The 21st Century
Paul Revere Ride

By Frosty Wooldridge
On the night of April 18, 1775, average citizen and silversmith Paul Revere jumped on his horse and galloped from Charleston to Lexington to warn of the British troops advancing from Boston.  Later, Longfellow immortalized this gallant American in his epic poem, "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere."
Most Americans don't know another fact about Revere:  he led the Boston Tea Party.  He earned a meager education, yet became a lieutenant-colonel in the army to fight the British.  When his country called, he answered!
Revere illustrates what an average citizen can accomplish through sheer grit and determination.  Call it 'noble purpose'.  Today, we have 21st century Paul Reveres in Chris Simcox, Jim Gilchrist, Tom Tancredo, Barbara Coe, Bonnie Eggle, Cindy Sheehan, Sherri Correll, Terry Anderson, Andy Ramirez, William Gheen, Mark Edwards, Peter Gadiel, Bill and Jan Herron, D.A. King, Robert Vasquez, Glenn Spencer, Garrett Chamberlain, Ezola Foster, Pat Buchanan, Lupe Moreno, Luca Zanna, T. J. Bonner and hundreds more across the land. The fact is-this nation suffers an invasion that will prove its destruction if not stopped.  We now know, especially after the State of the Union speech, our leaders languish behind pomp and circumstance.  They decay behind rhetoric while we watch our country being invaded.
They fill the airwaves with words but no action.  They talk about jobs but continue allowing endless millions crossing our borders without warrant-thus ensuring stolen jobs and depressing our wages.  They encourage insourcing, offshoring and outsourcing ad nauseam.  It's not funny how General Motors failed and Ford follows with tens of thousands of jobs vanishing in the Midwest!   I'll bet you can't wait to see the new car imported from China onto the US market! That car will drive our Middle Class into the new Poor Class.
"Rather than creating conditions that allow American workers to fill jobs at higher wages, what the president is proposing merely converts low wage illegal aliens into low wage workers with visas," said Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform after Bush's speech. "Our economy would have to adapt if the influx of cheap foreign labor is ended, and that is an adjustment strongly desired by a majority of Americans, whether native-born or foreign-born. The concept that our economy must be served by a permanent under-class of foreign guest workers is reprehensible and unacceptable."
The president referred to 'hope' repeatedly in his address. "But there is not much hope for Americans in blue-collar work being able to hold their jobs if the guest worker proposal is adopted," Stein said. "Concerned citizens will not have much hope that today's illegal workers will leave the country after being given six-year work permits, and they will simply have to hope that there is still a middle class in a few years. President Bush also talked about 'stronger immigration enforcement and border protection,' and we might hope that after decades of broken promises that this time he really means it, but the record does not justify much hope."
Many of you know that my brother Howard has ridden his horse coast to coast across America, twice!  You may know that I've pedaled my bicycle six times across America. Twice coast to coast!  Howard and I are sons of average American citizens.  Our mom was a farmer.  Our dad was a small town boy.  He became a career U.S. Marine.
My dad, Master Sergeant Howard Wooldridge said, "When you know you're right, stand up for that right. It's your responsibility to your family and your country."
My brother Howard speaks all over the country to change the failure of the War on Drugs. I speak on the coming immigration-driven population nightmare.  In the last few months, we decided along with other friends, that if Paul Revere could gallop his horse to bring America into being, we could pedal our country back to its original purpose-to defend and protect the U.S. Constitution.  We're not going to whine about the president or the Congress not doing their jobs.  We will make them do their jobs.
As of February 2, 2006, we announce the "21st Century Paul Revere Ride" coast to coast across America.    
1 Major objective:  The 21st Century Paul Revere Riders' major objective connects the dots for Americans of all walks of life, in small towns and big cities across America as to the dangers of unending legal and illegal immigration.  Three teams, red, white and blue, of four riders will reach millions of Americans via 100--200 radio interviews, 200 TV interviews and an estimated 400 to 500 newspaper interviews from small town dailies to big city papers.  We expect to reach in excess of 50-100 million Americans concerning the dangers of continued immigration-driven population growth that exceeds 'carrying capacity' within the United States.  Riders on three separate routes--northern tier, central tier starting at the Golden Gate Bridge and southern tier--will cover 48 state capitols on their way to Washington, DC.  We expect to impact the 2006 elections focusing on immigration.  Extra bicyclists are welcome on this historic ride.
2 Three major aspects include:
   A Adding 100, 200 or 300 million more people to America will create an unsustainable society mired with water shortages, environmental dilemmas as to polluted air, loss of farmland, non-renewable resources, diminished quality of life, lower standard of living, species extinction and many more consequences.
   B When the rate of immigration exceeds the rate of assimilation, it is a recipe for the breakdown of any civilization.  Riders will address Balkanization, loss of English language, loss of American culture, breakdown of education and other aspects fracturing America.  
   C    Each encounter with media will allow us to arrange and give citizens information to contact local organizations to further work to affect national immigration limits. 
3 Main audience: We expect to reach Middle Class America, who will, in turn, impact local, state and federal elected leaders.  Every Tom, Dick and Harry along with Linda, Paula and Mary will be given a voice.
4 Connecting the dots: We expect to center on the negative impacts immigration thrusts on all Americans, their communities, cities, schools and language.  We expect to enlighten and empower citizens toward action.
5 Major media contacts: Frosty Wooldridge/Howard Wooldridge will serve as primary media contact persons.  Both bring unequaled media experience. Howard Wooldridge resides in Washington, DC and Frosty Wooldridge will coordinate from the field as one of the Paul Revere Riders on the central tier route. and  Available seven days a week.
6 Supporting this coast to coast bicycle ride will be three donated RVs equipped with computers, press kits, magnetic signs created for maximum exposure.  All riders will wear T-shirts: "Stop Illegal Aliens: Ask Me How". We have one major radio talk show host offering to become a moving radio station that will hook up to air waves across America for maximum radio impact.  The Chuck Baker Show will interview thousands across America.  Those interviews will be picked up and a video will be created of the entire ride.  Sponsoring web sites will gain maximum press.
7 Great moments in American history exploded with such Americans as Paul Revere.  Others include the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  Betsy Ross stitched and Jefferson wrote.  Franklin advised.  John Adams guided along with James Madison the great constitutionalist.  Men gave their lives at Valley Forge.  Later, Susan B. Anthony stood for voter rights for women.  Dr. Martin Luther King stood for human rights.  All of these great moments will vanish if we allow our borders to remain open to an unending line of legal and illegal immigrants.  The structure, cohesiveness and fabric of America will not survive this human wave.  We stand up, make a statement and change course-or we will find our nation in the death throes much like Paris, France; Amsterdam, Holland and Sydney, Australia.
8 Riders will be provided meals and transport to origin and from destination. RV drivers will be provided fuel and food plus magnetic signs.  We're looking for bicycle riders who can speak well and give speeches with coordinated immigration groups in each state.  Please contact with your intentions to ride.  We ride from May 10 or 20th to September 15 and over 4,200 miles while we reach small and big towns.  Every American will be given a voice.  If you have ideas for this ride, send them to me. We're looking for every creative outlet to bring this issue to every TV and radio station across America.
9 We're very close to gaining funding and will know by February 15, 2006. We'd like a documentary film crew to film this epic ride if one can be found.  Yes, we're going to need extra money for costs.  Anyone who would like to donate may send checks to:  '21st Century Paul Revere Ride' C/O Frosty Wooldridge, P.O.B. 207, Louisville, CO  80027.  Over $200 billion of your tax dollars have been spent bombing and building Iraq.  Let's spend money to save our own country.  We'll have a web site illustrating the routes and the progress of the ride.
All that needs to be asked is what is the value of our nation, of our way of life and the prospects for our children: the future of the United States?
I'm asking each reader to send this announcement to everyone you know.  We're going to create a 'counter critical mass' of American citizens for three months on the road with this bicycle ride. We're going to empower citizens.  We'll push the public opinion polls out of sight to stop this invasion.  We're leaving instructions with every person, town and group on how to stop both massive legal and illegal immigration.  We'll reach and speak at every state capitol.  I expect a lot of retired military NCO's and officers to jump into this effort. I expect the AARP, FOP (my brother is a retired cop) and other groups.  Most importantly, we're going to inject this immigration/population issue to the highest levels of the media and power brokers in this country.  CNN, FOX, NBC, CBS or ABC will not be able to ignore us.  No senator or House member will be able to duck, run, hide or pretend. 
We can expose and vote out 33 senators if they don't stop this insane immigration and 464 useless Representatives in the House, save Congressman Tom Tancredo and 93 members of the Immigration Reform Caucus. We will create discussion, debate and results. 
This moment in history is no different than Paul Revere's ride.  He galloped his steed through the night.   We'll pedal our iron steeds through the day.  He warned his countrymen about the British.  We'll warn our countrymen about the consequences of this invasion.  He birthed a nation.  We demand to preserve our nation.  He separated America from Britain.  We will separate our nation from Mexico.  He rode to birth America.  We ride to keep America.   We won't let Paul Revere down, so help us God.
Write for that 25-point action letter to stop this nation-destroying madness at  



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