UFOs Like 'Inverted
Meteors' Caught On Film

From Bill Brooks
Bill submitted a much higher resolution photo from which the following
enlargements with some contrast alteration was added. The image above
has been highly compressed and is not suitable for image analysis.
Photo copyright©2005 Bill Brooks
Bill Brooks
Date: Sat, November 12, 2005 7:15 am
To: --
Don't know quite what to make of this....was out with the wife in La'ie Observation Point . I didn't notice this at first until I started working with the review of all of the pictures we took that day. The pictures are digital and un-tampered with. At first I thought it was just a single peculiarity but as you can see there are 3 of them all on the same trajectory coming from an earthly direction at a 45 degree angle.   I know you get hundreds of these but just thought I would send this up. Perhaps there is a very logical explanation but it struck me as odd that all three seem to have telemetry in the angle of ascent. As you may know, Oahu is chock full of military bases, although none in the immediate area.  
Place: La'ie Lookout Point, NorthShore Oahu Hawaii
Date: November 11, 2005
Time: Appx 3:30 PM
Weather: Slightly overcast but clear
Camera: Olympus Digital Camedia 2.1 MegaPixel Auto-Focus Auto-Exposure
Orientation: South to North (guestimate..could be wrong)
Thanks for this terrific submission. At first glance, we thought perhaps it was sunlight piercing through holes the clouds, but close inspection reveals the sun is clearly to the far right, not behind the clouds dead ahead in your shot. We found one additional, faint anomalous object also at the same angle, apparently one considerably more distant from the others on the right side of the photo. This almost certainly tells us these are really there, in various levels of depth of field. If this is a digital defect, its one we've never come across before. The "tracers" seem to indicate these objects were moving at tremendous speed, which might explain why you didn't even see them when taking the photograph. -ed

From the right side of the photo - contrast enhanced to
reveal faint 3rd object in this cropping

Object from left side of picture

Super-enlargement of largest object



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