Where Have All
The Bugs Gone, Too?
From Patricia Doyle, PhD
Hello, Jeff - People do observe nature which is so important. In this case, now we appear to have missing insects.
Our environment, whether it be in the ocean, lakes or on land, is being destroyed. Sooner or later there will be a reduction in human populations to match the missing deer and, apparently, insects. We already know the bird populations are seriously down in many places around the world.
Vanishing Bugs
From Bill
Hi from Somerset County PA,
Just read your "disappearing deer" article on Rense. This past Summer, I noticed the lack of: Striped Cucumber beetles, Flea beetles, Squash bugs, June bugs, and Colorado Potato beetles.
I have planted gardens here for 30 years and every year the Flea beetles and Squash bugs, etc. affected the plants.
Most notably missing this year were the Cucumber beetles, especially since they always cause they vines to wilt after only a few cucumbers. This year there were {for the First Time in my gardening experience} lots of cucumbers...but NO beetles.
Years ago, I counted 20 to 30 June Bugs on window screens, this year NONE.
What's happening?
Thanks for your articles.
Patricia A. Doyle, PhD
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