Traitorous Neo-Con
Apparatus Forges Ahead
With Military/Intel Putsch

By Wayne Madsen
The latest neocon spin is not only to attack Special Prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald in the CIA Leakgate scandal but also to dredge up old canards that Valerie Plame and her Brewster Jennings & Associates counter-proliferation non-official cover (NOCs) team were somehow merely "desk clerks." According to well informed intelligence officials, nothing could be further from the truth. The fact remains that CIA clandestine operatives have been and continue to be disparaged and put in danger by the Pentagon's neocon cell that operates as a parallel and unsupervised operation inside the Policy and Plans directorate.
The Pentagon cell, now led by Dick Cheney loyalist Eric Edelman, the replacement for Douglas Feith, owes its first allegiance to the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) and other neo-con policy contrivances and apparatuses. Its mandate from Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is to clip the wings of the CIA and other long standing intelligence agencies.
The CIA's Damage Assessment Report on Leakgate has been termed "devastating" by a number of sources familiar with the harm the White House leak caused for the CIA's complicated and sensitive network of NOCs, case officers, informants in "denied countries" (hostile intelligence locations), private businessmen, diplomats, United Nations and IAEA technical personnel, and double agents.
According to U.S. intelligence sources, it is also clear that the Pentagon's Strategic Support Branch of active duty and contract former Special Forces personnel and foreign special operations personnel purposely put in danger CIA assets who were in a position to throw cold water on a range of neo-con pre-conceived policy pillars, including Iranian and Iraqi weapons of mass destruction production and possession.
In February 2005, while the neo-cons were rattling the sabers with Iran, a CIA team made contact with Iranians across the northern Afghan border inside Iran. This border area is extremely remote and porous. Afghan Uzbeks loyal to ex-Communist warlord General Abdul Rashid Dostum, whose base of operations is Mazar-e-Sharif, are involved in a number of cross-border operations, including arms and heroin smuggling. It was through this network of Uzbeks and Iranians that the CIA was able to obtain documents on Iran's nuclear program, information that proved that Iran's nuclear capability had still not achieved weapons-grade status. That, of course, is not what the neocons in the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans and a sister unit in the Israeli Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem wanted to hear.
On February 3, 2005, after having secured sensitive documents on Iran's nuclear program, two CIA agents boarded a Kam Air Boeing 737-200 flight from Herat, near the Iranian border, to Kabul. The agents were anxious to get the documents to Langley. They and the documents never made it.
The Boeing crashed at an altitude of 11,000 feet on the summit of Chaperi Mountain, 20 miles east of Kabul. The plane's 104 passengers and crew, including the two CIA agents, were killed. Although the Pentagon's web site claims the U.S.-led International Security Assistance Force made several attempts to look for survivors by helicopter but that these efforts were unsuccessful. In reality, a Pentagon Strategic Support Branch team did land at the crash site and found the bodies of the two CIA agents and grabbed the Iranian documents and quickly departed before Afghan ground troops appeared on the scene.
February 2005 Kam Air crash scene in Afghanistan. Vital intelligence crucial to CIA's analysis of Iran nuclear program lost along with two valuable agents. Indications that the CIA agents were another casualty of treasonous White House leaks about the CIA
Curiously, even though the documents recovered by the Pentagon team from the bodies of the CIA agents were intact, the cockpit voice recorder was never recovered. In addition, the flight recorder's previous 25 hours of data prior to the crash was erased. Afghan Transport Minister Enayatullah Qasemi said the cause of the crash was a mystery. Add to the mystery the fact that General Dostum, the reported owner of Kam Air, was appointed Chief of Staff of the Afghan Armed Forces in March. It was an appointment that surprised many U.S. intelligence and foreign policy observers. Another layer of intrigue was a reported assassination attempt against Dostum in Shebergan a few days before the Kam Air crash. Although the Taliban claimed responsibility, it was reported that Dostum, unlike other Afghan leaders, maintained a degree of contact with ousted Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar.
Kam Air, which began operations in November 2003 and which used Boeings and Russian-built Antonovs, as well as Russian crews, was also believed to have links to the international Russia-based weapons smuggler Viktor Bout. Kam Air's aircraft came from Bout's international fleet of planes. In addition to its domestic routes, Kam Air flew from Kabul to Dubai and Istanbul. A U.S. embassy spokeswoman in Kabul confirmed that there were six Americans on the plane but she declined to provide details.
The loss of the Iranian documents was another body blow for the CIA. It had already suffered the loss (by execution) of one high level agent as a result of the CIA leak and a number of its informants were rolled up by counter-espionage services.
Given the connections between Dostum, Bout, Afghan heroin and weapons smugglers and their networks in Turkey and the Balkans, the Russian-Ukrainian-Israeli Mafia (RUIM) based in Switzerland, Russia, and Israel, and Scooter Libby, it would appear that Valerie Plame and her network were targeted by key White House and Pentagon players as part of a much larger attempt to disable the CIA in its pursuit of not only WMD proliferation but also a network of money laundering and weapons of limited destruction and drug smuggling with tentacles reaching deep inside the Bush administration.



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