more than pip and squeak. This has been the way of things for decades. Rot, decay and slow death. But suddenly Islam arrived in Europe, with its Biblical impatience for the injustice with which we have made accommodation. We sleep well whether Irving, Rudolf or Zündel are in jail cells or not. We earnestly wish it were otherwise. We read, pray and talk about it. We sigh and shrug our shoulders with regard to it.
And then a lion roars. A sword glints in the sun. A banner unfurls a field of green. Europe and America, your measure is discovered in the jail cells of these three men! You presume to pass sentence on them or to acquiesce in the sentence. But a sentence in turn is pronounced upon you: Tekel. You have been weighed in the balance and found wanting. The execution you prepared for others, awaits you. Bare your neck to Darius the Mede and Cyrus the Persian!
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