The American Resistance

By Ted Lang
The time has arrived - a designation must be assigned to the increasing number of Americans who are fed up and terrified by the unbelievable and staggering criminal acts perpetrated both domestically and internationally by the Bush gang. Bush and his GOP are targeting and immediately attacking any and all inspirations of accurate journalistic reporting of administration wrongdoing, proving all the more how despotic American government has become.
Only days ago, the Washington Post broke the story of secret prisons abroad, and what was the reaction on Capitol Hill? Republican Senate Majority Leader, Bill Frist, was angered not by the illegal activity and the disgrace it brings upon America, but offered instead: "My concern is with leaks of information that jeopardize your safety and security - period. That is a legitimate concern." If this isn't a clear case of a simpleton shooting the messenger, I don't know what is!
The volatility and unpredictable dangers of our totally out-of-control and dangerous government should be more than obvious. The more the American people learn about the mass murder of innocent civilians by internationally-banned weapons of destruction and death, and also of the secret prisons and their torture chambers authorized by these criminals, the more desperate they, the criminals, will become and the greater the harm they will inflict upon our nation and the world. In this regard, the real media, the Internet or alternative media [AM], are both a blessing and a potential expeditor of more disastrous Bush crimes against humanity.
In addition to being a hindrance to the Bushevik regime in terms of slowing down the planned bombings of Syria and Iraq to further the annexation of the entire Middle East into the American Empire, time is beginning to run out for Bush and his cabal of international war criminals. The Internet keeps exposing their planned and intended crimes beforehand. How many people educated by the AM are there? But the AM is out there alone, and without any modicum of support from the corporate establishment mainstream media [MSM]. In spite of the Post's "insensitivity" in reporting the truth about illegal American government activities, the "national security" excuse is once again being invoked by government traitors anytime a MSM editor makes the mistake of accurately reporting an item of news that brings criticism of the emperor's acts of genocide, torture and napalm and white phosphorus secret mass murders.
It is for these reasons that BOTH the MSM and the AM, the Internet, will fail to provide any more serious obstacles to Bush's plans for world conquest. The only chance America and the world have left is the American Resistance. Bush must be impeached, but that will only happen if Democrats persevere in the 2006 Mid-Term elections. That's too far away time-wise to be of any help right now. The only solution ensuring the safety of humanity against Bush is for Patrick J. Fitzgerald to initiate massive indictments immediately!
The possible indictments of war criminals Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld over the next two weeks will be of immense help in stopping the Bush war machine. Should this happen, of secondary importance will be the classification and codification of Bush regime atrocities setting him up for the post 2006 Mid-Term election impeachment proceedings. This is where the American Resistance will play an important role.
So, who and what comprise the "American Resistance?" Clearly, they are not American voters - American voters are, for the most part, uninformed as to precisely what's going on behind the closed doors of their secret government. Voting never occurs at a time when it can be employed to make a difference. Naturally, the key contributory factor to the ignorance of Americans as to what is really going on has been the news blackouts by the MSM. These blackouts are largely consensual on the part of the "Big Eight" Zionist media magnates who thrill to the massive advantage Bush's insanity provides for Israel. Additionally, as coined by former Alabama Governor, George Wallace, "There isn't a dime's worth of difference between Republicans and Democrats."
Adding to the inefficacy of the ballot box when needed to affect change is the growing evidence that elections are now being fixed by the political parties. There is nothing new about vote manipulation - Cook County dirty tricks involving voters' ballots and votes by dead people, as well as "hanging chads" in Florida, have demonstrated the truth of this observation. But now we have electronic balloting, which has no auditable paper trail. Voting is demonstrably futile; that is, unless it is overwhelmingly a landslide and intended to remove incumbents to facilitate the impeachment of a much-hated criminal president that has lied and has killed and maimed so many.
And once in public office, what of their oath to that office, and accountability to the people, once campaigning politicians assume public office upon their electoral victories? What about their responsibilities to their constituents? Government accountability is yet another American pipe dream - elected politicians remain so, continuing as politicians serving themselves and their party via cash spoils from lobbyists and large corporate interest groups. America's leading industry nowadays is war and the manufacture and deployment of its killing machines.
America has, for all purposes and intents, no First Amendment media, no voter impact, no control over self-serving politicians and their parties, and lacks also any alternative approach for throttling dangerous American out-of-control government.
The American Resistance is that small but growing group of informed Americans who oppose domestic police state tyranny as well as the international acts of mass murder and torture now being exported internationally by the United States and its war-making industry. And leading the American Resistance, are those TRUE American Patriots who have risked, and who are willing to risk, everything to help set the American people free. The Bush regime has wordsmithed and put into place all the legislation required to legitimize the brutal military enforcement of total subservience to the American political State.
The American Resistance gains prominence through the words and actions of Cindy Sheehan; she had earned the right to complain. The American Resistance gains strength by the TRUE patriotism displayed by LT COL Karen Kwiatkowski, BG Generals Janis Karpinsky and Rick Baccus, FBI Agents Kenneth Williams and Coleen Rowley, FBI linguist Sibel Edmonds, former Secretary and Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Paul O'Neill and Paul Craig Roberts, Richard Clark, and many others that can be added to this list. What distinguishes these leaders as creators of the American Resistance?
Actually, for the most part, these are ordinary, everyday 9-to-5 people. In spite of their employment with the FBI, Agents Williams, Rowley and translator Edmonds had lackluster jobs until thrust into the limelight by the criminal machinations of the Bush war machine. What distinguishes them most, however, is that they are newsmakers and therefore virtually immune to media manipulation.
Consider the total blackout of Cindy Sheehan's Washington DC peace demonstration. The MSM had counted on the blackout as being the death knell for the resistance to the Bush regime; but just the opposite happened! Look at Bush's declining poll numbers! And this in spite of the monumental total blackout and MSM spike effort! This is what is causing hesitation as concerns the planned military strikes on Syria and Iran. How much clout does the AM have?
The leaders of the American Resistance realize this simple approach: once the American people know what the Bush war criminals did, it won't be long for a thundering and screeching cacophony of public outrage to launch the beginnings of Bush's total downfall and impeachment.
The key is in informing the public. The majority of Americans don't know about the Downing Street Memo, all the important aspects of the Plame-CIA leak, the AIPAC spy scandal, the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty covered up by the Johnson administration, the Pentagon Papers, or even the unnecessary wars engaged in by our military to include the Civil War, Spanish American War, World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and now Iraq. The only reason these wars have been singled out is because extensive evidence has been recently uncovered justifying this observation. Even the American Revolution can be shown to have been unnecessary.
America will never be informed by the MSM. The MSM is the tool being deployed to shape both public opinion as well as public ignorance. It is the leaders of the American Resistance, and the many denizens of the objective alternative media, that will bring knowledge and understanding to the people. Cindy Sheehan is an example. She created news even the mighty MSM couldn't spike and hide. And more news-making leaders are emerging. And slowly, ever so slowly, elements of the mainstream media are beginning to understand the life-and-death struggle that free America is now engaged in with the real axis of evil: the political State, its compliant and totally dominated press, and the virtual absence of public awareness.
© 2005 - All rights reserved
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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